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Coordinates: 32°35′00″N 116°47′00″E / 32.5833333°N 116.7833333°E / 32.5833333; 116.7833333

Shou County (寿县) is a county in Anhui under the jurisdiction of Lu'an. Its population is 1,280,000 and its area is 2986 square kilometers. It is a National Cultural and Historical City.

Shou County has jurisdiction over 17 towns, 7 townships and 1 ethnic township.


Shou, formerly known by the names Shouchun (壽春) and Shouyang (壽陽), was the site of the former third capital of the Chu Kingdom after the Qin army sacked Ying, the old capital. From the Qin Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms period, it was under the jurisdiction of Jiujiang Commandery (九江郡). It was also the site of the crowning of Yuan Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period. During the Jìn Dynasty, the Battle of Fei River also occurred within the borders of Shou. Shou became famous throughout China for its pottery during the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The county also produced many famous officials during the Song Dynasty, including multiple Prime Ministers and ministers. During the Taiping Rebellion in later Qing Dynasty, Chen Yucheng was captured in Shou.


Shou County is crisscrossed with rivers, and as a result is a heavy agricultural producing region. Its main produces include rice, wheat and cotton. Currently Shou County is a focal point of a national project aiming at increasing productions of agricultural goods. Zhengyang Pass, located on Wai River, is a major point of transportation and goods distribution in Anhui.



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