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Directed by Vikram Bhatt
Produced by
  • Vikram Bhatt
  • Manmohan D Singh
Screenplay by Girish Dhamija
Story by Vikram Bhatt
Music by Chirantan Bhatt
Cinematography Praveen Bhatt
Editing by Kuldeep Mehan
Studio Film City
Release date(s) March 19, 2010 (2010-03-19)
Country India
Language Hindi

Shaapit is a 2010 Bollywood film directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring Aditya Narayan, Rahul Dev, Shweta Agarwal and Shubh Joshi in the lead roles. The film is based on the story of a family whose daughters have been carrying a curse, from generation to generation. It also stars Murli Sharma and Nishigandha Wad. This film was shot in Film City and released on 19 March 2010, under the banner of ASA Film Pvt Ltd.


When Aman (Aditya Narayan) proposes to Kaaya (Shweta Agarwal), neither he nor Kaaya know about the generational curse that plagues Kaaya's family. As soon as Kaaya wears the engagement ring and the couple drives off together, their car takes a spin and bounces of the road almost killing the both of them.

When Kaaya's parents hear about their daughter's accident, they rush to the hospital to find an engagement ring on their daughter's finger. Distraught, the father (Murli Sherma) explains to the young couple that three hundred years back their family had incurred the curse of an angry Brahmin and that curse did not allow the daughter's of their family to be married. The couple finds it hard to believe but there is little choice as their lives are constantly in danger.

Aman and Kaaya cannot live without each other, but there is little that they can do till Aman and Subh (Shubh Joshi) meets Pashupathi (Rahul Dev) who is the master of the ways of the spiritual world. Pashupathi tells Aman that in some cultures, there was a belief that a generational curse worked much after even the person who had uttered the curse was dead because, it was believed, that an evil curse when uttered stuck to an evil spirit and the spirit then became the keeper of the curse and it was the duty of that evil spirit to make the curse come true generation after generation.

Aman asks Pashupathi if there was a way to destroy the spirit and get rid of the curse. Pashupathi tells him that there is a way but it is filled with peril. If he sets about to hunt and destroy a spirit then the spirit would also know that it was being hunted. Ultimately it will become a war between man and the devil and as such Pashupati refuses to help Aman. But Aman deeply loves Kaaya and, in order to convince Pashupati that he is pretty serious about fighting the evil spirit, went to a library which is haunted by a spirit. The spirit resides inside a particular book and Aman decides to get this book to prove his stand before Pashupati. Finally after a hard struggle Aman gets the book. Now Pashupati is pretty convinced and agrees to help Aman.

Finally Aman, his friend Shubh along with Pashupati, sets out on a journey through the world of fear and intrigue, in the quest of the evil spirit in order to defeat it and negate the effect of the curse. But Aman doesn't want Kaaya to come with them so,he tells her that he is going for family business. But he gives her a ring and the spirit attacks Kaaya. Aman saves her from a truck accident. Then Pashupati tells them that Kaaya is not safe if she stays so,Kaaya decides to go with them.

To find out who is that spirit that is protecting the curse they go to a theater where many people were burned in fire during a live show. Pashupati belives that some good spirit will help them. Insidethe theater, some drops of blood falls on kaaya's hand. Aman saves her from a body. When pashupati see's the drops ,when they are connected by a line it creates a constillation "Magha". Pashupati tells them that a village named Magha is now called Mahipalpur. They decide to go to Mahipalpur.

At Mahipalpur they find a jail which was a palace of a king before transforming to a jail. The spirit attacks Kaaya and burry her in a graveyard. Aman finds her and saves her but she goes in coma. Aman sees a dream in which he sees Kaaya. She tells him about a locket that a servant weares. In that locket they found a spell written for Mohini to save her life.They search records of jail.Then pashupati use a way to go into past using water.He sends shubh in past. He see's a woman wearing that locket.

Pashupati decides to summon the spirit of the king. The king tells them about queen mohini who was his stepmother. She kills His father and wanted to kill him and his brother but, her plan fails. He captured her and killed her. But before dying she gave her best servant order to hide her ash so she can become spirit. She's the spirit protecting the curse.

Pashupati tells them that they have to put the ash in water to make her spirit free. They find the ash in a earthen pot. The spirit gets control on Pashupati. He kills himself in order to keep the others alive. Shubh gets captured in a room. The spirit attacks Aman and brakes the pot. Aman sees that he is standing in a room where the water of a river was in one time but now a dam is stopping the water. He breakes the dam and the ash flows in water and the spirit gets free, Kaaya get's out of coma. Shubh saves Aman from drowning in water.

After that Aman marries Kaaya.They live happily in their new life.

Shaapit is the first film in India of its genre. It is an adventurous horror love story that's never attempted before.


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