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Seoul Subway Line 9
수도권 전철 9호선
Sudogwon Jihacheol Gu Hoseon

SeoulMetro9 Train 9502.JPG
No. of stations 25 (open)
12 (planned)
Type Heavy rail
Line length 23.5km
Opened 24 July 2009

Seoul Subway Line 9 is a subway line in Seoul. Originally scheduled to open in June 12, 2009, the line was opened on July 24, 2009.[1]

Line 9 runs east from Gaehwa Station(begin All-stop train), Gimpo Airport Station(begin Express train) (connecting to Line 5 and AREX) along the south bank of the Han River, and will be opened in three phases. Construction of Phase 1, between Gaehwa and Sinnonhyeon, began in April 2002 and opened in July 24 2009. Major transfer points on the first phase are Dangsan (Line 2), Yeouido (Line 5), Noryangjin (Line 1 via Gyeongbu Line), Dongjak (Line 4), and Express Bus Terminal (Line 3 & Line 7) Stations.

Phase 2 will extend from Gangnam to Sports Complex Station on Line 2, while Phase 3 will run to Bangi Station in eastern Seoul. While Phase 2 was always planned to go ahead as scheduled, a Seoul Metropolitan Government website at one point described construction of phase 3 as being suspended in consideration of transport demand and financial situations.[2] On November 20, 2008, however, the Seoul Metropolitan government announced plans to build Phase 3 between October 2010 and December 2015.[3]

Line 9 is a double track subway with bypass tracks at some stations to enable express trains running at three per hour in each direction. All stations except Gaewha and Magongnaru are equipped with elevators, escalators and platform screen doors. It is the first privately run subway line in Korea, operated by Veolia Transport.

This operating company is in talks with AREX to connect the line directly with the AREX line as the Korean government strongly recommends it. The two companies have agreed to go along with this recommendation, and decided to start making a direct connection in 2011. Currently there is a free transfer between these two lines, but the trains do not continue onward between the lines yet.



Number Station[4] Hangul Hanja Transfers Type Doors open
901 Gaehwa 개화 開花 Aboveground,straight Random
902 Gimpo Airport 김포공항 金浦空港 Line 5, AREX Underground,straight Left
903 Airport Market 공항시장 空港市場 Underground,curved Right
904 Sinbanghwa 신방화 新傍花 Underground,curved Right
905 Magongnaru 마곡나루 麻谷나루 AREX (under construction) Underground,straight Left/Right
906 Yangcheon Hyanggyo 양천향교 陽川鄕校 Underground,straight Right
907 Gayang 가양 加陽 Underground,straight (All stop: Left), (Express: Right)
908 Jeungmi 증미 曾米 Underground,straight Right
909 Deungchon 등촌 登村 Underground,straight Right
910 Yeomchang 염창 鹽倉 Underground,curved Right
911 Sinmok-dong 신목동 新木洞 Underground,curved Right
912 Seonyudo 선유도 仙遊島 Underground,straight Right
913 Dangsan 당산 堂山 Line 2 Underground,straight Left
914 National Assembly 국회의사당 國會議事堂 Underground,curved Left
915 Yeouido 여의도 汝矣島 Line 5 Underground,straight Right
916 Saetgang 샛강 샛江 Underground,straight Right
917 Noryangjin 노량진 鷺梁津 Line 1 via Gyeongbu Underground,straight Right
918 Nodeul 노들 Underground,straight Right
919 Heukseok
(Chung-Ang Univ.)
Underground,curved Right
920 Dongjak
(Seoul National Cemetery)
Line 4 Underground,straight (All stop: Left), (Express: Right)
921 Gubanpo 구반포 舊盤浦 Underground,straight Right
922 Sinbanpo 신반포 新盤浦 Underground,straight Right
923 Express Bus Terminal 고속터미널 高速터미널 Line 3, Line 7 Underground,straight Right
924 Sapyeong 사평 砂平 Underground,straight Right
925 Sinnonhyeon 신논현 新論峴 Underground,straight Right
926 Samjeong (planned) 삼정 三亭 Underground
927 Samneung (planned) 삼릉 三陵 Bundang Line (under construction) Underground
928 Bongeunsa (planned) 봉은사 奉恩寺 Underground
929 COEX (planned) 코엑스 Underground
930 Sports Complex (planned) 종합운동장 綜合運動場 Line 2 Underground
931 Samjeonsageori (planned) 삼전사거리 三田四거리 Underground
932 Samjeon (planned) 삼전 三田 Underground
933 Seokchon (planned) 석촌 石村 Line 8 Underground
934 Sinbangi (planned) 신방이 新芳荑 Underground
935 Wirye (planned) 위례 慰禮 Underground
936 Olympic Park
(Korean National Univ. of
Physical Education)
Line 5 Underground
937 Oryun (planned) 오륜 五輪 Underground
938 Veterans Hospital (planned) 보훈병원 報勳病院 Underground

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