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Transliteration e
English example bed
Same sound zeire
The word for of in Hebrew, shel. The three dots is a segol.
Other Niqqud
Shva · Hiriq · Zeire · Segol · Patach · Kamatz · Holam · Dagesh · Mappiq · Shuruk · Kubutz · Rafe · Sin/Shin Dot

Segol (Hebrew: סֶגּוֹל‎) is a Hebrew niqqud vowel sign represented what resembles an upsidedown therefore sign (a because sign) "ֶ" underneath a letter. In modern Hebrew, it indicates the phoneme /e/ which is the same as the "e" sound in sell and is transliterated as an "e".

In Modern Hebrew, a segol makes the same sound as a zeire, as does the Hataf Segol (Hebrew: חֲטַף סֶגּוֹל‎ "Reduced Segol"). The reduced (or hataf) niqqud exist for segol, patach, and kamatz which contain a shva next to it.



The following table contains the pronunciation and transliteration of the different segols in reconstructed historical forms and dialects using the International Phonetic Alphabet. The pronunciation in IPA is above and the transliteration is below.

The letters Bet "ב" and Het "ח" used in this table are only for demonstration. Any letter can be used.

Symbol Name Pronunciation
Israeli Ashkenazi Sephardi Yemenite Tiberian Reconstructed
Mishnaic Biblical
בֶ Segol [e]  ?  ?  ? [ɛ, ɛː]  ?  ?
בֶי, בֶה, בֶא Segol Male [e]  ?  ?  ? [ɛː]  ?  ?
חֱ Hataf Segol [e]  ?  ?  ? [ɛ̆]  ?  ?

In addition, a letter with a segol or zeire with a succeeding yud often makes the "ei" (also spelled "ey") sound such as in they or tape.

Vowel Length comparison

By adding two vertical dots (sh'va) the vowel is made very short. However, these vowels lengths are not manifested in Modern Hebrew.

Vowel comparison table
Vowel Length IPA Transliteration English
Long Short Very Short
ֵ ֶ ֱ [e] e temp
Zeire Segol Reduced Segol

Unicode encoding

Glyph Unicode Name
ֶ U+05B6 SEGOL

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