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Shewhart Medal
Awarded for Outstanding technical leadership in the field of modern quality control
Presented by American Society for Quality
Country USA
First awarded 1948
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The Shewhart Medal, named in honour of Walter A. Shewhart, is awarded annually by the American Society for Quality for ...outstanding technical leadership in the field of modern quality control, especially through the development to its theory, principles, and techniques.[1] The first medal was awarded in 1948.[2]

Year Medalist Year Medalist Year Medalist
1948 Leslie E. Simon 1974 Benjamin Epstein 1999 James M. Lucas
1949 Harold F. Dodge 1975 William R. Pabst, Jr. 2000 John A. Cornell
1950 Martin A. Brumbaugh 1976 John W. Tukey 2001 Søren Bisgaard
1951 George D. Edwards 1977 Albert H. Bowker 2002 William H. Woodall
1952 Eugene L. Grant 1978 Lloyd S. Nelson 2003 Wayne B. Nelson
1953 Harry G. Romig 1979 Hugo C. Hamaker 2004 Douglas M. Hawkins
1954 Edwin G. Olds 1980 John Mandel 2005 Norman Draper
1955 W. Edwards Deming 1981 Richard A. Freund 2006 William Q. Meeker
1956 Mason E. Wescott 1982 Kaoru Ishikawa 2007 C.F. Jeff Wu
1957 Cecil C. Craig 1983 Edward G. Schilling 2008 Roger W. Hoerl
1958 Irving W. Burr 1984 Norman L. Johnson
1959 Paul S. Olmstead 1985 Ronald D. Snee
1960 Ellis R. Ott 1986 Donald W. Marquardt
1961 Leonard H. C. Tippett 1987 Fred Leone
1962 Lloyd A. Knowler 1988 Harrison M. Wadsworth
1964 Acheson J. Duncan 1989 Dorian Shainin
1965 Paul C. Clifford 1990 William J. Hill
1966 Edward P. Coleman 1991 Cuthbert Daniel
1967 Charles A. Bicking 1992 Gerald J. Hahn
1968 George E.P. Box 1993 Harry Smith, Jr.
1969 W.J. Youden 1994 Brian L. Joiner
1970 J. Stuart Hunter 1995 Genichi Taguchi
1971 Frank E. Grubbs 1996 Douglas C. Montgomery
1972 Gerald J. Lieberman 1997 John F. MacGregor
1973 Sebastian B. Littauer 1998 Raymond H. Myers

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