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Settlement Fight
File:Settlement Fight Logo.gif
Developer(s) Peter Hurford
Version Beta
Platform(s) Interpreted script; platform independent
Release date(s) August 2, 2010 (2010-08-02)
Genre(s) Real-time military strategy
Media Text and images
System requirements

Internet access, web browser

Settlement Fight (sometimes abbreviated as SF) is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game, similar to Civilization IV in concept. After registering as a user, you can build mines to earn resources such as Gold, Lumber, Metal and Crops, which you use to build or upgrade buildings or military units. In your Town Hall you can upgrade or build buildings such as Barracks, Stables, Warehouses, Granaries and many others. After a few weeks in to the game, it's even possible to create a second settlement.

Settlement Fight is currently in the seventh week of its open Beta stage, and has grown to include nearly 90 users, and the forum boards have over 3,400 posts[1].

The game was created solely by computer programmer Peter Hurford, and he pays for the upkeep of the game's server by money from Google AdSense and Project Wonderful ads running on the site.



A large part of the game is the concept of warfare. To engage in warfare with someone, you have to create troops with a Barracks, Stable or Artillery Foundry, and move them on to the "Map Co-ordinates" anothers troops are on. A slightly randomized battle then ensues, and the winner's troops get EXP, giving that specific battlement a higher boost in future battles, and the player gets "Carnage", which is one of the two methods of scoring used in the Settlement Fight leaderboards.

As a deterrant to people trying to eliminate new players, there is a 7 day "Newb protection" and all players only get carnage if they defeat a player in battle with at least half of their score. For example, a player with 300 score can only get carnage by defeating players with 150 or more score. The more experienced of a player you defeat, the more carnage you get.

Forum Boards

Settlement Fight has a standard phpBB forum board with 11 sub-forums[2], and many users spend more time on the forums than they do in the actual game, due to the idling nature of upgrading.

Despite being a relatively small game, Settlement Fight has a large forum board, with an average of over 105 posts per registered user, which is much larger than most other notable phpBB boards.

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