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Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi

Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi tombstone

Religious and Political Leader

Born 1800
Ottoman Empire (actual Turkey)
Died 1893 (aged 93)
Ottoman Empire (actual Turkey)
Children - Sabri Kalkandelen (Poet, Chief of the Istanbul Imperial Library)
- Fatma Hanko (mother of General Hayrullah Fişek)
- Hürrem
- Zehra
Residence Kalkandelen, Ottoman Empire (actual Tetovo, Macedonia)

Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi (born 1800, Gökçeada, Ottoman Empire - 1893, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire) was a religious (Naqshbandi) and political leader in the Balkans during the Ottoman period. He was based in the city of Kalkandelen, (Tetovo in today's Macedonia). Main member of the League of Prizren[1][2], he was the President of the central committee of Prizren called the "close committee"[3].


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