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Seinfeld Season 4
The front cover of the Seinfeld: Season 4 DVD boxset.
Country of origin  United States
Network NBC
Original run August 12, 1992 – May 20, 1993
No. of episodes 24
DVD release date Region 1:May 17, 2005
Region 2:November 1, 2004
Region 4:May 24, 2005
Previous season Season 3
Next season Season 5

Seinfeld was made in nine seasons. Season 4 originally aired in 1992-1993.



Seinfeld was produced by Castle Rock Entertainment and distributed by Columbia Pictures Television and Columbia TriStar Television and was aired on NBC in the US. The executive producers were Larry David, George Shapiro, and Howard West with Tom Gammill and Max Pross as supervising producers. Bruce Kirschbaum was the executive consultant.[1] This season was directed by Tom Cherones and was largely written by Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry Charles, Peter Mehlman and Andy Robin.

The series was set predominantly in an apartment block on New York City's Upper West Side; however, the fourth season was shot and filmed predominantly in CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California.[2] The show features Jerry Seinfeld as himself, and a host of Jerry's friends and acquaintances, which include George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer, portrayed by Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards, respectively.[3]

Story arcs

This season had numerous story arcs. The story arc that lasted the whole season was one where Jerry and George try to make a TV pilot for NBC. Another is George having a relationship with former NBC executive Susan Ross. Another story arc is Joe Davola trying to kill Jerry; his final attempt was in the premiere of Jerry and George's pilot, when Jerry introduces what they are going to do, and suddenly Joe Davola jumps to land on the stage and kill him. However, he misses and hits himself on the face and has to go to the hospital.


Season four was ranked #25 according to the Nielsen Ratings system, with 12,754,700 estimated audience.[4]


Season 4 received eleven Emmy nominations, three of which were won. The show won its first and only Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Larry David won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for the episode "The Contest". Michael Richards won his first out of three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Jerry Seinfeld was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Jason Alexander was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Tom Cheromes was nominated for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for "The Contest". Larry Charles was nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Other nominees where Outstanding Achievement in Editing for a Comedy Series for The Airport. Jason Alexander was nominated in the Golden Globe Award in the category for Best Performance by a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture for TV. This season was also won a Directors Guild of America (Tom Cheromes) for "The Contest", and a Writers Guild of America (Larry David) for "The Contest". This season was also won a Director's Guild of America (Tom Cheromes) for "The Contest", and also won a Writers Guild of America (Larry David) for "The Contest".


Title Directed by Written by Original airdate[5] Prod
Code [6]
1 41 "The Trip: Part 1" Tom Cherones Larry Charles August 12, 1992 401
When Jerry is asked to appear on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles, George accompanies him to look for Kramer, in a continuation of the season three finale. 
2 42 "The Trip: Part 2" Tom Cherones Larry Charles August 19, 1992 402
Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for a serial killer. After he is exonerated, Jerry, George, and he return to New York
3 43 "The Pitch" Tom Cherones Larry David September 16, 1992 403
NBC television executives approach Jerry and George to write a pilot for a sitcom. Crazy Joe Davola begins to stalk both Jerry and Kramer. 
4 44 "The Ticket" Tom Cherones Larry David September 16, 1992 404
Newman uses Kramer as his witness when the former refuses to pay for a speeding ticket. They make up a story of why he was he going that fast: Newman was trying to stop Kramer from killing himself because he didn't get a job as a banker. 
5 45 "The Wallet" Tom Cherones Larry David September 23, 1992 405
Jerry is asked to explain to his parents why he does not wear the watch they gave him. Morty Seinfeld thinks his wallet has been stolen from him at his doctor's appointment. George had an unsuccessful plan to make more money than he's winning for the show by pretending that he doesn't want to do the NBC pilot so they charge him more money than what they're doing (13,000 all together). 
6 46 "The Watch" Tom Cherones Larry David September 30, 1992 406
Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo, who found it in the garbage, having been thrown there by Jerry. George tries to resurrect the fledgling NBC deal, while Elaine plans a break up from her psychotherapist with Kramer's help. George gets the pilot back, by making both of them winning less money (8,000). 
7 47 "The Bubble Boy" Tom Cherones Larry David & Larry Charles October 7, 1992 407
Jerry agrees to visit a boy who lives in a plastic bubble on the way to Susan's parents' cabin. Jerry loses his way, though, and Elaine, George, and Susan visit the boy instead. Kramer goes to the cabin with Jerry's ex-girlfriend, resulting as a fire. 
8 48 "The Cheever Letters" Tom Cherones Larry David (teleplay)
Larry David and Elaine Pope & Tom Leopold (story)
October 28, 1992 408
Jerry offends Elaine's assistant. Kramer makes a contact for Cuban cigars. A box of letters from John Cheever is all that remains after Susan's father's cabin burns down. The letters revealed that Susan's father is a bisexual. 
9 49 "The Opera" Tom Cherones Larry Charles November 4, 1992 409
Elaine realizes her boyfriend is actually Crazy Joe Davola. George, Jerry, and she then endure a night at the opera with a group of clowns. Kramer and George try to sell their two extra tickets, resulting for George not going to the opera, because he sold Susan's ticket to a Chinese man, and let Susan go to the opera instead of him. Kramer accidentally sells his spare ticket to Joe Davola. 
10 50 "The Virgin" Tom Cherones Peter Mehlman (teleplay)
Peter Mehlman and Peter Farrelly & Bob Farrelly (story)
November 11, 1992 410
Jerry discovers the woman (guest star Jane Leeves) he is dating is a virgin. Kramer continues to harass Jerry and George when they are trying to write a teleplay for their NBC pilot. Elane accidentally speaks of how a man was seducing her to have sex with her in front of Marla (the virgin). She later explains to her how men want to have sex with women. Susan breaks up with George because he accidentally got her fired by kissing her in front of her boss. 
11 51 "The Contest" Tom Cherones Larry David November 18, 1992 411
After George is caught masturbating by his mother, the four main characters devise a contest to see who can go the longest without pleasuring him/herself. Marla, Jerry's girlfriend, with whom he has yet to have sex with, learns of the contest and is disgusted. Elaine meets John F. Kennedy, Jr.. George's mother is hospitalized. Kramer was the first to leave the contest, next Elaine (George and Jerry didn't leave the contest and their fate is unknown). 
12 52 "The Airport" Tom Cherones Larry Charles November 25, 1992 412
Jerry and Elaine experience the differences between traveling in first class and in coach. George and Kramer travel to two different airports after a flight is rerouted. Kramer tries to get a guy who owes him 240 bucks from 20 years ago. 
13 53 "The Pick" Tom Cherones Larry David (teleplay)
Larry David and Marc Jaffe (story)
December 16, 1992 413
Jerry is seen ostensibly picking his nose by his new girlfriend, a model, and tries to convince her that he was only scratching around his nose. Elaine mails a Christmas card that is unintentionally revealing. George is trying to get Susan back to be his girlfriend again, with the help of a psychiatrist. 
14 54 "The Movie" Tom Cherones Steve Skrovan & Bill Masters & Jon Hayman January 6, 1993 415
The four main characters continually miss each other as they try to attend a film together. 
15 55 "The Visa" Tom Cherones Peter Mehlman January 27, 1993 414
Jerry's attempts to keep Babu Bhatt from being deported turn out unsuccessful because his visa was expired. Elaine tries to get George's attorney girlfriend to effect the dropping of a lawsuit against Elaine. George wants Jerry to not act funny in front of her girlfriend because he's afraid she'll dump him for Jerry. Jerry then acts liked a depressed man, and George's girlfriend starts to like depressed Jerry. 
16 56 "The Shoes" Tom Cherones Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld February 4, 1993 417
Jerry and George have their television pilot shelved after each sneaks a look at the cleavage of the daughter of an NBC executive; Elaine tries to ameliorate the problem. Elaine is trying to stop Jerry's ex-girlfriend to stop talking to everyone about her new shoes. 
17 57 "The Outing" Tom Cherones Larry Charles (teleplay)
Bruce Kirschbaum (story)
February 11, 1993 416
Jerry and George are mistaken as homosexuals by a college newspaper reporter and are publicly outed. Half of the episode centers around Jerry and George living a life where everyone, except Elaine, thinks that they're gay. 
18 58 "The Old Man" Tom Cherones Larry Charles February 18, 1993 418
Jerry, George, and Elaine volunteer to spend time with senior citizens. All three of them had a bad time with them: George is fired by his, Jerry's is a selfish man, and Elaine finds out that hers had an affair with Gandhi. Kramer and Newman try to sell old records that are very popular, but instead of getting a lot of money, they got $20. 
19 59 "The Implant" Tom Cherones Peter Mehlman February 25, 1993 419
Jerry sends Elaine to find out if his new girlfriend Sidra's (guest star Teri Hatcher) breasts are natural or faux. George has to go to his girlfriends funeral, but things go wrong when he "double dips" a chip at the funeral repast, for which he is chastised. Elaine evidently touches Sidra's boobs to not lose balance when she was falling. She says to Jerry that they're real, but he doesn't buy it, and is going to ask her at night. Kramer goes to Puerto Rico. In the end of the episode, Sidra exclaims "They're real, and they are spectacular". 
20 60 "The Junior Mint" Tom Cherones Andy Robin March 18, 1993 421
Jerry is puzzled after he cannot remember the name of his girlfriend; he recalls only her observation that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. While Kramer and Jerry watch an operation performed on a former boyfriend of Elaine, Kramer drops a Junior Mints candy into the man's open chest cavity, with salutary results. George buys some of his paints, so when he dies they'll become famous and he gets rich. George was hopping that he was going to die soon, and that's why he bought them, but he got better making George lose a lot of money. 
21 61 "The Smelly Car" Tom Cherones Larry David & Peter Mehlman April 15, 1993 422
A valet with offensive body odor stinks up Jerry's car and anyone who comes in contact with him. George believes he affected Susan's becoming a lesbian
22 62 "The Handicap Spot" Tom Cherones Larry David May 13, 1993 420
George parks his father's car in a handicap parking spot; afterwards a disabled driver is unable to find a handicap spot and is injured, an angry mob destroys the car. Elaine and Jerry buy a television as a wedding gift for "The Drake", but then the wedding is called off. They try to get the television back from her, but she gave it to charity. Kramer fell in love with the handicapped woman, and tries to buy her a new wheel chair; they accidentally buy her a used wheelchair that wouldn't stop going when they approach a cliff, or a slimy place. Frank Costanza appears for the first time as George becomes his butler after his father is ticketed for having had his car in a handicap spot. 
23 63 "The Pilot: Part 1" Tom Cherones Larry David May 20, 1993 423
Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot, Jerry, which is finally ready. George is upset over the casting of his alter ego. NBC executive Russell Dalrymple becomes obsessed with Elaine, who files a complaint when she concludes that Monk's is hiring only large-breasted women. 
24 64 "The Pilot: Part 2" Tom Cherones Larry David May 20, 1993 424
Jerry and George prepare for the taping of Jerry and each of the principal four gives tips to his/her television alter ego. This was also Joe Davola's final attempt to kill Jerry when he jumped off the stage, but fails. Elaine wears a disguise to hide from Dalrymple. Elaine finds out that the large-breasted women are the owner's daughters. The show Jerry was cancelled right after The Pilot aired because the new NBC president didn't like the show. All three blamed it on Elaine because of dumping Russell Dalrymple made him depressed and ran away to save whales. 

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