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Shigella boydii
S. boydii on Hektoen enteric agar.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Gamma Proteobacteria
Order: Enterobacteriales
Family: Enterobacteriaceae
Genus: Shigella
Species: S. boydii
Binomial name
Shigella boydii
Ewing 1949

Shigella boydii is a Gram-negative bacteria of the genus Shigella. Like other member of the genus, S. boydii is a non-motile, non-sporeforming, rod-shaped bacteria which can cause dysentery in humans through fecal-oral contamination.[1]

S. boydii is the most genetically-divergent of the Shigella genus.[2] There are 18 known serotypes of Shigella boydii.[3][4] Shigella boydii is restricted to the Indian subcontinent.[3]

Sequenced genomes

  • Shigella boydii4 strain BS512 (serotype 18; group 1): 1 chromosome; 5 plasmids


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Superregnum: Bacteria
Regnum: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Classis: Gamma Proteobacteria
Ordo: Enterobacteriales
Familia: Enterobacteriaceae
Genus: Shigella
Species: Shigella boydii


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