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Sexton Ming (born 1961) is a British artist, poet and musician who was a founding member of The Medway Poets (1979) and the Stuckists art group (1999).


Life and career

Ming was born in Gravesend, Kent England. In 1979 he was one of the founder members of The Medway Poets group. He is an old associate of Billy Childish and collaborated with him on albums and films up until 2008 when Ming severed contact with Childish. In 1999, Ming was one of the 13 original members of the Stuckists, a pro-figurative painting, anti-conceptual art, group, which was co-founded by fellow Medway Poets, Billy Childish and Charles Thomson. He exhibited in the group's shows, most notably being one of the "featured artists" in their first national museum exhibition, The Stuckists Punk Victorian, at the Walker Art Gallery during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. He left the Stuckists in 2005 to pursue a solo career. He exhibits at the Aquarium Gallery, London.

He is married to Stuckist artist Ella Guru.


Solo albums, unless stated otherwise

  • Old Horse of the Nation (1987) [Billy Childish appears on most tracks]
  • Ban the Mindreader (1987) [The Mindreaders]
  • Six More Miles to the Graveyard (1988)
  • Birds With Teeth (1991)
  • Master of Gibberish (1993)
  • Endless Discipline (1993) [Sexton Ming and the Diamond Gussets]
  • Rogue Male (1997) [Sexton Ming and Steady]
  • Marshan Love Secrets (1998)
  • A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches #1: Rare Recordings 1979-2002 (2003)
  • Crumb Girl (2003)
  • Funk Child (2004)
  • Out to Stud (2005)
  • A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches Volume 2: Rare Recordings 1979-2005 (2005)
  • A Taste of Wood (2006) [Sexton Ming and Stout]
  • Punks are sad, Hippies are cool (2007)

With Billy Childish

  • Which Dead Donkey Daddy? (1987)
  • Plump Prizes & Little Gems (1987)
  • Ypres 1917 Overture, Verdun Ossuary. (1987)
  • The Cheeky Cheese (1999)
  • Here Comes the Fleece Geese (2002)

The Tasty Ones

  • Prison Project (1999)
  • Powered by Guts (2001)

See also


  • Ed. Katherine Evans (2000), "The Stuckists" Victoria Press, ISBN 0-907165-27-3
  • Ed. Frank Milner (2004), "The Stuckists Punk Victorian" National Museums Liverpool, ISBN 1-902700-27-9

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