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Map showing the Seven Warring States; there were other states in China at the time, but the Seven Warring States were the most powerful and significant

The Seven Warring States or Seven Kingdoms (simplified Chinese: 战国七雄traditional Chinese: 戰國七雄pinyin: zhàn guó qī xióng; literally "Warring States [period] seven great powers") refers to the seven warring states in China during the Warring States period in Chinese history. The Seven Warring States formed from the weakening of the Zhou Dynasty. They were, in alphabetical order by pinyin:

Another state that is usually not included in this list as it was not considered properly Chinese was the state of Yue.

The eventual winner of the wars was the state of Qin, whose ruler Qin Shi Huang established the first imperial dynasty in Chinese history. It is probable that China is named after Qin.

The Seven Kingdoms series of computer games were named after these states.

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