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Sensitive Pornograph
(Senshitibu Porunogurafu)
Genre Yaoi
Author Ashika Sakura
Demographic Hentai (Yaoi)
Volumes 1
Original video animation
Studio Phoenix Entertainment
Released December 20, 2004
Episodes 1
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Sensitive Pornograph (センシティブ・ポルノグラフ Senshitibu Porunogurafu ?) is a yaoi hentai anime. The anime is based on a manga by the same name, by mangaka Ashika Sakura. It has one episode which is made up of two separate and unconnected parts.

Part 1

The story begins with Seiji Yamada (Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura), a young manga artist, who develops an affair with a fellow mangaka named Sono Hanasaki. The plot-line develops from Yamada mistaking Sono for a girl. After having discovered him to be a boy, Seiji still falls in love with him, and they have an intimate affair. Seiji becomes distraught when he learns of Sono's past tendencies of sleeping around, and for a time the two become separated. However, they eventually reconcile after Seiji learns of the emotional damage Sono has suffered as a result of being abandoned and used only for sex.

This part is longer with a more romantic tone than the other. There is quite a large amount of humor while still containing graphic sex throughout the entire story, available in both censored and uncensored versions. Also in some versions, the order of the stories is reversed.

Part 2

The second part begins with Ueno, a student in college, who works part-time as a pet sitter, receiving an assignment to take care of a rabbit.

Upon arriving at the specified address, looking for a rabbit named Aki, he finds that there is no rabbit. Instead he discovers a young man bound, naked, in a closet, apparently working as a sex slave to the man who hired him. Aki initially believes Ueno to be one of his master's customers, but once he realizes that Ueno has been tricked he's almost instantly sympathetic. Knowing that his master would get mad if things don't go his way, and may even hurt Ueno, Aki persuades him to have sex to keep his master happy. Initially just expecting Ueno to lay back and allow him to do all the work (something he seems accustomed to), he is surprised when Ueno reciprocates and takes the active role. After making passionate love and sharing a kiss, Aki then encourages Ueno to leave before his "master", who has been watching from his car with a hidden camera, returns. After Ueno reluctantly leaves and the man returns, Aki angrily announces that he is going to quit.

At some unspecified but close later date, Ueno encounters Aki at his school. Aki defied his master, was severely beaten, thrown out and has since enrolled himself at Ueno's school. The scene ends with hints that the two may continue their relationship.

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