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A variation of shrimp tie

A shrimp tie (海老責め ebi-zeme ?) (also known as an ebi (海老 ?) or a kuri (繰り ?)) is a type of Shibari bondage. It originated over 300 years ago in Japan as a torture and interrogation technique. Due to the forced bent down position of the upper body this position sends a burning sensation through the body if the subject remains in it for a long time[1].

Due to the knees which are widely spread the position resembles the legs of a crab or shrimp.



  1. A chest harness of rope is tied.
  2. The arms folded across the front of the chest, and tied with the fingertips of each hand touching the elbow of the opposite arm.
  3. The wrists are attached to the chest harness. This is done most easily by tying ropes around the torso and chest harness.
  4. Their ankles are tied crossed as they sit on the floor; this forces their shins to be at right angles to each other with the knees wide apart.
  5. The ends of the ankle rope are pulled up to the chest harness, forcing the legs up.
  6. These ends are tucked into the harness.
  7. The ropes are pulled until the ankles touch the chest, and are tied off.
  8. If there is any free rope, it may be run round the back of the tied person's neck and tied off. Alternatively, the loose end may be wrapped round other ropes and tied off.


  • The ankles are tied to the neck instead of the chest harness.
  • The hands are bound on the back of the subject.
  • The subject lies on his or her belly and the ankles are drawn to the back, similar to the hogtie bondage. This position is known as reverse shrimp tie

All variations have the crossed position of the ankles in common.

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