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ScrollZ connected to #7chan
Stable release 2.0  (2008-12-30; 12 months ago) [+/−]
Operating system Cross-platform
Type IRC client
License Revised BSD license

ScrollZ is an open source Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client based on ircII. It incorporates many useful features found in all sorts of scripts. The main difference between these scripts and ScrollZ is the size, speed, and low resource requirements – in contrast to most IRC clients extensively customized using scripts, ScrollZ only takes a couple of extra kilobytes compared to the stock ircII client and runs very quickly on almost any machine. This is accomplished by using native C programming instead of the ircII scripting language. This reduces memory and CPU usage and code tends to run much faster.

ScrollZ is a console based application that runs on wide range of operating systems, including FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Ultrix, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.


Client features[1]

  • Multi-server windowing
  • Split level windows (customizable assignments)
  • Hidden / dynamic windows
  • Full termcap & curses support
  • Alerts
  • Friend & shit lists
  • User & channel security
  • CDCC management
  • Multiple methods of encryption
  • Massive oper enhancements
  • UTF-8 & multinational character set support
  • Full Secure Socket Layer support
  • IPv6

History & Updates

ScrollZ was previously known as C-Toolz. The first version of C-Toolz was released in 1993 according to "flier" himself. ScrollZ has been licensed under BSD license since version 1.8l. Flier frequently incorporates requests from users in subsequent releases. ScrollZ features have been coded or requested by many administrators of the original IRC network, including Ahnberg, Blaxthos, frash, jimmie, ogre, FlashMan, and others.[2]

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