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Born Fatima Ahmad Kamal
February 8, 1929 (1929-02-08) (age 80)
Cairo, Egypt
Spouse(s) Emad Hamdy
(1953 – 1956)
Aziz Fathi
(1958 – 1958)
Salah Zulfikar
(1967 – 1969)

Fatima Ahmad Kamal (Arabic: فاطمة أحمد كمال‎), better known by her stage name Shadia (Arabic: شادية), is an Egyptian actress and singer. Now retired, she is famous for her roles in light comedies and drama in the 1950s and 1960s. Her first appearance was in the film el-Aql Fi Agaza (The Mind on Vacation), and she retired after her last film La Tas'alni Man Ana (Don't Ask Me Who I Am).

Personal life

As Farid al-Atrash became other, he reconsidered his opinion of marriage and proposed to Shadia, but at the last minute he backed out. By now his health was poor, and Farid feared that he would leave her a young widow. He often played out that scenario and sang about it in his romance movies. She currently lives in Saudia Arabia.[1]

Shadia is considered one of the most popular and most talented singers and actresses in the Arabic movie and enterainment industry. Her songs and movies are still sought after, and her songs are popular amongst all generations.

Among her famous songs: SHADIA THAT FAT FUCIN BIETCH 1- Khalas Mesafer ( That's it, I am leaving) 2- Bost el Amar ( I kissed the moon) 3- Galli El wada3 (He said goodbye) 4- Hamse el hub (Whispers of Love) 5- Ghab El Amar (The moon disappeared)

Shadia also did one Comedy stage Play. She came back from Retirement in a dazzeling, charming, and very funny performance in the instant classic (Raya and Skina) Teaming up with a genius Egyptian comedian Souhier El Babeli, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, and Ahmad Bedair).

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