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Sherbet may mean:

  • Sherbet Animation, an animation company based in London
  • Sherbet (powder), an effervescent drink or a fizzy powder sweet, chiefly UK.
  • Sherbet, an American term for a frozen dessert like sorbet, but containing a small amount of dairy.
  • Sherbet (band), an Australian rock band of the 1970s and early 1980s
  • Sherbet (Middle Eastern drink), traditional cold drink prepared with rose hips, cornelian cherries, rose or licorice and a variety of spices.
  • an alternative spelling of Sorbet

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SHERBET (the Turkish form of the Arabic sharbat, drink, sharbba, he drank, cf. "shrub," an English derivative), properly the name of an Oriental beverage, consisting of the juice of such fruits as the lemon, citron, &c., dropped upon a cake of sugar and partially frozen with snow or otherwise cooled. The word, and also the French form sorbet, are applied in Western usage to a water-ice not frozen as hard as the ordinary ice, and flavoured with fruit juice, spirit, &c. A cheap sweetened effervescing drink is also so styled.

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Simple English

Sherbet is a cold dessert that is like ice cream, but is made with water or fruit juice instead of milk.[1] In Europe, it is called sorbet. Most sherbets are flavored with fruit flavors. Orange is the most common flavor of sherbet, and other flavors include lemon, pineapple, raspberry, lime, red wine, and rainbow, which is a mix of different-colored flavors, usually including lemon and raspberry.[2][3]


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