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Publisher DC Comics
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Type Planet

Shanghalla is a fictional planetoid in the 30th century DC Comics Universe. Its name appears to be a portmanteau of Shangri-La and Valhalla.

Shanghalla is a memorial planetoid for the greatest heroes of the Galaxy. The deceased former members of the Legion of Super-Heroes are buried there alongside other great heroes of the galaxy. The Legion has had kind of a high death toll, especially compared to other comics at the time.

Among those entombed there are:

Additionally, Lightning Lad was interred there for a time after being apparently killed by Zaryan the Conqueror, but he was later revived by the sacrifice of Proty (or replaced by Proty, according to v4 Legion).

Post-Zero Hour it included:

Not only Legionnaires are enshrined on Shanghalla; other great heroes from the galaxy have been interred there as well. Most of these were one-offs which were just names put in by the writer or artist on a tomb in the background of a panel, but on occasion they were mentioned elsewhere. None of these were ever seen in action.

  • Leeta-87 - tragic hero, defeated countless villains but died when she slipped on a "banyo-fruit peel". This "joke" was revived in the v4 Legion Annual #1 when Ultra Boy discovered his acting ability performing a stage play tragedy based on her life.
  • Braino of Mrynah - All we know is what his tomb tells us, that he was the "noblest being of all time." In the v4 Legion, Matter-Eater Lad had Polar Boy don a costume of Braino (basically just a giant fake head, similar in appearance to the Coneheads in an attempt to plead insanity during a court case. Though this attempt failed, it actually did play a role in getting the charges against him dismissed.
  • Hate Face - the face of a devil, the soul of an angel.
  • Mog Yagor of Vasmeer - killed by a "space beast".
  • Nimbok of Vaalor - betrayed and murdered by a sorcerer pretending to be his friend.
  • Beast Boy of Lallor - not to be confused with Beast Boy of the 21st century DC Universe.

The name "Shanghalla" became part of the lexicon, for example, when facing down Legionnaire Impulse (Kent Shakespeare), The Persuader says, "Give my regards to Shanghalla" as a way of implying he was going to kill him.



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