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Seminiferous tubule
Transverse section through the left side of the scrotum and the left testis. (Semeniferous tubules visible in center, but not labeled.)
Illu testis schematic.jpg
1: Testicular septa
2: Convoluted seminiferous tubules
3: Testicular lobules
4: Straight seminiferous tubules
5: Efferent ductules
6: Rete testis
Latin tubuli seminiferi
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MeSH Seminiferous+Tubules

Seminiferous tubules are located in the testicles, and are the specific location of meiosis, and the subsequent creation of gametes, namely spermatozoa.

The epithelium of the tubule consists of sustentacular or Sertoli cells, which are tall, columnar type cells that line the tubule.

In between the Sertoli cells are spermatogenic cells, which differentiate through meiosis to sperm cells.

There are two types: convoluted and straight, convoluted toward the lateral side, and straight as the tubule comes medially to form ducts that will exit the testis.

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microscopic shot of seminiferous tubule (cross section)
photomicrograph of rat testis

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