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In video games, a scripted sequence is a pre-defined series of events that occurs when triggered by player location or actions.

Some scripted sequences are merely used to play short cut scenes which the player has little control of. However, they are commonly used in games such as Half-Life or Call of Duty to bring in new enemies or challenges to the player in a seemingly surprising manner while they are still playing. They can also present further plot points without requiring the player to take a break by watching a cut scene. The intended results of this style of presentation is to increase immersion and to maintain a smoothly-flowing experience that keeps the player's interest.

However, games such as Call of Duty have been particularly criticised for a reliance on these sequences, as many feel they tend to guide a player through a game by the invisible hand of the developers. Also, the use of scripted sequences tends to diminish replay value as the surprise effect is negated upon subsequent play-throughs.

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