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A typical Iranian Setar
String instrument
Classification Plucked
Hornbostel-Sachs classification 32*
Related instruments
Tar, Tanbur
Ebadi, Alizadeh,

Setar (Persian: سه ‌تار, from seh, meaning "three" and tār, meaning "string") is a Persian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family. Two and a half centuries ago, a fourth string was added to the setar, which has 25 - 27 moveable frets. It originated in Persia around the time of the spread of Islam and is a direct descendant of the larger and louder tanbur. The setar should not be confused with the Indian sitar, which is significantly different, although the name and some aspects of the design of the latter derive from the setar. The Pamiri setor, also, is a different, larger instrument.


Notable setar players

An Azerbaijani setar
Hamid Motebassem and his Setar


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