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General Tjahapimu Egypt's 30th Dynasty, wearing a non-royal shendyt.

The shendyt is a garment which was made of cloth and was worn around the waist, typically extending to above the knees, in ancient Egyptian society. This kilt or apron is shown being worn by the Pharaoh when shown in scenes where he was making offerings or in places which would require movement such as hunting, running and combat.

The shendyt was probably an adaptation from the early hunting skirts that allowed freedom of movement for the wearer. The military also wore a version of the shendyt, as they too would need freedom of movement for battle. The difference is that the Pharaoh's would have been made of fine pleated linen.


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  • Statue image of King Men-Kau-Re wearing the Shedyt kilt [1]
  • Group Statue of Ramesses III wearing the shedyt kilt with Horus and Seth[2]

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