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Searl Effect Generator
SEG 3D.jpg
Searl Effect Generator.
Uses Unproven concept claimed to generate electrical power and antigravity.
Inventor John R.R. Searl

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG), invented by the self titled "Professor" John Searl, is claimed to be an "open system energy converting device" which is "capable of converting ambient sources of energy to electrical power with a corresponding drop in air and device temperature”. There is no independent verification of these claims, and any videos released by Searl himself, all show the "generator" connected to a power source.

The existence or claim of an "open system energy converting device" does not necessarily violate the first law nor the second law of thermodynamics which does not apply strictly to open systems; categorically,[1] it is an unproven concept by most standards because the inventor claims his last working SEG was confiscated in 1982 and there is no complete working SEG existing today for examination.



The device is described as a generator made of four distinct material layers for both stator and rotor in sets of three stages. It is said to function with same principles of a linear motor (induction) with multi-phase rollers riding on a magnetic bearing[2].

According to Searl's own accounts when he first activated his device, the rollers (rotors) began to spin around the plate (stator), generating a charge-pumping action of electron pairs on to the open circuit configuration. He further claimed that at threshold speed, the device maintained its rotation with no additional energy input from the peripheral electromagnets as the generator converted ambient sources energy for drive with the generated electrical currents.

It is also claimed that when the device achieves superconductivity[3] it generates a type of anti-gravity effect.

The Device

The Searl Effect Generator, one shot image from the 3D animation.
Cross-sectional view of the SEG's four material layers.

The SEG (Searl Effect Generator) is a series of three magnetic rings and their particular cylindrical pieces of magnetic counterparts. They form a flat configuration where there are three solid magnetic rings functioning as stators and a space for the smaller oppositely magnetized magnetic pieces considered rotors. The pieces are at the same time drawn around to the solid magnetic rings and repulsed when rotating in a manner that they float about 1 or 2mm steadily above the surface of the ring. This works with the first inner ring as well as the other second and third ring. The second ring is placed around the smaller set of a ring and pieces. The first set contains 12 rollers. The rollers of the second ring would be drawn outward from the first ring. The second magnetic ring also rotates the roller around it and so on with the third ring. The set thus is as follows: Ring - Rollers - Ring – Rollers – Ring - Rollers. The second ring contains an additional 10 rollers and the third has 10 more than the second because the rings are bigger in diameter.

The SEG is composed of four distinct materials in the same order sequence layering from the inside to outside for both stator rings and rotors or rollers.

  • Neodymium – A bright, silvery rare-earth metal used as a Collector of free electrons on an open system and functions as a base or reservoir of free electrons.
  • Teflon or Nylon 66 – said to act as a Gate or regulator of electron pairs migration to the next layer.
  • Permanent Magnetic material – acts as an Accelerator of the electrons due to the changing or undulation magnetic fields of the revolving and orbiting rollers around the stator ring.
  • Copper – acts as an Emitter of high velocity electrons sourced from the Neodymium and develops the eddy currents that set up a magnetic coupling between stator and rollers.



Searl claims to have conducted his initial experimental research and development from 1946 to 1956, when he was an apprentice employee of BR Rewinds at Grays Inn Road, London. There he gained permission to use the company's facilities and technical resources to make the device. In December 1946, with all of the magnetic components manufactured to his specifications, he assembled the generator in his residence at 30 Crawley Rd, Haringey, London, UK. He claims that the initial prototypes worked but were lost during testing.

In 1991 Anders Heerfordt tried to verify various claims made by Searl regarding the history and loss of Searl's devices. Heerfordt was unable to find witnesses who had seen the SEG or IGV machines operating. Searl claims that his earlier work was destroyed in a house fire, but Heerfordt did not find any evidence of such a fire.[8]

Searl and his supporters point to various documents that back their claims, but the origin of these documents is unknown. For example, it is claimed that Gunnar Sandberg wrote a paper about the device.[9] But Sandberg is reported as saying that none of the claimed effects were demonstrated to him by Searl, only some magnetics where shown. Heerfordt also reports that Sandberg located one of Searl's sons "who had seen disks being suspended from wires, so that they could be photographed, but who hadn't seen any demonstration of antigravity or free energy."[10][11]

The authenticity of the paper from Godin and Roschin [12] cannot be verified. The webpage of the Russian Academy of Sciences does not list the authors or the paper.[13][14][15]

In 2004 it was reported that the paper from Godin/Roschin is a forgery, created to support a fraud. The journal that published this paper later apologized for having it published.The paper was never written at the Academy, nor that such a device was ever available there.[16]

Another source close to Searl states "photos of a model that he used to generate fake composite photos (with the help of a newspaper photographer)". In addition this source confirms Searl's claim of being a victim of the free energy suppression.[17]

Searl also claims to have had his house powered from one of his SEG devices. However, press reports indicate that instead he bypassed the electric meter. Searl was subsequently convicted for stealing electricity and damaging the property of the electricity company.[18] He then engaged in a vendetta against the electricity company.[19][20]

Searl claims that the electric company confiscated his home SEG, which incited him to threaten the electric company. According to Searl's own account, a colleague of Searl's - Dr. George White - was aware of the home SEG. Searl claims that White saw the device working when he showed up against instructions.[21]

With regards to "Professor" John Searl's status as an academic, there is very little evidence to support that Searl has ever held a position of tenure at any university at all.


Despite the claims of academic fraud, and the conviction from the Midland Electricity Board episode, John Searl has built a cult-like following of loyal fans mostly from the "free-energy" and UFO communities. The British Psychedelic rock band Gong provide an endorsement of Searl's work, in the form of a link to his Swallow Command website from theirs (and vice-versa).


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