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This Article is for the computer game Shade: Wrath of Angels. For a list of other Shade uses see Shade (disambiguation).
Shade: Wrath of Angels
Developer(s) Black Element Software s r.o.
Publisher(s) Cenega Publishing s r.o.
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Horror
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) Pegi: 16+

Shade: Wrath of Angels is a 2004 Microsoft Windows and Xbox game produced by Black Element Software and published by Cenega. The original name was Nefandus, but later was changed to Shade: Wrath of Angels before its release. The history revolves around an ancient war between angels and gods.



Shade Wrath of Angels is a 3rd person RPG game. The game consists of action/adventure elements with unimaginableTemplate:Fact creatures, richTemplate:Fact gameplay and many hidden secrets and twistsTemplate:Fact. The game includes 4 different chapters travelling through different times and dimensions. There are 30 different levels with a tutorial included. The player has the ability to wield both weapons or cast spells on 20 different types of enemies.The game offers over 30 hours of gameplay with breathtaking graphical effectsTemplate:Fact and natural animationTemplate:Fact using the very latest motion-capture technologyTemplate:Fact.The player also holds the ability to transform into a demon over a limited period of time. The player can upgrade his health and magic charm by collecting the golden drops, which are available throughout the game.


The game starts with a tutorial to explain various aspects of the game. The tutorial goes on as the player sleeps, and he plays the tutorial in his dream. After the completion of the tutorial, the player goes to a town on receiving an invitation from his brother 'B'. On his latter 'B' has claimed to have discovered an important archaeological site, which appears to be a very primitive one. But on reaching the town, the the player is amazed to find out that nobody is anywhere. He reaches the Hotel where his brother has written to be boarded. But on reaching the Hotel, he finds nothing but a pistol left by his brother for him. He decides to check the Church but on his way downstairs, he is stunned to see a zombie, in the lobby. He however shoots the zombie and goes to the Church, only to encounter two more walking dead therein. After dealing with them, he finds a secret passage and moves into it to descend down and finds an orb. After the player comes out of the room with the orb, a misty figure appears and reveals to him a fearful secret. The figure reveals to the player that he is the angel of Faith, and the orb he is carrying is the heart of the angel. The Angel of Faith asks the player to release the other three angels to bring his brother back. When the player agrees, the Angel gives him the her loyal servant, a single-eyed red demon to help him on his quest. The player is teleported by the angel to each of the three worlds where the pieces of the hearts of the other three angels are kept, the first being being in the world of undead knights (themed on a medieval period with walking dead, the zombies and undead knights), the second being in the Pyramid of Egyptian God Seth (themed on pyramids, with living statues, mummies and undead worshippers of mighty Seth) and the third being in the world of eternal darkness, the 'Shadowland' (themed on a shadowy plain with creatures of darkness everywhere). But on collecting the three hearts of the angels and reunifying them, the angel of Faith reappears and reveals herself to be the dark angel, who opposed the Gods and set the war between the four worlds. The player vows to stop the evil by breaking all the hearts of the angels, but the other three good angels appear and ask the player to destroy the demon, who helped him on his quests. The player kills the demon with his magic sword, and the good angels trap the angel of Faith. The angels then reveal to him that his brother's soul is sealed and can not be made to live again. The angels then transform the player to an immensely powerful guardian, to protect all the four hearts of the angels with his magic sword till the end of time.


The original soundtrack was released for free to download on the official game's web site in December 17, 2004.

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