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The Seven Names of God Prayer is a prayer given by Meher Baba to his students and close disciples to memorize and recite, often as a chant or song, at certain times during his life.

Hari, Paramatma,
Allah, Ahuramazda,
God, Yezdan, Hu

Meher Baba composed the prayer on June 16, 1927 for the students in his free school known as the Meher Ashram to memorize and recite daily. The boy's schedule included rising at 5:00 a.m. and after washing they were to chant The Seven Names of God prayer. The prayer was also sung before each meal in the dining hall.[1] Baba later had his adult disciples memorize the prayer.

Baba composed another version during his final seclusion in 1967 that he had a disciple named Kaikobad repeat aloud in his presence.[2]

Ya Yezdan, Ahuramazda,
Allah, Ishwar, Paramatma,
God Almighty, Parvardigar!



The names of God in these prayers by Meher Baba are explained as follows.


Seven Names of God in Judaism

The tradition of seven names of God is not new to Meher Baba. In medieval Judaism, God was sometimes called The Seven.[7] Among the ancient Hebrews, the seven names for the Deity over which the scribes had to exercise particular care were: [8]

See Names of God in Judaism.

Seven Names of God in Christianity

Some Christians recognize seven names of God, often citing Psalm 23.[9][10][11]


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