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Type Fictional Private Company
Founded October 2024 [1]
Headquarters unknown
Products Firearms

Seburo is a fictional small arms manufacturer commonly found in many of the works of manga artist Masamune Shirow.


Fictional Corporate History

Little is known about the company. Founded in October 2024,[1] the company excelled in technology exploiting small caliber rounds packing the punch of much bigger caliber rounds. Seburo jumped into the forefront through reliable rapid fire and easily handled firearms.[2]

Usage in Shirow Works

Shirow frequently attributes the Seburo name to advanced, high-velocity, small-caliber weapons, similar in concept to firearms using 5.7x28mm SS190 and 4.6x30mm bullets.[1] Various models appear in works done by Shirow, usually identified by large SEBURO markings placed on either the gun's slide mechanism, body,[3] or on other accessories like Ammo cans.[4]

Going by the timelines of respective Shirow works, Seburo is noted or mentioned in Ghost in the Shell (set around the decade of 2030), Dominion Tank Police (also set around the decade of 2020)[5], and Appleseed (between 1988-2147)[6].

Known Seburo weapons

Galhound panel showing some of the diverse weaponry produced by Seburo

This is a list of known Seburo Weaponry identified a/or labeled thru books and other Shirow created printed sources.


  • Bobson- A small-framed handgun. Deunan Knute owns a Seburo Bobson 100th Anniversary Model with a 23 rd. capacity magazine.[1][7]
  • Cento (100mm) Master- A bullpup looking weapon utilizing the magazine feeding system of the FN P90. [8]
  • Compact eXploder (CX)- A bullpup pistol loosely based on the frame of a Walther PPK/S, with ammo feed similar to a P90. The bullpup design allows the weapon to take advantage of a longer barrel.[9][10]
  • Gong- Sidearm used by Deunan Knute.[11]
  • J9- A 9mm Assault Machine Gun used primarily against armed mobile targets like infantry.[7]
  • "Woodpecker"- Possible nickname for a slender gun magazine fed thru the stock. Appearance looks like a sawed-off shotgun. Uses 05mm rounds 07mm X 35mm X 42.[12]


  • MN-23- A 5.56 mm bullpup assault rifle originally designed as an airsoft gun for Moon Net Co. Shirow designed it as a fusion of the FN P90 submachinegun and FAMAS assault rifle.[13] Designated the MN-23 due to Shirow creating 23 separate concept designs before finalization of the final version of the gun.[14]Sidearm of the Newport Police Department in Dominion. Capable of firing lethal and non-lethal rounds, tracking bullets, and gas rounds. Comes with a flashlight, built in knife and camera that activates upon pressing of the trigger.[15]

Ghost in the Shell

  • C-26- A bullpup type weapon used as a sidearm by Section 9 operatives needing extra firepower.[18]

Intron Depot/Galhound Artbooks

  • Fire Splash- A bullpup pistol similar in design and operation of the CX.[3]


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  • Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon, the circle that produces and sells such garage kits in Japan. A small amount of its products are now available overseas.

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