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Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya
Genre Metal Hero
Created by Toei
Starring Takumi Tsutsui
Megumi Sekiguchi
Masaaki Hatsumi
Shozo Izuka
Narrated by Toru Ohira
Country of origin  Japan
No. of episodes 50
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel TV Asahi
Original run January 25, 1988 – January 23, 1989

Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya (世界忍者戦ジライヤ Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya?, literally World Ninja War Jiraiya) was the 1988 installment in Toei's Metal Hero Series. The English title Ninja Olympiad[1] and the use of many characters ostensibly from different countries were references to the Seoul Olympics taking place that year.[2] It was aired from January 25, 1988 to January 23, 1989. Two episodes were later released on VHS, and a DVD version containing 245 minutes was released in November 2008.[3]

This was the last installment of the Metal Hero Series to be broadcast in the Shōwa period of Japanese history and the first to be broadcast in the Heisei period—the last two episodes were delayed by one week following Emperor Shōwa's death.



A ninja master from a historically known ninja clan (notably played by the actual Grandmaster of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi; several of his students also appeared in various episodes) prepares his foster son, daughter, and youngest son along with a family friend and a private detective with ninja roots to combat the re-emergence of a centuries-old demon samurai, his evil offspring, and a host of international ninja warriors from around the world hoping to tip the scales of justice. Jiraiya, the son of the ninja master, is destined to wield an enormous power that Dokusai, the demon samurai, hopes to seize.



Yamaji Clan

The Yamaji Clan (left from right: Tetsuzan, Touha [Jiraiya], Manabu and Kei [Emiha])

The Yamaji Clan (山地族 Yamaji-zoku?) are the main characters of the series, descendants of Togakure-ryū (戸隠流?), an ancient ninja order whose duty is to protect the Inscription, a piece of stone that points the location of Pako, a capsule that fell from space somewhere in Japan over 300 B.C., said to be the most valious treasure in the world.

  • Touha Yamaji/Jiraiya (山地闘破/ジライヤ (磁雷矢) Yamaji Tōha/Jiraiya?): The protagonist of the series, he is an orphaned boy adopted by Tetsuzan Yamaji after his parents died. It is eventually revealed that Touha is a descendant from the alien who brought Pako to Earth, and therefore, is the only one able to manage the treasure's infinite power. In order to save his family from the Sorcerers Clan, he wields the Optical-Magnetic Vacuum Sword (磁光真空剣 Jikkō Shinkūken?).
  • Kei Yamaji/Princess Ninja Emiha (山地ケイ/姫忍 恵美破 Yamaji Kei/Himenin Emiha?): Oldest of the two biological children of Tetsuzan, Kei is about 15 years old. Divided between being a regular teenage girl and embracing her fate as a ninja, nonetheless she helps her foster brother in some occasions. She uses techniques of disguise and can make opponents fall asleep.
  • Manabu Yamaji (山地 学 Yamaji Manabu?): Youngest of the two biological children of Tetsuzan, Manabu is 8 years old. He provides the comic relief of the series, and in later episodes also fights alongside his family.
  • Tetsuzan Yamaji (山地哲山 Yamaji Tetsuzan?): An elderly wise ninja and patriarch of the Togakure-ryū's 34th generation. Tetsuzan adopted Touha as his son and trained him in the ninja arts. Considered one of the greatest ninja masters in the world.

Sorcerers Clan

The Sorcerers Clan (left from right: Oninin Dokusai, Chuunin Benikiba and Hoshinin Retsuga)

The Sorcerers Clan (妖魔一族 Yūma Ichizoku?) are the main antagonists of the series led by the patriarch Dokusai. They possess half of the Inscription which contains the location of Pako (with the other half being with the Yamaji).

  • Org Ninja Dokusai (鬼忍 毒斎 Oninin Dokusai?): Father and leader of the clan, Dokusai is a "Oni" who wants to obtain Pako and rule the world as its governor. He wears a black devil-mask. In the past, he was a friend and apprentice of the Ninja Arts with Tetsuzan. However, corrupted by greed, he murdered Tetsuzan's wife to rob the Inscription, and was able to get half of it. His true face was never shown. Dies in the end of the series after confronting Jiraiya.
  • Butterfly Ninja Benikiba (蝶忍 紅牙 Chūnin Benikiba?): Dokusai's daughter and Reiha's rival. She is a master of disguise, able to appear even as an innocent little girl. Despite being a villain, she surrenders and escapes alive in the end of the series. Benikiba (紅牙?) literally means "Red Fang".
  • Star Ninja Retsuga (星忍 烈牙 Hoshinin Retsuga?): Dokusai's "borrowed" son, has a huge shuriken star on his forehead, which is sometimes used as a weapon. Fights several times against Jiraiya. Just like Benikiba, he surrenders and escapes alive in the end. Retsuga (烈牙?) literally means "Violent Fang".
The Torinin Karastengu
  • Bird Ninjas Karastengu (鳥忍 カラス天狗 Torinin Karasutengu?): three karasu-tengu (anthropomorphic bird-like enemies from Japan folclore) who serve under Dokusai's control. Being incredibly weak, they are easily outmatched in combat. Their abilities include flying and throwing shurikens.
  • Spelling Ninja Madam Spider (妖忍 クモ御前 Yūnin Kumo Gozen?, 37-39, 47-50): Old spider-themed sorceress who was once defeated by Tetsuzan. She uses powerful magic and is very cunning. Seems to have had a romance with Dokusai, but nothing was confirmed in the series. Has a younger form, in which she uses a hi-tech rifle. She is killed by Tetsuzan at the last episode.
  • Special Ninja Team (特殊忍者群 Tokushu Ninjakun?, 16): A group of ninjas created by Dokusai, named after the five elements: Fire ( Ka?), Water ( Sui?), Land ( Chi?), Wood ( Moku?) and Wind ( ?). They nearly destroyed Jiraiya, but at the last moment Fuu hesitated and was unable to deliver the finishing blow. After their demise, the Sorcerer Clan recovered the corpses and used them to create Mafuuba.
  • Wind Ninja Mafuuba (風忍 馬風破 Kazenin Mafūba?, 16, 29, 40, 49-50): a cyborg created using Fuu's body and augmented with the skills of his Special Ninja Team dead comrades. He battled Jiraiya in his first appearance, almost defeating the hero, but they became allies after episode 29. Returns to aid Jiraiya in the series finale. Mafuuba (馬風破?) literally means "Destroying Wind Horse".

World Ninja

World Ninja (世界忍者 Sekai Ninja?) are the worldwide ninja warriors who are searching to find Pako, as well as the Yamaji and the Youma Clans. All of them represent a single country, and having their own special abilities and fight techniques. Some of them are enemies and want Pako for evil goals, but there are also allies that wish to protect the world treasure. Each one represents a different country and possess a variety of unique abilities.


  • Castle Ninja Baron Owl (城忍 フクロウ男爵 Jōnin Fukurou Danshaku?, 2, 9, 19, 49-50): First member of the World Ninja to appear in the series, he has British descent and wishes to use Pako to end the hunger issue around the world. Nearly dies in episode 9, after Dokusai traps him in a waterfall. However, in episode 19, he returns and tells Jiraiya he's still alive.
  • Lightning Ninja Wild (雷忍 ワイルド Rainin Wairudo?, 20, 33, 40, 49-50): Based on Billy the Kid, this American ninja is primary a shooter, using two pistols with tele-guided bullets. Was tricked into fighting Jiraiya for a 100-dolar reward, but eventually became his friend.
  • Treasure Ninja Jane (宝忍 ジャンヌ Hōnin Jannu?, 40): Born in Venezuela, her parents were Japanese. Managed to use Pako to end the misery in the world (like Baron Owl). After tricking Touha and the Yamaji about the location of Pako being a cave, she sacrificed herself to save Jiraiya and the others after Uchuunin Demost released a poisoned gas in the cave.
  • Anthropomorphic Ninja Vermillion Lizard (異形忍 紅トカゲ Igyōnin Beni Tokage?, 5, 31, 41): Ninja from New Zealand able to transform into a giant lizard to scare his enemies. Collects swords around the world and seeks for the perfect katana. Robbed the Jikkō Shinkū Ken from the Sorcerers' Clan after it was stolen from Manabu. Later he took the Nobutora Sword and the Ankoku Ken. Fought Jiraiya several times, but eventually became his ally.
  • Jail Ninja Haburamu (牢忍 ハブラム Rōnin Haburamu?, 3, 15): Turkish ninja who has the mission of protect the Green Flame, a precious emerald from the Topkapi Palace in Turkey. Was manipulated by both the Youma and Sylvia into fighting Jiraiya, but allied with him in the end.
  • Paper Ninja Oruha (紙忍 折破 Kaminin Oruha?, 12, 26, 45): Norwegian ninja who was formerly an assassin from the Kaminin Clan, a group of mercenaries. Tired of his life, he deserted the clan and became guardian of a girl, Kazumi, whose father he had killed in the past. Eventually became a friend of Jiraiya, helping the Yamaji family. Murdered alongside Kazumi by the Kaminin Leader in episode 45.
  • Explosive Ninja Rocket Man (爆忍 ロケットマン Bakunin Roketto Man?, 14, 44, 49-50): formerly a war soldier, he fought in the Vietnam war for America and adopted a child girl named Tao there. Specialist in rocket launchers, missiles and bazookas, he shows up to prove his innocence during the Shinjuku's Bullet Train strike. Honored and honest, become friends with Jiraiya and returns to help him in the end of the series.
  • Holy Ninja Alamsa (聖忍 アラムーサ Seinin Aramūsa?, 21, 47): Despite being from Israel, he follows Mohammed's doctrine. Dislikes life in society, preferring to isolate himself in the forest to increase his chi. Travels to Japan to investigate the gasoline robbery (an evil plot by the Sorcerers's Clan) throughout Tokyo. Dokusai tricked him into fighting Jiraiya, but later the misunderstanding was settled and Benikiba attempted to kill Alamsa. However, he was saved by Tetsuzan and became an ally from that point.
  • Flower Ninja Yumeha (花忍 夢破 Hananin Yumeha?, 17, 18, 32): Argentine ninja whose mission was to prevent anyone from being "taken" by the power of the Satan armor.


  • Fire Ninja Chang Kung Fu (火忍 チャンカンフー Kanin Chan Kan Fū?, 4, 49): Hong Kong ninja who is over 90 years old, mixes kung fu with the ninja arts. Expert in fire arts, his most notable ability was to "steal" the enemy's fighting spirit, using this trick on Touha, who became afraid of fighting. After overcome his fear with the help of Tetsuzan, he was able to battle and destroy Kung Fu for good.
    • Fire Ninja Chang Kung Fu Jr. (火忍 チャンカンフーの息子 Kanin Chan Kan Fū no Musuko?, 10-11, 49): Chang Kung Fu's son, appears to avenge his father's death. Allies himself with Kannin Green Dragon to kill Jiraiya. Uses the same fighting techniques and abilities of his late father. After almost destroying Jiraiya, he and Green Dragon were put out by Jiraiya in his upgraded armor.
  • Chinese Ninja Green Dragon (漢忍 緑 龍 Kannin Ryoku Ryū?, 10-11, 49): a suiken fighter with Chinese origin. Elite member of Hong Kong's drug dealing, manage to annihilate Jiraiya allied with Kanin Chang Kung Fu Jr. After having his armor restaured by Dr. Smith, Touha faces a final battle against them, finally destroying both.
  • Beast Ninja Makumba (獣忍 マクンバ Jūnin Makunba?, 7, 25, 49): South African ninja who uses dark magic. Formerly a hunter, he used to hunt rare and endangered animals for sale on the black market. Also murdered Joe, an ambientalist and old friend of the Yamaji family. Destroyed in battle by Jiraiya.
    • Beast Ninja Makumba's Older Brother (獣忍 マクンバの兄 Jūnin Makunba no Ani?, 25, 49): Makumba's older brother, sacrificed several animals to the Dadaht God to bring his brother back to life. Was ultimately destroyed by Jiraiya along with his revived younger brother.
  • Strong Ninja Abdad (剛忍 アブダダ Gōnin Abudada?, 8, 49): Evil ninja whose wish was to murder his niece Maira to take the throne of Anmel country, in the Middle East. Ended up killed by Jiraiya.
  • Miraculous Ninja Strowver (灼忍 ストローボ Shakunin Sutorōba?, 43, 49): Originated from Sweden, he wears a golden armor that emits a shining light, having the power to blind enemies. Had his right arm ripped off by Tetsuzan years ago, and used an implant nowadays. The same arm was ripped by Jiraiya after he recovered from Strowver's blindness technique.
  • Changing Ninja Parchis (化忍 パルチス Kenin Paruchisu?, 19, 22, 31, 40, 48-49): Based on a chameleon, came from Italy and had the ability to transform into anybody he wants, imitating the person almost perfectly. Destroyed by Jiraiya in episode 31, later using his immortality technique and coming back to life, only to be annihilated again with Silver Shark and David Cat.
  • Paper Ninja Clan Leader (紙忍一族頭領 Kaminin Ichizoku Tōriyō?, 45, 49): chief of the Kaminin Clan, a group of assassins which Oruha had betrayed. Shows up to kill Oruha and ends up doing it. Due to that, is annihilated by Jiraiya.
  • Sound Ninja Uha (音忍 宇破 Otonin Uha?, 6, 32, 49): Descendant from the Otonin Clan, claimed the Togakure killed his family, with him being the only survivor. Was destroyed by Jiraiya, but used the immortality technique from his clan and returned alive, ultimately being killed in episode 32.
  • Evil Companion Sugitani (杉谷悪之坊 Sugitani Aku Nobō?, 28, 49): German ninja who murdered Touha's parents in the past, while attempting to obtain Pako. Driven by revenge, Touha managed to defeat Sugitani at first, but ends up severely wounded by the cruel ninja. Badly injured, he needed a blood transfusion from Reiha to get back on his feet and face a final stand against Sugitani, at last eliminating him.
  • Metallic Ninja Gamesh (鉄忍 ガメッシュ Tetsunin Gamesshu?, 23, 49): Soviet ninja with several robotic implants all over his body. Kidnapped Drs. Smith, Schmidt and Brown to use their invention: a neurocontrol machine, with the power to take over human minds. One of the most strong enemies to appear in the series. To defeat him, Jiraiya had to join with his siblings and needed technology support from the three scientists.
    • Iron Ninja Gamesh 002 (鉄忍 ガメッシュ002 Tetsunin Gamesshu Tsu?, 40, 49): possibly Tetsunin Gamesh's brother (although nothing was ever proved), he quickly appeared in episode 40, but was destroyed by Kazenin Mafuuba.
  • Demonic Ninja Sylvia (魔忍 シルビア Manin Shirubia?, 15, 49): Originally from Romania, she was a witch in medieval times, and was burned alive by the Inquisition, but her spirit remained enclosured inside a cave. Accidentally released by Haburamu, she hypnotized him as a way to gain enough power to rule the world. However, she battled Jiraiya and ended up being destroyed and sent back to the dead.
  • Devious Ninja Black Caltrop (邪忍 黒い茨 Janin Kuroi Ibara?, 30, 49): a Puerto Rican shinobi, who despite being raised by an old ancient ninja, Genchi Koshimura (越村玄斎 Koshimura Genchi?), became corrupted by money and the "easy life". Wished to gain great amounts of money to collapse the world and turn into its "owner". After killing the man who raised him, was deservedly annihilated by Jiraiya.
  • Water Ninja Silver Shark (水忍 シルバーシャーク Suinin Shirubā Shāku?, 24, 40, 48-49): this Caribbean ninja was formerly a swimmer, with the ability to fight under water. Acted as a pirate, stealing ocean treasures and robbing another ships. Confronted Jiraiya once and manage to runaway alive, but was ultimately destroyed alongside Yaminin Devil Cat and Kenin Parchis.
  • Flower Ninja Black Ape (花忍 黒猿 Hananin Kurozaru?, 17, 18, 49): Ninja from Chile, who betrayed his clan and was possessed by the power of the Satan Armor. Jiraiya had a long fight with him before destroying him.
  • Darkness Ninja Devil Cat (闇忍 デビルキャッツ Yaminin Debiru Kyattsu?, 36, 48, 49): Spanish ninja and former professional thief, now working as a fortune teller. Escaped after battling Jiraiya for the first time, but was trapped and arrested. After running from jail, was killed along with Silver Shark and Parchis when they were searching for Pako.
  • Feast Ninja Gyuuma (祭忍 ギュウマ Sainin Gyūma?, 13, 42, 49-50): Portuguese ninja who uses double swords to apply his techniques. He is also able to transform into anybody (similar to Kenin Parchis and Benikiba) to trick his enemies. Wishes to obtain Pako for his own egoistic reasons. Dies after a battle with Jiraiya, coming back later (without any explanation about his return from death) to kidnap Akiko (a woman who resembles Tetsuzan's late wife) to attract the Yamaji to a trap, but ends up ultimately destroyed by Jiraiya.
  • Killer and Commando (キラーとコマンド Kirā to Komando?, 34, 35, 49): two ninja from Uruguay who acted by order of Dokusai to find the Jirai God. Due to their weakness, both were quickly defeated by Jiraiya.
  • Space Ninja Demost (宇宙忍 デモスト Uchuunin Demosuto?, 37, 40, 41, 46, 48-49): an alien who was imprisoned in a cave by the original Jiraiya for over 2300 years. Awakes seeking revenge and the Ankoku Ken, brother of the Jikkou Shinku Ken. Planned to make the Darkness Planet to collide with Pako, which was in the Jirai God's body. Destroyed by Jiraiya and returns as a ghost in episode 49, along with all the other ninja enemies, only to annihilated alongside them.

Other characters

  • Dr. Smith (スミス博士 Sumisu Hakase?, 11, 16, 23): German scientist and disciple of Tetsuzan in the Togakure-ryuu Ninja Arts. Expert in technology science, appears in a few episodes by request of Tetsuzan to help Jiraiya. In the first time, he reconstructs the Jiraiya suit and upgrades it, reforcing it with golden protector trims and a blue lens. By second time, he creates Black Saber (ブラックセイバー Burakku Seibā?), a car for Jiraiya. By the third time, he is kidnapped along with Dr. Brown and Dr. Schmidt and needs to be rescued by Touha.
  • Ryuu Asuka/Flying Ninja Totsuha (飛鳥 竜/槍忍 突破 Asuka Ryū/Yarinin Totsuha?, 6, 8, 10, 13, 23, 24): a Japanese Secret Service agent, he works as a detective to break outlaw organizations. Helps Jiraiya in most of his appearances, but suddenly vanishes from the series.
  • Rei Yagyuu/Precious Ninja Reiha (柳生 レイ/貴忍 麗破 Yagyū Rei/Kinin Reiha?, 2, 6, 10, 24, 31-32, 40, 48-50): kunoichi from the Yagyuu family, works part-time as a Secret Service agent and uses her ninja abilities to search for information. Has a weird green eye bright that resembles the same bright from the Yamaji reliquia. At first, she fights Jiraiya, but later becomes his ally.
  • Henry Rakuchin (ヘンリー楽珍 Henrii Rakuchin?, 1, 3, 4, 36, 46): medium and mystical man who uses a crystal sphere and claims he sees the future. Usually clumsy and naive, is in love with Kei.
  • Catherine (カトリーヌ Katoriinu?, 29, 31, 40): Originally an Interpol agent, came from France to search for the Nobutora Sword, which was stolen by the Museum of Paris by Kenin Parchis. Allies with Jiraiya to find the artifact and eventually recovers it, going back to France.


  1. Jiraiya VS The Sorcerers Clan (磁雷矢VS妖魔一族 Jiraiya VS Yūma Ichizoku?)
  2. Castle Ninja Baron Owl (城忍フクロウ男爵 Jōnin Fukurou Danshaku?)
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  5. Stolen Optical-Magnetic Vacuum Sword!! (奪われた磁光真空剣!! Ubawareta Jikkō Shinkū Ken!!?)
  6. Mystery of Mystery is a Riddle?! (謎の謎は謎謎?! Nazo no Nazo wa Nazonazo?!?)
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  8. Murder is After the Date (暗殺はデートの後で Ansatsu wa Deeto no Ato de?)
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  10. Life? Death? Spiritual Ninja Arts' Panic (生か死か! 霊幻忍法の恐怖 Sei ka Shi ka! Reigen Ninpō no Kyōfu?)
  11. Angered Touha・Double Front Slash!! (怒りの闘破・真っ向両断!! Ikari no Tōha・Makkō Ryō Dan!!?)
  12. The Folded Paper Pendant is the Pledge of Love (折鶴のペンダントは愛の誓い Orizuru no Pendanto wa Ai no Chikai?)
  13. Feast Ninja VS Seven Ninjas (祭忍VS七人の忍者たち Sainin VS Shichinin no Ninja-tachi?)
  14. Little Life's Burning Explosive Ninja Rocket Man (小さな命に燃えた爆忍ロケットマン Chiisa na Inochi ni Moeta Bakunin Roketto Man?)
  15. The Legend of the Cursed Witch (呪いの魔女伝説 Noroi no Majo Densetsu?)
  16. A Ninja Cyborg Cries in the Wind! Wind Ninja Mafuuba (風に泣くサイボーグ忍者! 風忍馬風破 Kaze ni Naku Saibōgu Ninja! Kazenin Mafūba?)
  17. Yumeha I: Demon Hidden in Lake Hamana! (夢破I 浜名湖に潜む魔王! Yumeha I Hamanako ni Hisomu Maō!?)
  18. Yumeha II: An Aura Burning in the Great Sand Hill (夢破II 霊気が燃える大砂丘! Yumeha II Reiki ga Moeru Dai Sakyū!?)
  19. Invade the House of the Military God! (武神館を占領せよ! Bushinkan o Senriyō seyo!?)
  20. Hallo! Lightning Ninja Wild is the Cheerful Gunman (ハロー! 雷忍ワイルドは陽気なガンマン Harō! Rainin Wairudo wa Yōki na Ganman?)
  21. Holy Ninja Alamsa・Throw the Shuriken of Hatred! (聖忍アラムーサ・怒りの手裏剣を放て! Seinin Aramūsa・Ikari no Shuriken o Hanate!?)
  22. Bloom! The Splendor of One Ninja Art (花咲け! 美しきくの一忍法 Hanasake! Utsukushikiku no Ichininpō?)
  23. Dokusai Fears?! Metallic Ninja Gamessh (毒斎より怖い?! 鉄忍ガメッシュ Dokusai yori Kowai?! Tetsunin Gamesshu?)
  24. The Captain Pirate's Golden Coin (海賊キャプテンクックの金貨 Kaizoku Kyaputenkukku no Kinka?)
  25. There is no Pets! The Lamen Lady Great Hard Battle (ペットがいない! ラーメン小母さん大奮戦 Petto ga Inai! Rāmen Obasan Daifunsen?)
  26. A Crisis! Kei and Emiha (おしゃれと危険! ケイと恵美破 Oshareto Kiken! Kei to Emiha?)
  27. Touha's Enemy is Jiraiya (闘破の敵は磁雷矢 Tōha no Teki wa Jiraiya?)
  28. Look Out, Togakure-ryu・Touha is Whose Son? (あぶない戸隠流・闘破は誰の子? Abunai Togakure-ryū・Tōha wa Dare no Ko??)
  29. Olympic Zero-Grade Young Ninja (0点小僧の忍者オリンピック Reitenkozō no Ninja Orinpikku?)
  30. Ninja Art・Flower Lanttern! (忍法・ハナちょうちん! Ninpō・Hana Chōchin!?)
  31. Nearly Found Takeda Shingen's Love Katana (パリで見つかった武田信玄の愛刀 Pari de Mitsukatta Takeda Shingen no Ai Katana?)
  32. The Beach Kunoichi's Ninja Art Notebook (渚のくの一忍法帖 Nagisa no Kunoichi Ninpōjō?)
  33. The Guitar-Desiring Bird・Lightning Ninja Wild (ギターかかえた渡り鳥・雷忍ワイルド Gitā Kakaeta Watari Tori・Rainin Wairudo?)
  34. Gotten Out!! Sorcerers' Giant Beast Greatest Crisis (出た!! 妖魔巨獣 史上最大の危機 Deta!! Yōma Kyojū Shijō Saidai no Kiki?)
  35. Rised in the Sky God Jirai!! (天空に立つ磁雷神!! Tenkū ni Tatsu Jiraijin!!?)
  36. Black Cat's Eye Shines in the Dark! Phantom Thief Devil Cat (闇に光る黒猫の目! 怪盗デビルキャッツ Yami ni Hikaru Kuroneko no Me! Kaitō Debiru Kyattsu?)
  37. 2300-Year Old Man Space Ninja Demost (2300年生きた男 宇宙忍デモスト 2300 Nensei Kita Otoko Uchūnin Demosuto?)
  38. Outrageous!! Hundred-Faced Sorcerers Clan (奇っ怪!! 百の顔の妖魔一族 Kikkai!! Hyaku no Kao no Yōma Ichizoku?)
  39. Poisonous Spider Explosion!! Good Luck? Bad Luck? (毒グモ爆弾!! 吉か・凶か? Doku Kumo Bakudan!! Yoshi ka・Kyō ka??)
  40. Sadness' Jane (哀しみのジャンヌ Kanashimi no Jannu?)
  41. Optical-Magnetic Vacuum Sword VS Darkness Sword (磁光真空剣VS暗黒剣 Jikkō Shinkū Ken VS Ankoku Ken?)
  42. Goodbye! Illusion Mother-sama (さよなら! 幻の母上様 Sayonara! Maboroshi no Hahaue-sama?)
  43. The Girl's Pray! Miraculous Ninja Strowver's 100,000 Volt Panic (少女の祈り! 灼忍ストローボ百万ボルトの恐怖 Shōjo no Inori! Shakunin Sutorōbo Hyakuman Boruto no Kyōfu?)
  44. God Jirai Great Explosion!! Father and Daughter's Battlefield (磁雷神大爆破!! 戦場の父と娘 Jiraijin Dai Bakuha!! Senjō no Chichi to Musume?)
  45. God Jirai's Power! A Bridge of Love and Hope (磁雷神の力! 愛と希望のかけ橋 Jiraijin no Chikara! Ai to Kibō no Kake Hashi?)
  46. Black Rumour・Ninjas Running Towards Justice (黒い噂・駆けつけろ正義の忍者たち! Kuroi Uwasa・Kaketsukeru Seigi no Ninja-tachi?)
  47. Manabu's First Love・Danger in Kongo Mount (学の初恋・あまりにあぶない金剛山 Manabu no Hatsukoi・Amari ni Abunai Kongō-san?)
  48. Finally Came Out!! Treasure of the Century Pako!! (遂に出た!! 世紀の秘宝パコ!! Tsui ni Deta!! Seiki no Hihō Pako!!?)
  49. World Ninja! Great Assemble in Kongo Mount (世界忍者! 金剛山に大集結!! Sekai Ninja! Kongō-san ni Daishūketsu?)
  50. The End of the Sorcerers Clan! Farewell, Pako=God Jirai!! (妖魔一族の最後!さらばパコ=磁雷神!! Yōma Ichizoku no Saigo! Saraba Pako=Jiraijin!!?)


  • Touha Yamaji/Jiraiya: Takumi Tsutsui
  • Kei Yamaji/Emiha: Megumi Sekiguchi
  • Manabu Yamaji: Takumi Hashimoto (Tiger Ranger from Zyuranger)
  • Tetsuzan Yamaji: Masaaki Hatsumi
  • Ryou Asuka/Totsuha: Issei Hirota (Blue Mask from Maskman)
  • Dokusai: Noriaki Kaneda (suit actor)/ Shozo Izuka (voice)
  • Benikiba: Hiromi Nohara
  • Mafuuba: Jun'ichi Haruta (Goggle Black from Goggle V)
  • Reiha Yagyu/Reiha: Tomoko Taya
  • Kumo Gozen: Machiko Soga
  • Oruha: Shohei Kusaka (Naoto Tamura / Jiban from the named series)
  • Kazumi: Michiko Enokida
  • Narrator: Toru Ohira


Opening theme
  • "Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya" (世界忍者戦ジライヤ?)
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki (鈴木 キサブロー Suzuki Kisaburō?)
    • Arrangement: Osamu Totsuka (戸塚 修 Totsuka Osamu?)
    • Artist: Akira Kushida
Ending theme
  • "SHI・NO・BI '88"
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Osamu Totsuka
    • Artist: Akira Kushida



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