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Sergeants 3
Directed by John Sturges
Produced by Frank Sinatra
Howard W. Koch
Written by W.R. Burnett
Starring Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Peter Lawford
Sammy Davis Jr
Joey Bishop
Music by Billy May
Cinematography Winton C. Hoch
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) February 10, 1962 (United States)
Running time 112 min.
Country United States
Language English

Sergeants 3 is a 1962 remake of Gunga Din (1939) set in the American West, featuring Rat Pack icons Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. It was the last film to feature all five members of the Rat Pack due to Sinatra's falling out with Lawford and later Bishop.



Directed by John Sturges, written by W. R. Burnett, and produced by Frank Sinatra, the movie features Sinatra in the Victor McLaglen role, Martin in the Cary Grant part, Lawford replacing Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Davis in Sam Jaffe's originally titular supporting part. It was filmed in Kanab, Utah. The Thugee cult is replaced by the Ghost dancers with Michael Pate and Henry Silva appearing as Indians.

Sinatra wanted to use the title Soldiers Three but couldn't get the rights as the title was owned by MGM for another Gunga Din-inspired story set in India.

The only Rat Pack film not produced by Sinatra was Ocean's 11. This one earned $4.3 million in rentals at the North American box office, being ranked by Variety as the 14th highest-earning film of 1962.

"The Lost Sinatra Film"

Seldom seen after its initial run in cinemas, never granted a release on home video, it seemed as though only a major event could bring Sergeants 3 to DVD. Such seems to have been the case, an announcement being made in February 2008 that the film would be released on DVD as a single disc and as part of a new Rat Pack box set to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death on May 13, 2008.

Critical reception

Sergeants 3 was met with middling reviews on release. Variety labeled it as "warmed-over Gunga Din in a westernized version of that epic, with American-style Indians and Vegas-style soldiers of fortune. The essential differences between the two pictures, other than the obvious one of setting, is that the emphasis in Gunga was serious with a tongue-in-cheek overtone, whereas the emphasis in Sergeants is tongue-in-cheek with serious overtones."

Rat Pack

Each of the Rat Pack's films contained a numeral in its title. The others were: Ocean's Eleven (1960), Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964, with Joey Bishop missing and Bing Crosby replacing Peter Lawford), and 4 for Texas with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress as the four in the title and Charles Bronson as villain. Sinatra said of these Rat Pack films: "Of course they're not great movies, no-one could claim that... but every movie I've made through my own company has made money."

Third Version

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom comprises a second remake of much of the material in the earlier two films, especially the first one, including the rope bridge sequence performed by Cary Grant in 1939 and Dean Martin in 1962.[citation needed]


Frank Sinatra ... First-Sergeant Mike Merry
Dean Martin ... Sergeant Chip Deal
Sammy Davis, Jr. ... Jonah Williams
Peter Lawford ... Sergeant Larry Barrett
Joey Bishop ... Sergeant-Major Roger Boswell
Henry Silva ... Mountain Hawk
Ruta Lee ... Amelia Parent
Buddy Lester ... Willie Sharpknife
Phillip Crosby ... Cpl. Ellis
Dennis Crosby ... Pvt. Page
Lindsay Crosby ... Pvt. Wills
Hank Henry ... Blacksmith
Dick Simmons ... Col. William Collingwood (billed as Richard Simmons)
Michael Pate ... Watanka
Armand Alzamora ... Caleb
Rodd Redwing... Irregular

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