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Sexual slang is a set of linguistic terms and phrases used to refer to sexual organs, processes, and activities; they are generally considered colloquial rather than formal or medical, and some may be seen as impolite or improper. Related to sexual slang is slang related to defecation and flatulence (toilet humor, scatolinguistics). References to the anal tract are often given a sexual connotation in the context of anal sex (in particular, in a context of male homosexuality).

While popular usage is incredibly versatile in coining ever new short-lived synonyms, old terms with originally no pejorative colouring may come to be considered inappropriate over time. Thus, terms like arse/ass, cunt, and fuck should not be considered "slang," since they are the inherited common English terms for their referents, but they are often considered vulgarisms and are replaced by euphemisms or scientific terminology in "polite" language.


Specimen words and phrases

Some of these add sexual meanings or referents to words that have non-sexual meanings in ordinary language:

for vagina (actually vulva)
"pussy", "fur burger", "piss flaps", "axe wound", "clunge", "cunt", "Hoo haw", "mystical portal", "oyster ditch", "vertical smile", "crusty clam", "anti-spiral", "ham wallet", "meat mitten", "va-jay-jay", "death petal", "twat", "Yupa", "bearded clam", "beefcurtains", "fish taco", "fanny", "tatty bojangles", "snapper", "slime cave", "slot machine", "funk soul brother", "MC Neat", "discharge depot", "squish mitten", "bitch wrinkle", "poonany", "muff", "snatch", "soggy box", "beaver", "bald man in a boat", "gash", "hidden valley", "lost bush", "vagoo", "crabby banglers","minge","flange", "beef lips", "growler", "hairy pie", "ashley", "little chewaka"
for penis
"cock", "dick", "pecker", "meat and two veg", "willy", "utter" "knob", "prick", "trouser snake", "big Jim and the twins", "one-eyed monster", "heat-seeking love missile", "hot beef injection", "Captain winkie", "jingle-jangle," "youghurt catapult", "Børk", "flesh ferret", "love wand", "pork steeple", "johnson", "Little Dave the Volcano", "bowling alley", "The Octogon", "purple headed monster", "single-barrelled, double-action yoghurt machine", "fur burger","purple helmet warrior" "clitty litter" "wedding tackle", "lap rocket", "dude piston", "one-eyed wonder worm", "wang", "donut puncher", "Pork Sword","wiener", "spitting cobra", "meat puppet", "long wong", "twig and giggle berries", "package", "spam javelin", "schlong","purple headed yogurt slinger", "Mighty Kong", "Cyclops" "tooty mcfruity", "popsicle", "tally wacker", "ratty motangles","pink piccolo", "beaver cleaver","peter"
for testicles
"nuts", "hairy danglers", "charles and george", "love spuds", "ping and pong", "manjigglies", "fuzzy dice", "man-juice generators", "Dr. Kenneth Noisewater", "sack", "balls", "flabby jigglers", "saggy sacks", "wrinkley old man testes"
"Jiggly Garry", "Tiffany", "Phil and friends", "Jangleberry tree", "Willy Wonka and his Oompa-Loompa team", "Bessy", "Two dogs", "Seven weasels", "Clock", "Minty delight", "Love on a stick", "Ogre", "Breakfast in bed", "Big Nasty", "Poodle", "Wet noodle", "Copa Cabana", "Pastry bag", "Cake and various utencils", "Grasshopper", "Bean bag", "Jolly Holly", "Banana Nababa", "Dwarven Mine", etc.

Occasionally people's names are used as well for these purposes, such as "dick","peter", or "johnson" for the penis.

Different cultures and languages use different everyday words for sexual purposes. For example, all the following, in those languages, refer to "eggs", common slang words for testicles; "eggs" does not commonly have this referent in English.

Pejorative usage

Term of disparagements are used to refer to members of a given sexual minority, gender, sex, or sexual orientation in a derogatory or pejorative manner. They are used as insults by persons who are not or do not wish to be associated with the group being disparaged. For example, queer can be used as an insult by those seeking to deprecate homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual people, but the word has also undergone reclaiming, such that it can be used positively within that community. Which terms are used as slurs is determined by a society's or subculture's set of values, especially its biases against genders (sexism). For example, words such as whore and slut are typically used to refer to sexually promiscuous women.

Sexual slurs are common across many cultures and historical periods. The most common slurs directed against men historically include accusations of being a passive homosexual (Aristophanes notably enjoyed using such allusions) or of being effeminate; for example, in the Hittite military oath, oath-breakers are threatened with being made into women (a promise of either actual castration, or of divine revenge on the traitors' manhood).

Sexual slang and humor

In the popular jargon of many cultures, the use of sexual slang is a form of humor or euphemism that often creates controversy over its public use. Sexual humor has been seen in many circles as crude and unsophisticated, as well as insulting towards the subject it describes. Sexual slang has a long history in literature and comedy: examples from Shakespeare are well-known. The popularity of contemporary comedians who indulge in sexual humor, from George Carlin to Andrew Dice Clay, reflects the appeal of this form of speech. It is often seen as a form of taboo, in which much of the appeal lies in the shock value of daring to speak "forbidden" words in public.

Sexual slang in the English language (highly selective)

  • "Badonkadonk" refers to a large ass.
  • "Booty" refers to a provocative ass, usually a woman's.
  • "Booty call" is the act of making an appointment for casual sex.
  • "Cherry" is used to refer to a woman's virginity.
  • A "Dog" is a male who chases women; or, pejoratively an unattractive woman.
  • A "Meat market" is a hangout for people looking to "hook-up" and lacking in intellectual stimulation.
  • "Melons" is a term referring to large breasts.
  • A "Sausage Fest" refers to a group consisting mainly of men. Simliar to a "Sword Fight"
  • "Sword Fight" refers to a place that has a large or only male population or transvestites.

blag ball refering to a bad pussy

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