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Sho Kanaya
Spriggan character
Sho Kanaya.jpg
Sho after wounding Yu Ominae with a Walther WA 2000 during the raid on ARCAM's Japanese headquarters
First appearance Dragon Veins Map Arc
Created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa
Aliases Number 71[1]
Number 0
Nationality Japanese
Occupation COSMOS Soldier
Affiliations COSMOS, United States Army (Former)
COSMOS, Trident Corporation (Current)
Weapons Glock 17[2][3]
Walther WA 2000[2]
Equipment None

Expertise on small arms
Martial arts/Combat knife expert
Semi-augmentation by COSMOS, resulting in meta-human strength, speed & reflexes

Commando/infiltration specialist

Sho Kanaya (金谷唱 Kanaya Shō ?) is a fictional character from the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa.

A braiwashed child soldier of Japanese descent, he is one of the many enemies that Yu and his fellow Spriggan comrades confront during the middle and climax of the series.




Early History

Nothing is known about Sho Kanaya, though it's assumed he is of Japanese origin and was kidnapped by CIA agents in his youth from Japan before he was brought over to the United States.[4] Similar to Iwao Akatsuki and Professor Mayzel, not much information is offered to explain his background prior to his indoctrination with COSMOS.


During his forced indoctrination into COSMOS, he was severely brainwashed to the point that he believed in serving the causes of the US Army, asserting itself as the most powerful country in the world. To do this, he participates in several unknown covert missions for COSMOS, making him one of the unit's most valuable soldiers.[5]

During his missions, he was given the codename Number 71 as most COSMOS soldiers were addressed by Colonel Khoury by their serial numbers.


Sho Kanaya in his student disguise when he infiltrated Yu's school to locate him.

Deployed into Yu's school secretly to locate him on the orders of Colonel Khoury, he was able to fool many of the school's student and faculty body that he was a regular student. Though Yu Ominae was able to uncover his real identity when he noted the reactions of his classmates on the scars found on his back when he changed his shirt, Sho wounded him with a knife when he confronted him alone at the school's rooftop before detonating C4 explosives as he escaped. Yu managed to escape the explosion with minor injuries. Before leaving, he mocked Yu by addressing him under his old COSMOS codename, Number 43.

Later on, he led a mission with several COSMOS platoons in raiding ARCAM Japan's headquarters and kidnap Rie Yamabishi and Akiha Ominae to lure the Spriggans from hiding as they were an obstacle in the US Army's attempt to locate and study the pieces of the Mappa mundi after they threatened ARCAM by killing all the members of an expedition party sent out somewhere in Japan. Though it was a failure, he met up with an unknown man during his escape.[6]


While in the hands of the Trident Corporation, Sho was augmented so as to increase his psychic powers in communicating with his fellow COSMOS soldiers. It was shown when he ordered the platoon leader to commit suicide since his unit was overwhelmed by the combined forces of Yu Ominae, Jean Jacquemonde, Iwao Akatsuki and Bo Brantz.

He tossed his psychic headband that connected his mind onto a computer used to help increase his augmentation strength after the failed assassination mission, indicating his frustration with Larry Markson and the others. It's not known if Sho still keeps a grudge against them for being the ones responsible for failing his mission.


Appearing to a normal teenager, Sho is ruthless in both unarmed and armed combat and is dedicated to his duties assigned to him by superiors. However, he shows no pity for his deceased commanding officer Colonel Khoury since he is able to use the acquisition of COSMOS by Trident as an advantage to him to become stronger and better.

Sho is also merciless in dealing with his enemies, both combat personnel and civilians alike. The cold-blooded execution of an ARCAM civilian employee shows how ruthless COSMOS child soldiers have undergone when they were completely brainwashed.[7]


Sho is able on equal level with Yu's hand-to-hand fighting skills thanks to his indoctrination into COSMOS.[8] In addition, he is an expert in small arms including the use of a Walther WA 2000 bulpup sniper rifle without the need of any scopes.[9]


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