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Qutb, Muslim scholar
Name: Hazrat Sayyed Nur'uddin Kermani
Title: Shah Nematollah Vali
Death: 1431 A.D (835 Hijri)
Influences: Ibn Arabi and Abd-Allah Yafe'i

Shāh Ni'matullāh-i Walī (Persian: شاه نعمت‌اللهِ ولی), also spelled as Ne'matollah, Ni'matallah and Ni'mat Allah, was an Islamic scholar and a sufi poet from the 14th and 15th centuries. Descended from Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, Ni'matullah was the Qutb of a sufi order after his master Sheikh Abd-allah Yafae.



Ni'matullah was born in Aleppo, Syria. He travelled widely through the Muslim world, learning the philosophies of many masters, but not at first finding a personal teacher he could dedicate himself to. During this time, Ni'matullah also studied the writings of the great Sufi philosopher and mystic Ibn Arabi.

Ni'matullah met Abdollah Yafe'i in Mecca and became his disciple. He studied intensely with his teacher for seven years until, spiritually transformed, he was sent out for a second round of travels, this time as a realized teacher.

Ni'matullah temporarily resided near Samarkand, along the great Central Asian Silk Road. It was here that he met the conqueror Tamerlane, but to avoid conflict with the worldly ruler, he soon left and eventually settled in the Persian region of Kerman. His shrine is in nearby Mahan.

By the time Ni'matullah died, his fame had spread throughout Persia and India, and it is said he initiated hundreds of thousands of followers in the path now known by his name.

Ni'matullah's son Shah Khalilullah was the next qutb (master) of the Nimatullahi order, on the invitation of sultan Ahmed Shah Al Wali Bahamani Of Bidar Sultanate deccan to Shah Nimatullah Wali, he replied "I am 104 yrs old, I can not come, I am sending my son Shah Khalilullah " to deccan (around 1430 A.D). The silsilah moved to Ashtoor outside Bidar in the Deccan. Before Shah his brother Shah Nasrullah came to bidar, later he was married to Sultan's daughter, the Place where Sultan received Shah is now Khalilabad outside Bidar. 30 km from Akeli now called Zahirabad. -Books Tariq e ferishta and burhan e mathir-State library, hyderabad (A.P) India. As the Sultan Saw shah in his dream he wanted the saint to come to Bidar, this dream according to History books was realised when receiving shah he told his counsels "if this is the same person I saw in my dream he should be carrying an octagen Shaped head cap, and hence he was satisfied when Shah Khalilullah Presented him with the cap. Even the Tomb of Shah is octagnal."

Shah Khalilullah's tomb is outside bidar fort called "chokundi",now under Archeological survey of India, even he is succeeded by 8 other qotbs(Pillars, masters) and 3 qotbs namely Shah Mir Mahmud Deccani, Shams al Din Deccani&Reza Ali Shah Deccani, in Hyderabad deccan,Henceforth,there are tomb's of 12 qotbs of nimatullahi[1] order in hind (India).


Shah N'imatullah Wali has a left a Persian Language Diwan (poetry).This contained predictions about the events which would occur on-wards in the world . his father name was haroon rasheed who lived in bhara kahu, Diwan of Hazrat Shah Ni'matollah Wali


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