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'SHELL (0. Eng. scell, scyll, cf. Du. schel, shell, Goth. skalja, tile; the word means originally a thin flake, cf. Swed. skalja, to peel off; it is allied to "scale" and "skill," from a root meaning to cleave, divide, separate), the hard outside natural covering of anything, as of some fruits and seeds; more particularly, the conch or integument which acts as a defence for the bodies of various animals '(see Mollusca, Gastropoda, Malacostraca, &c.), the test, crust or carapace; also the outer covering of an egg. The word is also used of many objects resembling the natural shell in use or shape, and especially of a hollow projectile filled with explosives (see Ammunition, ยง Shell, and Ordnance).

See also Shell-Heaps, Shell-Money.

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Proper noun




  1. A diminutive of the female given name Michelle.


  • Anagrams of ehlls
  • hells

Simple English

A shell is a hard home that protects something living inside it, such as crabs, peanuts, and oysters. Shell may refer to:

  • Animal shell which includes sea shells
  • Eggshell which is the outer part of an egg.
  • Shell (computing) which is a type of user interface in computer programs and operating systems.
  • Royal Dutch Shell, an oil company.


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