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For the commune in Cambodia see Seung (commune).
Display of seung (some with 4 strings and some with 6 strings) in a small museum of musical instruments in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Also displayed are several salaw (3-stringed fiddles) and a drum.

The seung (Thai: ซึง; also spelled sueng or süng) is a plucked fretted lute from the northern region of Thailand. The instrument is made from hardwood and its strings (numbering either four or six) are most often made of steel wire. It has nine raised frets.

The seung is part of a northern Thai traditional ensemble called the salaw-saw-seung ensemble, along with the salaw (3-string spike fiddle) and pi saw (free reed pipe).

The seung is similar to the grajabpi (กระจับปี่), an ancient Thai instrument that is used in the classical music of central Thailand.




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