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The word shortcut may have the following specific meanings, besides its generic meaning of a shorter route or smaller effort.

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This is a list of redirects to commonly used Wikitravel-namespace pages.

Shortcuts to policy pages
Policy page Shortcuts
Wikitravel:Accommodation listings WT:AL, al
Wikitravel:Accommodation listings#Apartment listings apartment listings, apartment rentals, apt
Wikitravel:Naming conventions (Article naming conventions) WT:ANC, anc
Wikitravel:Article status as
Wikitravel:Article templates WT:AT, at
Wikitravel:Avoid negative reviews WT:ANR, anr
Wikitravel:Breadcrumb navigation crumbs
Wikitravel:Collaboration of the month WT:COTM, cotm
shared:Copyleft WT:COPY, copyleft, copyright, copyrights, copyvio
Wikitravel:Destination of the month WT:DOTM, dotm, otbp
Wikitravel:Don't tout WT:TOUT, dt, tout, detout
Wikitravel:External links WT:EL, WT:XL, el, xl, extlink
Wikitravel:External links#What not to link to what not to link to
Wikitravel:First person pronouns WT:FPP, fpp, 1st
Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy WT:GH, geographical hierarchy
Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy#Dividing geographical units 7+2
Wikitravel:How to (index of all "How to" articles) WT:HOW, how to, howto
Wikitravel:How to redirect a page redirect
Wikitravel:Avoid HTML WT:HTML, html
Wikitravel:Image policy WT:IP, ip
Wikitravel:Image policy#People in photos people in photos
Wikitravel:Jargon jargon
Wikitravel:Links to disambiguating pages WT:DP, dp, ldp, dablink
Wikitravel:Listings listings, listingify
Wikitravel:Local spam blacklist WT:SPAM, spam, blacklist
Wikitravel:Manual of style WT:MOS, mos, style
Wikitravel:One-liner listings 1liner
Wikitravel:Plunge forward WT:PF, pf, plunge forward
Wikitravel:Recent changes patrol patrol
Wikitravel:Requests for comment WT:RFC, rfc
Wikitravel:Section headers WT:SH, sh
Wikitravel:Sex tourism policy WT:STP, stp, sex tourism
Wikitravel:Shortcuts WT:SHORT, shortcuts, shortcut
Wikitravel:Star nominations starnom
Wikitravel:Tone tone
Wikitravel:Activity listings#Tour listings tour
Wikitravel:The traveller comes first WT:TCF, tcf
Wikitravel:Travellers' pub WT:PUB, pub
Wikitravel:Use boldface to call out important topics bold
Wikitravel:Vandalism in progress WT:VIP, vip
Wikitravel:Votes for deletion WT:VFD, vfd
Wikitravel:Votes for undeletion WT:VFU, vfu
Wikitravel:What is an article? WT:WIAA, wiaa, wia, na
Wikitravel:Welcome, business owners WT:WBO, wbo
Wikitravel:Welcome message welcome
Wikitravel:Where you can stick it WT:WYCSI, wycsi, where you can stick it
Wikitravel:Words to avoid WT:WTA, wta
Wikitravel:Cooperating with Wikipedia WT:WP, wikipedia


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