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Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Format Dramedy
Starring see below
Opening theme "Shaka Laka Boom Boom"
Country of origin  India
Running time approx. 24 minutes
Original channel STAR Plus
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
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Shaka Laka Boom Boom is a television series that originally aired on STAR Plus channel. The story is about a boy named Sanju and his magic pencil. Due to its popularity among children', the series was also shown on STAR Utsav channel. Currently, the series is being re-telecast on STAR Plus channel abroad. It is being telecast on the Disney Channel India too.




Sanju and his Magic pencil

Shaka laka boom boom is a story about a happy go lucky boy named Sanju who finds a pencil on the road in an accident, a pencil which has magical powers by which when something is drawn on the paper it becomes real. If the drawing is erased then the object vanishes as well (as was seen when Sanju accidentally draws a snake and erases the drawing resulting in the snake vanishing). He uses this power to help his fellow people who are in trouble. The magic pencil has an ability of making Non-living things as well as living things existent. Sanju creates a boy named Jumroo using the pencil. Knowing the powers the magic pencil has Tiger, Sweety, Kalicharan, Changu and Mangu want to take that pencil of Sanju to use it for wrong deeds and Sanju stops them in every attempt.[1]

Shaan and his Magic Pencil

This is entirely new story about an alien named Shaan who lands on the planet earth with his uncle, on his way they lost the pencil (The Exact pencil which Sanju has) and the spaceship which they come to planet Earth. Shaan also misses out from his uncle and finds his pencil along with the group of children who are tortured by their Moomani. Actually Shaan was sent to earth by his Supporters after Saithan capture Shaan's parents and the planet. Saithan any how knows that shaan is on planet earth and sends his men to kill him. Shaan however goes through the magical mirror and enters Jadoo High, A Magical School. [2] ok

Jadoo High Shaka Laka Boom Boom

This series can be termed as the desi version of Sabab. As shaan enters the Jadoo High through the magical mirror he was grandly welcomed by Odin, Principal of jadoo high. Odin knows the Prophecy that Saithan can be killed by the two swords which are at some place in jadoo high which can be only found by an alien and a rahivasi (A boy from earth) who is none other than sanju. Shaan, Sanju and zoya (classmate of Shaan And Sanju) are on a mission to find the two swords who were tried to be stopped by Drakshira, a saithan agent in the disguise of vice-principal. Shaan, sanju and zoya however find the swords and kill saithan.

slbb 2024

After killing Saithan Sanju wants to return home through a Magical mat, which is struck in the Time Strom and lands in the future world, there he learns that his parents were killed by two gangsters for the magic pencil, and he becomes a robber named sandross in future. He along with sandross finds a time machine, they go to the past and save their parents.


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