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Shanghai Conservatory of Music

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music (simplified Chinese: 上海音乐学院traditional Chinese: 上海音樂學院pinyin: Shànghǎi Yīnyuè Xuéyuàn) is a public university in Shanghai, China.



The origin of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music can be traced back to the National College of Music, which was established on November 27, 1927 by Cai Yuanpei. Dr. Xiao Youmei was the director of the new school and curriculum. His teachings were based on the Leipzig Conservatory of Music, where he graduated. It was one of the first institutions of higher learning of modern music in China. It was considered the premiere institution for western music learning. Professors came from as far as Russia and France. The conservatory sponsored the printing of 27 music books through the Commercial Press[1].

It was renamed several times: National Training School of Music (1929), Branch of National Conservatory of Music (1943), Shanghai National Training School of Music (1945), Shanghai and Huadong Branches of Chinese Conservatory of Music (early 1950s). It received its current name in 1956.


The Conservatory offers 5-year-undergraduate programs. It is authorized to confer degrees of bachelor, master and doctor standings. It has eight departments: musicology, composition and conducting, voice, piano, orchestral instruments, Chinese instruments, music education and musical drama.

The Conservatory also has a music research institute, an affiliated elementary school, an affiliated middle school, and a music instruments workshop.

The Arts Administration Department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music was founded in 2003, after a successful running of the Arts Administration Program under the Department of Musicology in 2002.

Faculty and student body

The Conservatory has 50 professors and 120 associate professors. There are approximately 1,200 students.

Notable alumni


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