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The Scrapmetal are characters in the fictional Transformers universe.


Transformers: Cybertron

A red Scrapmetal Terrorcon
Japanese name Ramble
Sub-group Scouts
Function Search soldier
Rank 3 (Hasbro), 4 (Takara)
Motto "I will bury and exhaust planet Seibertron."
Alternate Modes "Beast Machine" (according to Hasbro)
Series Transformers: Cybertron

Their official Hasbro bio described them as a form of Terrorcon found on Cybertron and other worlds. They had been mutated by Unicron's power into a voracious swarm always on the lookout for new materials to use in the construction of yet more Scapmetal drones. They are a serious enough threat that the Autobots have to contain them in case they get out of control.

Interestingly, the Hasbro bio for the red variant of Scrapmetal painted it as a sentient leader of the horde of Scrapmetal drones, with the ability to plan and strategise. Unsurprisingly, he now wants to use the limitless numbers of drones to gain more power for itself. This Scrapmetal never appeared in the show.

Animated series

The Scrapmetal are an army of drone-like, mutant mechanical lifeforms. While they bear the Decepticon symbol, they serve neither Megatron nor Starscream, and act not unlike swarms of vicious insects. They come from worlds neighboring Cybertron, and swarmed to the planet when it was abandoned during the black hole crisis. They were faced down by the Cybertron Defense Team, who wiped out a large number of them. However, the Scrapmetal population survived, and during a later adventure attacked and nearly killed Crumplezone, although he was resurrected by Megatron as Dark Crumplezone. Later, a destroyed Scrapmetal was used by Coby to create his own pilotable Transformer, the "Cobybot". They all transform into "spider-tank" vehicles, and come in varieties of red, blue, and yellow. What happened to the remaining Scrapmetals were not shown in the series.

Fun Publications

In Balancing Act the heralds of Unicron, Ramjet and Nemesis Prime use several Scrapmetals as henchmen. They are presumably killed by Sentinel Maximus, Omega Prime, Downshift and Vector Prime.


  • Cybertron Scout Red Scrapmetal (2006)
This toy was later remolded into Cobybot. [1]
A Chinese made knockoff of this toy was released in 2008. It was slightly similified and recolored to be part of a combiner set called Super Change to United. [2]
  • Cybertron Scout Yellow Scrapmetal (2006)
A redeco of the red Scrapmetal toy.
  • Galaxy Force Scout Blue Ramble (2005)
Only released in Japan by Takara.

Revenge of the Fallen

Sub-group Constructicons
Alternate Modes Volvo excavator
Series Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Scrapmetal was a Constructicon who turned into a yellow and black Volvo excavator. In the film, goes to the bottom of the ocean with Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster and Ravage to revive Megatron. The Doctor says he needs spare parts, so he orders Mixmaster and Long Haul to 'kill ze little one.' So, they rip Scrapmetal apart in order to get spare parts.


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