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Shouta Yasooka
八十岡 翔太
Residence Shinjuku, Japan[1]
Nationality JapanJapanese
Pro Tour debut 2001 Pro Tour Barcelona[citation needed]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 1 (1)[2]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 0 (10)[3]
Lifetime Pro Points 174[1]
Matches Played 2504[1]

Shouta Yasooka (八十岡 翔太?) is a Japanese Magic: The Gathering player. He is most well known for his success in the 2006 Pro Tour season, when he won Pro Tour Charleston with Tomohiro Kaji and Tomoharu Saitou[4], as well as the Player of the Year title.[5]

When the Magic Online Player of the Year award was introduced in 2009, Yasooka with his account "yaya3" became the first player to win this honour.[6] He also won the 2009 Magic Online Champion – Sealed title.[7]



Yasooka's Pro Tour career began in 2001 at Pro Tour Barcelona. It would be three years until he played his second Pro Tour in 2004 in Kobe. The following season, he put up two more unimpressive Pro Tour finishes in Nagoya, and Atlanta, before finishing in the top sixteen at that year's World Championship.[8] This finish qualified for Pro Tour Honolulu, and served as a catalyst for a spectacular run the following season.

After another solid finish in Honolulu, Yasooka first came into the spotlight at Grand Prix Hamamatsu. Along with Akira Asahara and Masaya Kitayama, he finished in second at the team event.[9] To follow up on this finish, Yasooka made the top eight individually at the next premier event held in Asia, Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur. Just a week later, Yasooka put up the best finish of his Pro Tour career at Pro Tour Charleston with Tomoharu Saitou, and Tomohiro Kaji. Despite losing his finals match to Willy Edel, Yasooka's team, Kajiharu80, still won the event.[4] At this event, his teammates accurately predicted that he would win the Player of the Year title that season. The latter half of the season took Yasooka all over the world. He added three more Grand Prix top eights to his resume, in Sidney, Toulouse, and New Jersey, before the end of the season. Going into the World Championship, Yasooka had the lead in the Player of the Year race, and despite earning only the minimun two Pro Points there, no one was able to pass him. Yasooka became the second of four Japanese players to win the Player of the Year title.[5]

Since then, Yasooka has continued to play on the Pro Tour, but without the same degree of success of the 2006 season. He top eighted three more Grand Prix, Strasbourg, Montreal, and Kitakyushu, in the 2007 season, and Grand Prix Manilla in 2008, but is yet to return to the top eight at the Pro Tour level.



Top 8 appearances

Season Event type Location Format Date Place
2006 Grand Prix Hamamatsu Team Constructed 8–9 April 2006 2
2006 Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Sealed and Booster Draft 3–4 June 2006 6
2006 Pro Tour Charleston Team Constructed 16–18 June 2006 1
2006 Grand Prix Toulouse Sealed and Booster Draft 24-25 June 2006 7
2006 Grand Prix Sidney Sealed and Booster Draft 7–8 October 2006 7
2006 Grand Prix New Jersey Sealed and Booster Draft 11–12 November 2006 8
2007 Grand Prix Strasbourg Block Constructed 19–20 May 2007 3
2007 Grand Prix Montreal Block Constructed 23–24 June 2007 8
2007 Grand Prix Kitakyushu Sealed and Booster Draft 10–11 November 2008 2
2008 Grand Prix Manila Block Constructed 30–31 August 2008 2
2010 Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Standard 13–14 March 2010 5

Last updated: 14 March 2010
Source: Event Coverage at

Other accomplishments

  • Pro Tour Player of the Year 2006
  • Magic Online Player of the Year 2009
  • 2009 Magic Online Champion – Sealed


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Preceded by
Japan Kenji Tsumura
Pro Player of the Year
Succeeded by
Japan Tomoharu Saitou
Preceded by
Magic Online Player of the Year
Succeeded by


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