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Single by Ayumi Hamasaki
from the album Duty
Released June 7, 2000
Format CD single
Genre J-pop
Length 55:14
Label Avex Trax
Writer(s) Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi Hamasaki singles chronology
"Far Away"

"Seasons" is the sixteenth single by Ayumi Hamasaki, released on June 7, 2000.[1] One of Hamasaki's most successful singles, this became her third million-selling single with over 1.3 million copies purchased as well as her second best-selling single to date. "SEASONS" was used as part of the soundtrack of the video game Daigasso! Band Brothers.[2]


Track listing

  1. "Seasons"
  2. "Seasons" (acoustic orchestra version)
  3. "To Be" (acoustic orchestra version)
  4. "Seasons" (so happy so sad mix)
  5. "Seasons" (Jonathan Peters' radio mix)
  6. "Seasons" (Rays of Light mix)
  7. "Seasons" (Neutralize : Final Attack mix)
  8. "Seasons" (D-Z Blue Sunbeam mix)
  9. "Seasons" (Dub's Rain of duv remix)
  10. "Seasons" (instrumental)
  11. "Ever Free" (Hal's Mix 2000)


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
June 7, 2000 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 552,730 1,367,400 20
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 5
  • Total Sales : 1,367,400 (Japan)
  • RIAJ certification: Million
  • "Seasons" is Hamasaki's second highest selling single.
  • "Seasons" sold over 550,000 copies in its first week,making it Hamasaki's fastest selling single in terms of first week sales.
  • "Seasons" is Hamasaki's only single other than "LOVE ~ Destiny~ to spend a total of 14 weeks within the Top 30, making it the longest Ayumi single to do so.

Live performances

  • June 9, 2000 - Music Station - Seasons
  • June 10, 2000 - Countdown TV - Seasons
  • June 12, 2000 - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Seasons
  • June 16, 2000 - Music Station - Seasons
  • June 28, 2000 - Super Dream Live - Seasons
  • August 26, 2000 - Love Love Aishiteru - Seasons
  • August 31, 2000 - Avex Summer Paradise - Seasons
  • October 14, 2000 - Pop Jam - Seasons
  • November 18, 2000 - All Japan Request Awards - Seasons
  • December 2, 2000 - Digital Dream Live - Seasons
  • December 15, 2000 - Japan Cable Awards - Seasons
  • December 29, 2000 - Music Station - Seasons
  • December 31, 2000 - Kohaku - Seasons
  • December 31, 2000 - Japan Record Awards - Seasons
  • March 14, 2001 - Japan Gold Disc Awards - Seasons
  • September 27, 2004 - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Seasons
  • December 3, 2008 - FNS - Seasons

H-H Remix

"Seasons (H-H Remix)"
Remix Track by Ayumi Hamasaki

from the album Never Ever (Single)

Released December 18, 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Genre J-pop
Length March 7, 2001
Label Avex Trax
Writer Ayumi Hamasaki
Producer Max Matsuura
Never Ever (Single) track listing

-1."Never Ever" (Original Mix)
-2."Never Ever" (Yuta's Prayer Mix)
-3."SEASONS (H-H Remix)"
-4."Never Ever" (Project O.T. Mix)
-5."Never Ever" (Laugh & Peace Mix)
-6."Never Ever" (Empty Pot Shuttlecock Wood)
-7."Evolution" (Ayu Can Hear U Mix)
-8."Never Ever" (Nicely Nice Hot Stab Remix)
-9."Never Ever" (Tears of Aquarius Mix)
-10."Never Ever" (Original Mix -Instrumental-)

Never Ever (Single) track listing
"Never Ever" (Yuta's prayer mix)
"Seasons (H-H Remix)"
"Never Ever" (Project O.T. mix)

"Seasons (H-H Remix)" is a song from Hamasaki's 2001 single "Never Ever". This song is often used in her concerts, before the encore. It is played while the "A" (her symbol) dances on the screen.


Lyrical content

The song opens with a males voice saying "Ayu Ready" and other variations of that, like saying "Ayu Ready to Rock" and others. The lyrics are the same as the original version of Seasons, except that it starts with the first chorus. Throughout the song, a males voice comes in saying the "Ayu Ready?" lines and other things, as well.

Musical content

The song has a strong dance feel with a Happy Hardcore overtone. As Ayumi first starts singing the mix turns to a piano, and slowly back into a fast beat, following a similar pattern throughout.


mu-mo download charts peak position = #3 (October 12, 2007) [3]


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