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Sherry Glaser is a Jewish American actress, performance artist, and political activist.

She was born in New York and raised on Long Island. Glaser moved to Los Angeles in 1989 after receiving a contract from Warner Brothers Studio. Glaser found live theater to be a stronger representation of her work. She is best known for her off-Broadway performance Family Secrets and her autobiography, Family Secrets: One Woman's Look at a Relatively Painful Subject, published by Simon & Schuster. She also hosts the weekly radio program, Good News, on California station KZYX.[1]


Family life

Sherry met her future husband, Greg Howells, through her comedy career. At the time Greg was a friend of a friend of Sherry’s next door neighbor. Glaser and Howell passion for comedy brought them together. Glaser and Howells had their first child Dana. Sherry then had her second daughter, Lucy. Glaser commented that, "I had always wanted two (so they could have someone to talk to about their crazy mother)". Greg Howell disappeared on June 18, 1997. He was golfing at Rancho Canada when he disappeared. Glaser now lives with her partner, Sheba Love in Albion, California.[2]


Her inspiration for solo performance came while practicing improvisation in the early 1980s in San Diego in the company of Whoopi Goldberg, Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy. Sherry Glaser become well known when she played five different roles in, Family Secrets in 1994. Family Secrets is a Broadway Show that gives a portrait of five members of a Jewish Family who migrated from New York to California in the 1980s. Glaser won numerous awards for her role in Family Secrets.[citation needed]

She then played Ma in the play, Oh My Goddess! Ma was depicted as, reminding "us of the simple and sacred nature of life on earth".[3] In 2004 Sherry collaborated with Thais Mazur on a Theater/Dance project called Remember This (An Intimate Portrait of War through the Eyes of Women) which debuted in Mendocino and then went on to San Francisco. Glaser has an upcoming show, The Breasts of Sherry Glaser.

Political activism

Breast Not Bombs

Breasts Not Bombs is a grassroots political movement based in Mendocino County, California. The group focuses on the intersection between topfree equality and social justice through non-violent public protests involving street theatre and toplessness in order to bring attention to what they term the "immoral injustices of war.[citation needed]

On November 8, 2005, there was an incident where two females were arrested for protesting topless. The two females were Sherry Glaser and Renee Love. They were arrested for suspicion of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and violation of the terms of their protest permit. Although the baring of their breasts was in protest against the policies of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, due to their subsequent arrests the battle has now become about women having the same right to go topless as men without being declared sex offenders by the state of California.[citation needed]

She comments on her website, "Their bare breasts were called 'indecent', so I thought, let's use this incident and our equal protection under the 14th Amendment to show what real freedom and decency look like. She realizes, words alone can be easily disregarded, but bodies are harder to ignore. [4]

On her website, Glaser has written that "It's ironic that Arnold Schwarzenegger can grope and molest women's bodies and become Governor yet we stand in power exercising our first amendment rights and we get arrested. I Protest! Sheba (my partner) and I have decided to continue with the demonstration and give it more of a theatrical atmosphere." Glaser began a political movement claiming breast are not indecent, wars are. Glaser and others have been protesting topless in order to give public awareness to the deaths which occurred in the Iraq War. Glaser has her own website where she discusses her political actions and upcoming productions/workshops.[citation needed]

Other activism

  • She was also instrumental in a recent Tsunami Relief benefit which rose over $10,000.
  • She has done benefits for Women's Shelters, environmental agencies, and the homeless.
  • She has taught workshops in Radical emotional transformation and Organic Improvisational Theater.


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