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Salim, Selim or Saleem is an Arabic, Bosniak or Turkish given name meaning Peace, Safe or Healthy (see S-L-M).

Selim is similar to the boy's name, Salem, which is of Hebrew origin, and also means "peace." It is related to Shalom and Solomon. In the U.S. there is Salem, Massachusetts and Salem, Oregon.

Other names that sound similar are Selima, Salima and Saleemah.


Rulers named Selim of the Ottoman Empire

Three sultans of the Ottoman Empire were called Selim:

  • Selim I the Grim Yavuz (1465 – September 22, 1520)
  • Selim II the Sot Mest (May 28, 1524 – December 12, 1574)
  • Selim III (December 24, 1761 – July 28/29, 1808)

Other rulers:

  • Pasha Selim — Regional Governor of the Ottoman Empire, including Macedonia and Albania, from 1846 – 1849. Turkish Commander in the Crimean War.
  • Selim Hamid Khan IV (1908 – 1999) Deposed crown prince; the youngest son of Sultan Abdulhamid the Second. The young Prince Selim IV moved to Alexandria, under the protection of Egypt's royal family. He studied in Egypt and England, and eventually settled in France, where he died.

Given name Selim

  • Selim Aga (1826-1875) – Sudanese slave raised in Britain, assistant to British explorers of Africa
  • Selim Franklin (chess player) (1814–1884) born in U.K., pioneer of San Francisco in 1849, and legislator in Victoria, BC
  • Selim Newton (1799 – Jan 25, 1871) — pioneer settler of Fond du Lac County in Wisconsin, and original owner of the Galloway House.
  • Selim Palmgren (1878–1951) — Finnish composer, pianist, conductor. He taught composition at the Eastman School of Music.
  • Selim H. Peabody, LL.D. (1829–1903) — President of the University of Illinois from 1880 to 1891.
  • Comdr. Selim E. Woodworth (November 27, 1815 – January 29, 1871), officer in the United States Navy
  • Selim Ben Achour (1981-) — French born Tunisian football player
  • Selim Han Yilmaz (1986-) — Turkish, best korean speaker as a Turkish.

Selim as surname

  • Omar Selim, Egyptian ambassador
  • Ali Selim, independent film director
  • Ali Selim (Ireland), general secretary of the Irish Council of Imams
  • Nahed Selim, Dutch writer


  • Selim Pasha, a character in Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio
  • Selim, the 1814 leading sire (horse) in Great Britain & Ireland
  • Salim Fox(Forgotten God)

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SELIM, the name of three sultans of Turkey.

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