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'''ShakespeaRe-Told is the umbrella title for a series of four television adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays broadcast on BBC One during November 2005. In a similar manner to the 2003 production of The Canterbury Tales, each play is adapted by a different writer, and relocated to the present day. The plays were produced in collaboration by BBC Northern Ireland and the central BBC drama department. In August 2006, the four films premiered on BBC America.




Much Ado About Nothing

  • Adapted by David Nicholls
  • Broadcast 7 November 2005
  • Set in a local news studio, with Beatrice (Sarah Parish) and Benedick (Damian Lewis) as bickering anchors. Hero (Billie Piper), the weathergirl and daughter of station manager Leonard (Martin Jarvis), becomes engaged to Claude (Tom Ellis), the sports presenter. Jealous visual effects manager Don[1] (Derek Riddell), plots to break up Hero and Claude, whilst the others attempt to get Beatrice and Benedick together. The piece ends with the wedding of Beatrice and Benedick, whilst a bitter Hero vows never to marry.[2]


The Taming of The Shrew

  • Adapted by Sally Wainwright
  • Broadcast 21 November 2005
  • Katherine Minola (Shirley Henderson) is a career politician, who is told her abrasive personality is bad PR and that it might be good for her image to get married. When penniless nobleman Petruchio (Rufus Sewell) shows up, interested at first in Katherine's money, sparks fly in more senses than one. The relationship and battle of wills brings surprises for both parties. David Mitchell played Kate's hapless secretary Tim.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


A DVD of these episodes are available now, distributed by Acorn Media UK.


  1. ^ The roles of Don John and Borachio are combined into the character of Don.
  2. ^ The ending is highly modified from the original text
  3. ^ Macbeth's first name may be a reference to the 1955 film Joe Macbeth, which likewise modernised the story, in this case to a Chicago gang-war.
  4. ^ Theseus and Hippolyta are not Hermia's parents in the original.

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