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Selwyn Ward
Born June 13, 1977
Kokomo, Indiana

Selwyn Jaydon Ward (born June 13, 1977) is an American actor best known for play the role of Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson (aka T.J.) in the Power Rangers universe.

In Power Rangers: Turbo he played the Red Turbo Ranger, making his character the first non-Caucasian or African American Red Ranger in Power Rangers history, as well as the first non-Caucasian Power Ranger team leader (followed by the later Power Rangers SPD star Brandon Jay Mclaren's character of Jack Landors). He then became the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers: In Space, also making him the first African-American Blue Ranger and second Blue Ranger to be portrayed by an African-American actor, following Karim Prince's portrayal of Cestro in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. He would later be followed by Phillip Jeanmarie's Wild Force character of Max Cooper, and Kevin Duhaney's Dino Thunder character of Ethan James. He reprised the role of T.J. in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episodes "To the Tenth Power" and "The Power of Pink" in 1999. His final appearance as TJ was in 2002, in the Power Rangers: Wild Force episode "Forever Red."

Selwyn Ward has also made appearances on the television show Moesha and the soap opera Passions. He also appeared in the music videos "Don't Leave Me" by Blackstreet and "Man Ain't Supposed to Cry" by Public Announcement. Other appearances in movies and commercials include American History X and "Most Wanted".





TV work

  • Power Rangers: Wild Force
    • Forever Red (2002) .... Theodore J. Jarvis 'T.J.' Johnson/Red Turbo Ranger
  • Passions
    • Episode #1.726 (2002) .... Officer Thompson
  • Moesha
    • Gimme a Break (2000) .... College Guy
  • Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
    • The Power of Pink (1999) .... T.J. Johnson/Blue Space Ranger
    • To the Tenth Power (1999) .... T.J. Johnson/Blue Space Ranger
  • Power Rangers: In Space (1998) TV Series .... Theodore J. Jarvis 'T.J.' Johnson/Blue Space Ranger
  • Power Rangers: Turbo (1997) TV Series .... Theodore Jay Jarvis 'T.J.' Johnson/Red Turbo Ranger #2
    • The Robot Ranger (1997) .... Robot T.J.

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