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Serbian Swedes
Srbi u Švedskoj
Total population

73,000 to 130,000 [1]

Regions with significant populations
Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö

Serbian, Swedish


Serbian Orthodox

The Serbs in Sweden (Swedish: Serber) were few prior to the 1960s, some came after the World War II, mostly seeking political asylum. The greatest proportion of Serbs came together with Greeks, Italians and Turks under the visa agreements in times of severe labour shortages or when particular skills were deficient within Sweden.[2] During the '60s and '70s, agreements were signed with the governments of Yugoslavia to help Sweden overcome its severe labour shortage.[3]

Bosnian and Croatian Serbs migrated to European countries again in a wave during and after the Yugoslav wars. Another wave of Kosovan Serbs came during the Kosovo war in 1999.

40% of the 80,000 Bosnians in Sweden (Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats) are Serbs but registered as Bosnians[4].




Serbian Orthodox Church

The SOC has parishes and churches in the cities of:

The Montenegrins and Vlachs of Sweden are also followers of the Serbian Orthodox Christian faith.

Notable Serb-Swedes

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