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The Shuihudi Qin bamboo texts (Chinese: 睡虎地秦简pinyin: Shuìhǔdì Qín jiǎn) are early Chinese texts written on bamboo slips, and are also sometimes called the Yúnmèng (雲夢) Qin bamboo texts. They were excavated in December 1975 from Tomb #11 at Chéngguān Shuìhǔdì (城關睡虎地), Yunmeng County, Hubei Province, China. The tomb belonged to a Qin administrator.

Written in the Qin dynasty, they record Qin laws and public documents. Their contents have been published in a Chinese book entitled 《睡虎地秦墓竹簡》 (Shuìhǔdì Qínmù Zhújiǎn). This cache of bamboo slips is of great importance for research into the government, economics, culture, law, military affairs and so on of the late Warring States to Qin dynasty period.

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