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The tenth game of the Final Fantasy series, Square's 2001 bestselling console role playing game Final Fantasy X revolves around a summoner and her guardians aiming to defeat a creature known as "Sin" in the fictional universe of Spira. It is told through the eyes of Tidus, a dream of the Fayth. The characters were designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The game's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, takes place two years after the events in Final Fantasy X and uses almost the same cast of characters.

There are seven main playable characters in Final Fantasy X: Tidus, a skilled blitzball star, who is being summoned by Yu Yevon; Yuna, a reserved and soft spoken summoner; Kimahri Ronso, a member of the Ronso tribe; Wakka, the captain of the blitzball team in Besaid; Lulu, a black mage; Auron, a powerful warrior and an unsent; and Rikku, an Al Bhed and Yuna's cousin. Final Fantasy X-2 features Yuna, Rikku, and Paine as playable characters. Unlike other games in the series, there are no optional or secret playable characters.

Several non-playable characters (or "NPCs") important to the story are the parents of the main protagonists, such as Jecht (Tidus' father), Braska (Yuna's father) and Cid (Rikku's father). The primary antagonists of Final Fantasy X are Seymour Guado and the other maesters of the Yevon religion, while the malevolent creature known as "Sin" serves as the primary source of conflict. Final Fantasy X-2 features a new series of antagonists that alternate depending on how the player progresses the story. In addition, there is a vast supporting cast of named characters. Most of these characters feature voice talents complementing the principal roles.


Cast creation and influences

During the development of Yuna, Nomura based the overall costume design and appearance on Okinawan kimonos. When Nomura learned that the character was to perform the sending dance, he wanted her outfit to be able to flow with her movements. For this reason, the specific style of kimono he chose for her was a furisode, a kimono bearing long sleeves. Additionally, he adorned her dress and necklace with images of the flower also called Yuna (Hibiscus tiliaceus). Her name carries the meaning of "night" in the Okinawan language, a direct contrast with Tidus', which derives from "tidā," the Okinawan word for "sun." Nomura has explained that while all these subtle details may be unnecessary, he does not want his designs to be without explanation.[1]

As for the minor characters, sub-character chief designer Fumi Nakashima's focus was to ensure that characters from different regions and cultures bore distinctive characteristics in their clothing styles, such that they could be quickly and easily identified as members of their respective sub-groups. For example, in her words, the masks and goggles of the Al Bhed give the group a "strange and eccentric" appearance; the attire of the Ronso lend to them being able to easily engage in battle.[2]

Table of characters and actors

Character Japanese voice actor English voice actor Auron Hideo Ishikawa Matt McKenzie
Auron Hideo Ishikawa Matt McKenzie Tidus Masakazu Morita
Yūto Nakamura (young)
James Arnold Taylor
Cree Summer (young)
Yuna Mayuko Aoki Hedy Burress
Wakka Kazuya Nakai John DiMaggio
Lulu Rio Natsuki Paula Tiso
Kimahri Ronso Katsumi Chō John DiMaggio
Rikku Marika Matsumoto Tara Strong
Jecht Masuo Amada Gregg Berger
Braska Takuma Suzuki Andy Philpot
Cid Kōichi Sakaguchi Michael McShane
Seymour Guado Junichi Suwabe Alex Fernandez
Bahamut's Fayth Rio Natsuki Debi Derryberry
Yunalesca Yōko Koyanagi Julia Fletcher
Yo Mika Hiroshi Iwasaki Dwight Schultz
Kelk Ronso Kōichi Sakaguchi Corey Burton
Wen Kinoc Hidenari Ugaki Roger L. Jackson
Father Zuke Jun Ishimaru Andre Sogliuzzo
Shelinda Miki Nagasawa Sherry Lynn
Dona Nanaho Katsuragi Candi Milo
Barthello Jun Ishimaru John DeMita
Isaaru Akio Suyama Quinton Flynn
Maroda Masataka Nakai Robbie Rist
Pacce Motoko Kumai Candi Milo
Belgemine Kayoko Fujii Cree Summer
Biran Ronso Kenta Miyake
Yenke Ronso Jun Ishimaru
Jyscal Guado Masaharu Satō
Seymour's mother (Anima's Fayth) Kayoko Fujii Hedy Buress

Main playable characters



ENG James Arnold Taylor,
Cree Summer (Younger)
JPN Masakazu Morita,
Yūto Nakamura (Younger)

Tidus (ティーダ Tīda ?) is the initial focus of the story, and a skilled seventeen-year-old blitzball player from Zanarkand. Though Tidus is his official name, the player has the option of naming him at the beginning of the game. For this reason, his name is never spoken in-game during audible dialogue. He plays for the Zanarkand Abes – whom his father also played for – and washes up on the Spira mainland after being attacked by Sin during a blitzball game. He quickly becomes one of Yuna's guardians and is described near the end of the game as the greatest guardian of all time. Tidus is usually a cheerful and confident person. Throughout the game, he finds himself coming to terms with his father, Jecht, dealing with his increasing love for Yuna and the implications of her pilgrimage. Tidus is told that he is a dream of the Fayth created from a Dream Zanarkand that Yu Yevon, the entity behind Sin, is continuously maintaining and that once Sin is defeated for good, he would disappear. At the end of Final Fantasy X, Tidus notices that he is starting to fade away, just like the Fayth said he would. Yuna tells him that she loves him before he runs and dives off of the airship, re-uniting with the others from Dream Zanarkand including Jecht. After the credits, Tidus is shown swimming up to the surface of an ocean, which would be later explained in the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

Tidus makes appearances in Final Fantasy X-2, mainly appearing on spheres and in flashbacks and also as the likeness of Shuyin, the main antagonist. If the player completes a large percentage of the game, the Fayth ask the player if Yuna would like to see "him" (Tidus). If the player answers with "Yes", then a special scene at the end of the game plays. Tidus is shown coming up to the surface of the ocean surrounding Besaid Island (explaining the scene at the end of FFX) and swimming towards the shore. The Celsius then flies in and an overjoyed Yuna jumps from the ship and runs towards Tidus, embracing him. The reunion is watched by a large crowd on the shore, including Wakka and Lulu. As Yuna runs with Tidus to the shore, he remarks he wants to hear everything he's missed, to which Yuna happily obliges.

Tidus uses longswords, in contrast to Auron's two-handed swords. Tidus's attacks are light and used with one hand and his armour consists of various small shields. His Celestial Weapon is "Caladbolg."

Tidus is the hero representing Final Fantasy X in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, where he is again voiced by Masakazu Morita in the Japanese version and James Arnold Taylor in English. A younger Tidus also appears in Kingdom Hearts as a resident of the Destiny Islands, voiced by Shaun Fleming.



ENG Matt McKenzie
JPN Hideo Ishikawa

Auron (アーロン Āron ?) is a thirty-five-year-old warrior, attacking with various blades that fit into the Katana category. Shortly after the disappearance of Tidus' father, Auron became something of a mentor for Tidus, watching over him from afar. In the game's present day, he – along with Tidus – is Yuna's guardian, as he was to her father. It is eventually revealed during the game that Auron attacked Yunalesca in a fit of rage after she revealed that Braska and Jecht needlessly gave their lives against Sin, and that she struck him down with a mortal wound. Despite his injuries, Auron manages to literally crawl all the way to Bevelle before his strength abandons him. He meets Kimahri outside of the city, and requests that Kimahri fulfill a promise that Auron made to Braska in his stead (that Yuna be moved to Besaid and have a peaceful childhood), before he dies.[3] Afterward, he became an unsent, and secretly held this status for nearly the entire duration of the game (this is why Auron would not enter the Farplane at Guadosalam in Final Fantasy X as he may not have been able to physically leave after entering). Soon afterwards, Auron takes advantage of his undead status and rides the reborn Sin to the Dream Zanarkand, where he watches over Tidus until the present day, where he and Tidus are transported to Spira at Jecht's request. At the end of the game, when Yu Yevon is defeated, he is finally laid to rest. Auron was also once a warrior monk for Bevelle, but he holds no connection to the teachings of Yevon during Final Fantasy X due to what he sees as the pointless sacrifices of Braska and Jecht, and the futility of the Final Summoning. A Jecht Sphere reveals that he rejected the love advances of a priest's daughter, which damaged his reputation. Auron has a brief appearance in Final Fantasy X-2, where his voice helps Yuna during her battle in the Farplane with Vegnagun.

Auron appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a one-world ally in the Olympus Coliseum. In Kingdom Hearts II he is brought back to life by Hades in order to kill Hercules, much like Cloud Strife's role in the first game. But unlike Cloud, Auron flatly refuses to help Hades, and joins Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in battling Cerberus. He is later brainwashed by Hades into fighting Hercules in the Underdrome, but during the battle, Sora, Donald and Goofy restore Auron's free will, and he joins them and Hercules for the final battle against Hades, which ends with Hades falling into the River Styx.

A chibified version of Auron appears in Itadaki Street Special with Tidus and Yuna as playable Final Fantasy X characters.

He is ranked fifth on EGM’s Top Ten Badass Undead.[4]


ENG John DiMaggio
JPN Kazuya Nakai

Wakka (ワッカ ?) is a twenty-three-year-old professional blitzball player, characterized by a long reddish-orange quiff, being tall and muscular in appearance, and a Besaid Island accent. As such, he uses such speech-mannerisms as saying "brudda" for "brother" and sometimes finishing sentences with "ya?" His name means "water" in Ainu. In addition to being one of Summoner Yuna's guardians and childhood friends, he is captain of the Besaid Aurochs, a blitzball team that – as of the beginning of Final Fantasy X – went twenty-three years without winning a single game.[5] He uses blitzballs as his weapons in battle, making him the only character who can reliably hit flying enemies, as well as making him and Lulu the only characters who can attack physically at range. Wakka is also one of the three players that can fight underwater, along with Tidus and Rikku.

Wakka seems somewhat socially conservative, dependent on others and on the rules (such as Yevon's teachings) for his decisions. He lost his younger brother Chappu to Sin, an event he never fully recovered from. He forms a close brotherly relationship with Tidus, partially fueled by his resemblance to Chappu, though Lulu constantly has to remind him that Tidus isn't Chappu. Nevertheless, Wakka gives Tidus his signature weapon which he previously gave Chappu.

As a devout follower of Yevon's teachings, Wakka believes that anyone who doesn't believe in Yevon, like the Al Bhed, are evil heathens, and is staunchly against the use of machina, though he also develops a more personal grudge against both for the roles they played in Yuna's kidnappings during the pilgrimage. Also, Chappu had used a machina weapon when he was killed by Sin, which compounded his hatred (Yevonite children are taught that people who don't follow Yevon are evil, and are killed by Sin as punishment). Due to this, Lulu and the others try to keep Yuna's mixed Al Bhed heritage a secret from him. He was disgusted when he found out that Rikku was an Al Bhed (ironically, he did not immediately notice her heritage upon first meeting her). However, he begins to question both his faith and his grudge when he discovers Yuna's heritage, and that the Al Bhed kidnapped her to prevent her from inevitably dying upon her defeating Sin. By the time Yevon's true colors are exposed to the world, Wakka denounces his prior beliefs entirely.

Six months after the events of Final Fantasy X, he marries Lulu. In Final Fantasy X-2, he becomes a father to her baby, Vidina, a name thought up by Wakka. "Vidina" translates as "future" in the Al Bhed language, and is Wakka's declaration that he has let go of Yevon's teachings, which were biased against Al Bhed, and even part Al Bhed such as Yuna.

A younger version of Wakka makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts on Destiny Islands as a friend of Tidus (also younger) and a sparring partner who can be engaged in battle, fighting with a beach ball that resembles a blitzball. He makes a smaller cameo in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and receives only a fleeting mention in Kingdom Hearts II. In Kingdom Hearts, he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Kimahri Ronso

ENG John DiMaggio
JPN Katsumi Chō

Kimahri Ronso (キマリ=ロンゾ Kimari-Ronzo ?) is a twenty-five-year-old Ronso and Yuna's first and most faithful guardian. He has known and protected her since she was a seven-year-old child. Even though he is seven feet tall he was not well accepted by the other Ronso, who view him as inferior due to his shorter stature and broken horn. Kimahri doesn't speak much, and is extremely protective of Yuna. In Kimahri's fighting class, one can see echoes of the Dragon Knights of older Final Fantasy games (due to his choice of weaponry and his Jump attack, although his Jump attack hits instantly with only a slight increase in damage, unlike most other Jumps) and of the Blue Mage character class, as well (the Lancet ability allows him to learn enemy attacks). Kimahri's Spirit Lance is his ultimate weapon, and it can be noted that spear or lance weapons have been a staple of the dragoon class for some time. Kimahri is the only character without a pre-determined course on the Sphere Grid, allowing the player freedom to choose Kimahri's abilities from the time of his initial stat growth.

The game's backstory reveals that Kimahri's guardianship of Yuna began long before she officially decided to become a summoner. After departing from Mt. Gagazet in shame ten years before the current events depicted in Final Fantasy X began, Kimahri discovered a dying Auron—who had managed to crawl all the way from the Zanarkand Ruins while wounded—outside Bevelle. Auron told Kimahri about the daughter of High Summoner Braska, Yuna, and asked him to fulfill a promise Auron had made to Braska in his stead: to remove Yuna from Bevelle and transport her to the island of Besaid, where she may grow up peacefully.[6][7][8] Kimahri honored Auron's request and made sure that Yuna arrived at Besaid safely. When his task was completed, he prepared to depart, yet Yuna pleaded with him to remain with her, and he complied.[9]

Kimahri's main character growth occurs when he finally returns to Mount Gagazet and is confronted by Biran and Yenke, who challenge him—and thus the player—to a 2-on-1 combat sequence as an obstacle to the player's progression through the Mt. Gagazet location. If the game player successfully wins the battle, the story depicts that Kimahri has proven his worth as a Ronso in defeating the two, and Biran is proud to see that Kimahri surpassed him which represents a major resolution to his character arc. Unfortunately, Seymour informs the party shortly thereafter that he has personally slaughtered nearly the entire Ronso tribe, with Kimahri swearing to avenge his fallen clansmen's demise while fighting the villain.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna's Eternal Calm began, and a year later the current events depicted in the game start. Kimahri is strictly a Non-player character and is depicted as the new Elder of the Ronso tribe.[10] His character is responsible for the game's inciting incident—discovering a sphere that gives the player a mystery to solve as they progress through Final Fantasy X-2. Furthermore, Kimahri's difficulties as chief comprise several playable missions, most notably involving a disagreement he has with a new character, a young Ronso named Garik, who desires to seek vengeance upon the Guado for the events depicted in the previous game. This allows Garik to serve as a dramatic character foil to Kimahri who is depicted as wanting to make peace with the Guado. Another notable mission in the game involves the player repeatedly encountering two Ronso pups (children), Lian and Ayde, who had left the mountain in search of adventure and a way to fix Kimahri's broken horn. Kimahri was faced with the plight of deciding a new path for the Ronso's future, as their way of life changed once the mountain was no longer considered sacred Yevon ground and summoners were no longer passing through on pilgrimages to the Zanarkand Ruins. Eventually, Kimahri realizes that all Ronso should follow the example of Lian and Ayde in trying to find their own individual paths while working together to forge a better future for one another, and that he alone can not provide a single answer to what the future of the entire group should be. As a result, Garik and Kimahri reconcile and the Ronso craft a statue in Kimahri's image, representing his status as the hero of the tribe.[11] Another interesting fact to point out would be Kimahri's female Ronso companion in Final Fantasy X-2. It is unknown whether she is simply an assistant or even a wife, but the two have been seen being intimate, where the female Ronso rubs his back. She generally always stays by his side and seemed to care more for his wellbeing while the other Ronso were obsessing over the destruction of the Guado.


ENG Tara Strong
JPN Marika Matsumoto

Rikku (リュック Ryukku ?) is a fifteen-year-old Al Bhed who helps Tidus when he first arrives in Spira, but then disappears from the story for a while, becoming the last character to join Yuna's entourage of guardians. She is bilingual, able to speak both English and Al Bhed fluently. Rikku's character class is most similar to that of the Thief from earlier Final Fantasy titles, combined with the Chemist class. She can steal a large variety of items from fiends and bosses alike, many of which can only be acquired through theft. She also is able to dismantle Machina with her theft command. The ability to customize becomes unlocked only after Rikku permanently joins the party. Her attitude is somewhat childish, but is also quite cheerful and positive. An Al Bhed, she is also Yuna's cousin and loves her dearly,[12] and, as such, wishes to prevent her from going through with her pilgrimage, becoming particularly insistent as the party climbs Mount Gagazet toward Zanarkand. She is also the one who informs Tidus that Yuna would die if she summoned her Final Aeon. In battle, Rikku uses a variety of claw-like weapons. After the Calm, Rikku visited Yuna at Besaid often before the events of X-2. Rikku returns in Final Fantasy X-2 as a main protagonist, now seventeen years old and prominently featured as a Thief. She was also the one who convinced Yuna to leave Besaid on a journey after showing her a mysterious sphere featuring a familiar person.

Rikku also appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a miniature fairy version of herself wearing modified versions of her Final Fantasy X-2 attire . Much like her Final Fantasy X-2 self, Rikku is a bit ditzy and good-natured as well as a treasure fanatic like her teammates. Her scarf acts more like wings for her to float off the ground, as all three levitate off the floor through various means (the scarf for Rikku, a hair-clip for Yuna, and demonic wings for Paine). The trio appear in Hollow Bastion to spy on Leon and company for Maleficent who offered them all the treasure they could want. In their first encounter, Rikku almost told Sora who they worked for, but Paine quickly stopped her from doing so. However, they eventually aid in the defense of Hollow Bastion, after Maleficent abandoned them and then being lied to by Donald that Leon would pay the trio for their help. Rikku and others did forgive Sora and his partners for the deception by giving Sora the keychain of the Gullwing Keyblade. She was originally intended to appear in the original Kingdom Hearts as a member of Leon's group, but was replaced by Yuffie to avoid confusion over her name, since the Kingdom Hearts series already has an important character named Riku; however, Yuffie's costume in the original Kingdom Hearts is the same one that was intended for Rikku in the game. In Kingdom Hearts II, her name is never spoken, perhaps to avoid this confusion; however, if the player talks to Paine before confronting Yuna after the Battle of Hollow Bastion, Paine addresses Rikku by her name, ordering her to stop singing before noticing Sora, Donald, and Goofy standing there.

Itadaki Street Special features a miniature Rikku in her Final Fantasy X-2 outfit, along with Yuna and Paine.

She won the award for "Hottest Character" in G4's 2004 G-Phoria awards show[13] and the "Viewers' Choice: Baddest Good Girl" on G4's Video Game Vixens in 2005.[14] Her voice actor, Tara Strong, won an award for "Outstanding Character Performance" at the Interactive Achievement Awards in 2004 for her portrayal of Rikku.[15]


ENG Gwendoline Yeo
JPN Megumi Toyoguchi

Paine (パイン Pain ?) is a fictional character in the Final Fantasy series, and a main protagonist in Final Fantasy X-2.

Paine was drawn by Tetsuya Nomura, a common artist in the Final Fantasy series.[16] She was voiced by Gwendoline Yeo and Megumi Toyoguchi in English and Japanese versions respectively. It was originally speculated by fans that the third playable character of Final Fantasy X-2 may be fellow Final Fantasy X characters Dona or Lulu, and it was believed that Paine and Lulu were one and the same due to their similar appearances.[16][17] While Final Fantasy X characters Yuna and Rikku were planned as stars of X-2, she was created for X-2.[16]

Yeo was offered the part of Paine by Jack Fletcher, voice director in the Final Fantasy series, due to her previous work with him. While she performed the role, the writers/translators were on the phone with the phone with them explaining the scenarios. Yeo explains that she both was given liberties in how she read the script, as well as watching scenes beforehand to figure how they should be said. She recorded thousands of lines, repeating each line three times, while the directors picked which one they liked best or if they preferred she went in a different direction. She also had to do Automated Dialogue Replacement, which required her to match her lines to pictures, ensuring the voice and attitude fit. One of the aspects of playing Paine she did not like was having to "kick and punch a lot", which she had to stay well-rested and hydrated. Yeo found Paine to be true to life, commenting that the writers left "no stone unturned" with the plot and writing. She added that she liked "how she went from wry Paine... to someone who revealed herself to her friends she trusted". She compared herself to Paine, describing her as similarly wry.[18]

Paine is an 18 years old female who appears as a leading character in Final Fantasy X-2. She uses a sword for combat for she is prominently featured as a warrior. She has a sarcastic personality and can be very serious. Paine is easily irritated by those who seek to use Yuna rather than do things themselves. Paine was very sensitive about talking about her past, and was easily offended if Yuna or Rikku tried to pry. She also speaks the Al Bhed language.

As part of one of Final Fantasy X-2's side-quests, the player can collect from around the world of Spira Key Items called "Crimson Spheres". These spheres document Paine's experiences as a warrior-fighter for the Crimson Squad, which was intended to be an elite unit to surpass the Crusaders; the best members were to be assigned to lead Crusader chapters across Spira.[19] These spheres reveal that Paine had been the recorder for a group of candidates named Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal, the game's present day leaders of the Youth League, New Yevon, and the Machine Faction, respectively.[20][21]

Most of the Crimson Squad candidates died during the group's final field exercise, which took place in a cave beneath Mushroom Rock Road called "the Den of Woe". This followed as a result of the pyreflies in the cave overwhelming them with the despair of the unsent named "Shuyin", causing them to turn on one another while getting a glimpse of Vegnagun.[22] Only Nooj, Baralai, Gippal and Paine escaped alive from the Yevon monks, but later, Nooj – possessed by Shuyin himself – fired on his friends, effectively ending their friendship for two years.[23] Just before Yuna joined the group, Paine enlisted in the Gullwings in the hopes of finding out more about why the Crimson Squad had been massacred – and because she had long desired to fly in an airship.[24][25]

In Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission, Yuna, Rikku and Paine reunited after being disbanded three months after the game ended. While exploring the Yadonoki Tower, it was later found out that Paine spends her time traveling independently. Rikku showed a bit of annoyance to Yuna and Paine, but it was because she felt she was cut off from them, and reluctant to consider that they may have lost their friendship in the times (Yuna living with Tidus, Lulu and Wakka in Besaid, and Rikku searching for sunken machina on the ocean floor). After realizing that they all share that sentiment, all three girls promised each other that they will write and keep in touch, ensuring that their friendship will never go away.

Paine appears in Kingdom Hearts II with an updated super deformed and fairy-like design, as do Yuna and Rikku.

Eurogamer editor Rob Fahey described Paine as a "gothy and quite funny" character.[26] She has been compared to other characters in fiction, including comparing the trio to the Charlie's Angels.[27][28] GameCritics compared the trio of characters to the Charlie's Angels trio, specifically comparing Paine, who he calls "tough yet feminine", to Lucy Liu.[29] She was featured in a set of figurines based on Final Fantasy X-2, as well as her own music CD.

Other major characters


ENG Michael McShane
JPN Kōichi Sakaguchi

Cid (シド Shido ?) is the leader of the Al Bhed, Rikku's father, and Yuna's maternal uncle. Like his daughter, he is bilingual, able to speak both the human language and Al Bhed fluently. He was responsible for bringing the Al Bhed together after it was scattered by Yevon years before Final Fantasy X, abducting summoners after Braska's Calm to ensure that the summoners after him, especially Yuna, not sacrifice themselves to bring about the Calm. This attack ultimately resulted with the Guado attacking Home, which forced Cid to destroy it, to his people's dismay. Cid had a distinct lack of subtlety in his doings, and Rikku would urge him to learn some restraint. He used the Airship his children salvaged, the Fahrenheit(also known as the Celsius), to aid in fighting Sin. After the events of Final Fantasy X, Cid is one of the few to receive a negative impact from Sin's demise, as his children left him behind to set their sights on the changing Spira rather than rebuilding Home like most of the other Al Bhed. In Final Fantasy X-2, he attempted to convert Zanarkand into a tourist attraction, only to make his way to the Thunder Plains after Yuna disapproved it. After being saved from an ancient Machina, Cid goes onboard the Celsius to Rikku and Brother's dismay.


Brother (アニキ Aniki ?) is the son of Cid, older brother of Rikku, and cousin of Yuna, tending to be immature at times. The character is voice acted by David Rasner in English and Takayuki Yamaguchi in Japanese. Brother participated in the Al Bhed expedition to salvage an airship from the ocean floor, where he meets Tidus. Brother makes another appearance later on near Macalania as he attempts to kidnap Yuna to prevent her from completing her pilgrimage, sending a machina after her and her guardians. Eventually, he goes on to support Yuna's struggle against Sin and Yu Yevon as the pilot of the salvaged Fahrenheit. Brother is also an avid blitzball player, and can be recruited to play for the Besaid Aurochs. During Final Fantasy X-2, Brother became the pilot of his own airship, the Celsius, and is leader of the Gullwing sphere hunter group. Having fallen out with Cid after the events of Final Fantasy X, father and son frequently—and unsuccessfully—try to bury the hatchet and make up. He has feelings for Yuna, and often makes passes at her. Rikku discourages Brother's pursuit of Yuna in-game on more than one occasion, probably because of its incestuous nature. But in the long run, Brother eventually resigns himself to an unrequited love, preferring the Yuna he knew her as two years ago compared to as she is now.[30]


Jecht (ジェクト Jekuto ?) is Tidus' father, and a blitzball celebrity in his hometown of Zanarkand: he is perhaps best known there for the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III", a blitzball technique of his own creation; Tidus explains to Yuna that the name of the technique was a hoax designed for fans to keep coming back in the hopes of seeing the non-existent "Mark I" and "Mark II", which was successful.[31] Jecht is a tall, muscular, and surly man armed with a large sword, though he never used it while as human in the game. He is voice acted by Gregg Berger in English and Masuo Amada in Japanese. It is mentioned multiple times in game that Tidus hates Jecht, because he believed that his mother always ignored him when Jecht was around, was under a lot of pressure due to his father's fame, and Jecht regularly insulted him and called him a crybaby; however, Jecht deeply loved and cared for Tidus, but found himself unable to express it in a kind way. Wanting Tidus to grow up to be strong, Jecht criticized him in the hopes that the insults would do the job, though Tidus took them at face value. Jecht is from a magically summoned replica of Zanarkand (Dream Zanarkand), created one thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X; when a war was waging between Zanarkand and Bevelle. It was created by the leader of Zanarkand, summoner Yevon, who used the memories of those living in Zanarkand – fayth.[32] As a consequence, Jecht and his son Tidus are dreams of the fayth.[33] Yevon also created a malevolent creature called "Sin"[34] to protect him, the fayth and Dream Zanarkand.

Before Final Fantasy X, Jecht was taken to Spira by Sin.[35] Upon his arrival, Jecht constantly ranted about being from Zanarkand and was thrown in prison for insanity. However, he was soon bailed out by Braska and Auron, the former of whom asked Jecht to become his guardian on his journey to defeat Sin, stating that it would be "delightful irony" if the three of them managed to defeat Sin due to the church's low opinions of the three, "Braska marrying an Al Bhed, Auron having a relationship with a monk's daughter, and Jecht a drunkard". Beforehand, he met Yuna and told her numerous stories about his Zanarkand; because of this, Yuna is the only person who initially believes that Tidus is from Zanarkand in the present day. Jecht's alcoholism led him into trouble, and he gave up drinking anything stronger than Shoopuf milk after he attacked a Shoopuf in a drunken stupor for fear that his family would be ashamed of him and out of guilt that Braska had to pay for the damage.[36][37] When they arrived at Zanarkand, Jecht accepted that he would never be able to return home and gave up his life to become Braska's Final Aeon, which defeated Sin for 10 years; beforehand, he requests that Auron take care of Tidus, believing that Auron could find a way to Dream Zanarkand, and Auron agrees. As a consequence, he became the new Sin. Sometime later, Jecht asserts some control over Sin, makes his way to the Dream Zanarkand, and communicates with the now-undead Auron, telling him that he wants him to take Tidus to the Spiran mainland, so Tidus could learn some life lessons and hopefully find a way to permanently dispose of Sin, and transports both Tidus and Auron to Spira. In Final Fantasy X, the protagonists gradually learn of Jecht's aforementioned actions, and also discover that Jecht is able to operate with free will when he hears the Hymn of the Fayth. Near the end of the game, they utilize this weakness to immobilize Sin. The group confront Jecht inside Sin and defeat him, Tidus finally making peace with his father. Yu Yevon is subsequently destroyed, sending Jecht and Tidus to the Farplane; Tidus slaps his father a jovial high-five, showing he has finally forgiven him.

Jecht has a small voice cameo in the final battles of Final Fantasy X-2 along with Braska and Auron, during which time they give Yuna encouraging words and advice on where to strike at the Machina Vegnagun. He also appears in a short flashback from the scholar Maechen.

Jecht is the (unwilling) villain representing Final Fantasy X in Dissidia: Final Fantasy where he is again voiced by Masuo Amada in the Japanese version and Gregg Berger in English. It is implied in game that he was once a hero, but became a villain, and Tidus' mission was to bring him back to the side of the heroes.


Braska (ブラスカ Burasuka ?) is Yuna's father and the summoner who defeated Sin and brought the Calm ten years before the events in Final Fantasy X, earning him the title of High Summoner. Braska was married to Cid's sister. This relationship was first strongly disapproved of, especially by Cid, but when Yuna was born, these tensions faded. Shortly after Yuna's birth, Braska's wife attempted to travel back to Bikanel to make amends with her family, but her ship was attacked by Sin and she was subsequently killed. Because of this, Braska decided to become a summoner and embarked on a pilgrimage with his guardians Auron and Jecht to defeat Sin. People were initially skeptical about his and his guardians' ability to defeat Sin, but against all odds Braska succeeded and brought the Calm to Spira, though giving his life after his final battle with Sin.

Braska does not appear as a character in the game, but he is often spoken of and can be seen as a statue in Besaid Temple and on several of the spheres the player can find throughout the game. On the spheres he is shown dressed in long flowing robes and a headdress. He has a calm and gentle nature and is unwavering in his determination to defeat Sin. He is voiced by Andy Philpot in English and by Takuma Suzuki in Japanese. In X-2, he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, making him the only returning character to not have his original voice actor.

Seymour Guado

ENG Alex Fernandez
JPN Junichi Suwabe

Seymour Guado (シーモア=グアド Shīmoa-Guado ?, formal titles: Maester Seymour Guado or Lord Seymour) is the leader of the Guado nation, a race of demi-humans in the world of Spira. He is also a maester of Yevon. He inherited both positions after the death of his father, Lord Jyscal Guado. He is one of the game's main antagonists, the other being Yu Yevon.

Seymour is actually half-Guado and half-human, as his father married a human woman, whose name goes unmentioned and is the fayth for the Aeon Anima, in an attempt to foster friendship between the Guado and human races. However, unlike Yuna, who is deeply loved and cared for despite her half-Al Bhed heritage, Seymour was regarded as an abomination by the humans and Jyscal's decision to wed a human led to disunity in the Guado tribe. To avoid further strife amongst the Guado nation, Jyscal had his wife and son exiled to the island of Baaj.[6] Afterwards, Seymour's mother – suffering from a terminal illness – gave her life in the Baaj Temple to become a fayth, believing that only in sacrificing herself for Spira's temporary peace (known as "the Calm"[38]) against the malevolent creature Sin would her son be accepted by the people.[6][39] Horrified, Seymour refused the aeon and returned to Baaj,[6] where he dwelled alone for years, becoming increasingly morose and cynical. In time, he came to believe that death was the only freedom from the suffering of life, and that it would be in everyone's best interests to die and thus developed a Messianic complex.[40] But to achieve his aims, he had to have a power greater than Anima, whose power he eventually accepted, over even all the aeons combined.[6]

At eighteen years of age, during High Summoner Braska's Calm, Seymour's exile was revoked and he was summoned back to Guadosalam, the capital of the Guado nation, where he was then ordained as a priest of Macalania Temple.[6] Seven years later, he returned to Zanarkand to accept Anima's power, and then had its fayth statue transported to Baaj Temple, which he revisited several times while deciding if he should carry out a plan he had devised.[6] Due to his years of loneliness and ever growing morbid philosophy, Seymour had concluded that his duty to Spira was to release its people from the painful prison which he believed life to be. As a result, he knew he would need a power greater than all the aeons combined; he saw Sin as Spira's only hope. Shortly before and during the events of Final Fantasy X, Seymour set in motion a plan to ascend the hierarchy of Yevon; his ultimate goal was to become the next Sin, so that he may kill everyone in Spira.[41]

Two years later, just before Tidus washed up at Baaj early in Final Fantasy X, Seymour murdered his own father Jyscal, ascending to the position of leader of the Guado nation and inheriting his position as one of the four Maesters of Yevon.[6][42] In Luca, his eyes fell on Yuna, daughter of High Summoner Braska, and immediately became interested in her. During the tournament, he orchestrated an attack of fiends, which were formed and released into the stadium by Guado warriors. He used the attack as a means to display his power as a summoner using Anima, to gain the trust of the people. Later, at Mushroom Rock Road, Seymour was present along with Maester Wen Kinoc to support Operation Mi'ihen, a joint Crusader-Al Bhed offensive against Sin using Al Bhed weaponry (machina), which was forbidden by the Yevon order. The operation failed, and many Crusaders and Al Bhed died at the hands of Sin. He is playable during this event, and even has his own overdrive attack, Requiem.

After the battle, Seymour returned to Guadosalam in anticipation of Yuna and her guardians. As revealed in Final Fantasy X-2, while waiting, he was visited by Baralai, who sought Seymour's aid after the Crimson Squad incident that occurred simultaneously with Operation Mi'ihen. Seymour agreed to help, allowing Baralai to go into hiding until such a time as it was safe for him to openly reveal himself.[43] Once Yuna and her guardians finally arrived, Seymour used a sphere containing memories of Zanarkand collected from the Farplane to woo Yuna.[44] He then asked Yuna to marry him, seemingly to further unite Spira, as they both had mixed parentage, being the offspring of a human and another race.[6]

Before Yuna's visit to the Farplane to seek guidance from her dead father concerning Seymour's marriage proposal, the party is shocked by the spirit of Jyscal who tries to leave the Farplane. Yuna sends him and retrieves a sphere that fell from Jyscal's unsent form. When she then goes to confront Seymour, she learns that he has already left for Macalania Temple. At Macalania, where he expected Yuna to accept his proposal of marriage, Seymour was surprised to find that she had come to stop him. The sphere Yuna received from the unsent form of Jyscal detailed Seymour's treachery and implored whoever saw it to stop him.[45] He was then killed by Auron who led the group of guardians; Yuna wasn't able to send his spirit due to interference from his Guado retainer, Tromell. As a result, Seymour's spirit was able to remain in the living world and become an Unsent.

Yuna was soon kidnapped on Bikanel Island by a Guado attack squad sent by Seymour to decimate the Al Bhed's base, Home.[46] They then took her to Bevelle, the capital of the Yevon religion. There, Seymour forced Yuna into marriage. After she tricked him into believing that she will marry him – a ploy intended to allow her to get close enough to him to send him – her guardians attacked Bevelle in a rescue attempt and were apprehended before they could stop the wedding, leaving Yuna with no option but to marry Seymour or sacrifice her guardians. Yuna and her guardians were soon put on trial and convicted of high treason, sentenced to death in the winding, fiend-infested halls of the Via Purifico. They soon escaped from this fate, however, and confronted Seymour, who revealed his murder of Lord Jyscal and his plans for Yuna – to turn him into the next Sin so that he may kill all living things and grant them what he believes to be the highest favour imaginable. He then assumes the form of Seymour Natus after Kimahri attempted to run the villain through with his lance. After his defeat by Yuna and her companions, Yuna had to flee Bevelle before she could send him. He then pursued them to Mt. Gagazet, slaughtering nearly all the Ronso tribe who dwelled there, and confronted Yuna and her guardians in battle once again in the form of Seymour Flux. He disappeared yet again before he could be sent, but this time, his component pyreflies were absorbed by Sin while Yuna's party were at Zanarkand.[47] There, Seymour began seeking a means to control the creature from within. During this process, he was confronted a final time by Yuna and her guardians, who had fought Sin directly and managed to break their way inside the creature's body, seeking Yu Yevon, the spirit dwelling within Sin that ensured its survival. Seymour, refusing to allow them to harm Sin, used the monster's power to become Seymour Omnis. However, he was defeated and was finally sent to the Farplane by Yuna, departing with the ominous warning that Spira's sorrow will continue, which came true during the events of Final Fantasy X-2. It should be noted that Seymour does make a reference to his mother if Anima is summoned in his final battle.[48]

Seymour's role in Final Fantasy X-2's story is small, appearing only in a flashback cut-scene accessed through the Key Item Baralai's Sphere. It is in this scene that Seymour's role in Baralai's escape from Wen Kinoc is revealed – though it does not fully support the claim that this ultimately led to Baralai becoming the praetor of the New Yevon Party. In Final Fantasy X-2 International, Seymour can be fought in the Battle Simulator tournament and also be added as a member of your party with the new Creature Create feature.[49]


Sin (シン Shin ?), early in Final Fantasy X, is shown to be mostly aquatic, engulfing itself in a giant ball of water during the attack on Zanarkand. It moves through Spira's ocean in its attacks on the Al Bhed salvage ship, Kilika, and Djose during operation Mi'ihen, and it also sleeps in Lake Macalania. However, later in the game it is shown out of the water, with the ability to fly, when it goes to see Tidus in the Zanarkand ruins and in the climactic final showdown over Bevelle. It is also extremely powerful and is able to easily destroy towns and villages at will through various means. It also emits a toxin that can temporarily cause amnesia to those who come in contact with it.

The summoner's task is to destroy Sin with the Final Aeon, sacrificing him/herself so that Spira can enjoy a period of Calm until Sin is reborn. Unbeknownst to most of Spira, the Final Aeon is always made from the Fayth of one of the summoner's own guardians, and it is possessed by the spirit Yu Yevon to be transformed into a new Sin after the previous Sin is destroyed.

After the Final Aeon destroys the body or armor of the previous Sin, Yu Yevon possesses the Final Aeon and kills the summoner. The possessed Aeon's power is then used by Yu Yevon to create the "unholy armor" that is Sin's body.

Attempts by ordinary Spirans to fight back against Sin, such as those mounted by the Crusaders as in Operation Mi'ihen, mostly prove futile, as they do little more than simply deter Sin and result in massive casualties. Most of the Spirans' weapons, including powerful Al Bhed machina, are largely ineffective against Sin, save for Cid's Airship, which proves to be a decent match for Sin near the end of Final Fantasy X.

During the course of the game, Jecht attempts to fight back his destructive urges as Sin by using the Hymn of the Fayth as a calming mechanism, finally allowing the party to enter Sin to destroy it. However, by the time Tidus and company reach Sin's core, Jecht is almost entirely under the control of Yu Yevon. Jecht is killed at the end of the game without use of the Final Aeon (though Yu Yevon does attempt to possess each of the party's aeons in turn). The party must fight and destroy each Aeon possessed by Yu Yevon in order to draw him out so that he could be killed, and thus Yu Yevon does not possess an Aeon and does not create a new Sin. This final death of Sin marks the beginning of the Eternal Calm, as Spira is freed from its long cycle of destruction.

Yu Yevon

One thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X, Yu Yevon (エボン-ジュ Ebon-Ju ?) was a peerless summoner, the ruler of Zanarkand and the father of Lady Yunalesca. Despite appearing only in one scene in the entire game, he is the game's overall main villain.

Near the end of the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle (in which Zanarkand and its people were being demolished), Yu Yevon and the remaining townspeople and summoners decided to preserve Zanarkand at all costs. They all become fayth for the summoning of "Dream Zanarkand" and then drawing on millions of pyreflies with Gravity spells Yu Yevon creates Sin.[50][51] Unfortunately the mental effort necessary to create both Dream Zanarkand and Sin essentially wipes Yu Yevon's mind clean and overwrites it with his final command: Summon Zanarkand and continuously create Sin. If Sin is destroyed, he then creates it anew.

Yu Yevon rebirths Sin by possessing the Final Aeon used to defeat it; explaining how Jecht becomes Sin. The survivors of the events surrounding Sin's genesis adopted the Teachings of Yevon and built a religion around praising Yevon in the hopes that they may quell his wrath. In the end, Yuna and her guardians use her aeons to weaken the disembodied spirit of Yu Yevon, allowing them to destroy him and bring an end (the eternal calm) to Sin and the spiral of death that had consumed Spira for 1,000 years. Yu Yevon is Final Fantasy X's final boss and the true antagonist of the game.

Lenne and Shuyin

  • Lenne (レン Ren ?): appears only in X-2. A famous singer-summoner from Zanarkand during the age of the Machina War, and Shuyin's lover. She was forced to the front lines to fight along with the other summoners in the city. Both she and Shuyin expected that the hopelessly overpowered Zanarkand would fall and that she would die in battle. Thus, Shuyin would attempt using Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, to defeat Bevelle and save her life. However, she was unwilling to allow him to take the lives of many others for her sake and asked him to stop just as he was about to make of use the behemoth machina. He consented to her request, but the two were not shown the same mercy by their oppressors, and were promptly gunned down by Bevelle soldiers. Upon her death, her spirit was somehow crystallized into the Songstress Dressphere, which contains her memories. Over the course of the game, Lenne attempts to communicate with Yuna, whose Songtress outfit is identical to Lenne's attire. Yuna begins to feel Lenne's presence and feelings more and more until they explode on stage, showing Lenne's final moments alive. Because Yuna unknowingly served as Lenne's host, Shuyin only saw Lenne rather than Yuna herself whenever she donned her Songtress outfit.[52] Using that fact, YRP attempt to reason with Shuyin by telling him Lenne's unsaid feelings. However, since Lenne's presence in Yuna had weakened, Shuyin became enraged and believed that Yuna and her friends had been deceiving him and he engaged them in battle. After Shuyin is defeated, Lenne separates herself from Yuna and finally fades with Shuyin while thanking Yuna for helping her. She is voiced by Cree Summer in English, and Kumi Koda in Japanese.
  • Shuyin (シューイン Shūin ?): A native of Zanarkand who had lived during the age of the Machina War between Zanarkand and Bevelle. He also is the primary villain of Final Fantasy X-2. The lover of the songstress-summoner Lenne, he refused to accept her fate when she was ordered to the front lines – from which she would most certainly not return – and attempted to commandeer Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, in the hopes of using it to end the war and save Lenne. Both Shuyin and his love were gunned down in front of Vegnagun after she prevented him from using it to take many lives for her sake. Sealed in the Den of Woes, Shuyin's unsent spirit was filled with despair and self-loathing, not capable of fading away and be free of his suffering.[53] Shuyin desires to destroy all of Spira in the hopes that his agony may be able to end and that there can never again be a war like the one that cost him and Lenne their lives. On first seeing him in the sphere Kimahri found on Gagazet that began her new adventure, Yuna mistook him for her lost love, Tidus, due to their striking physical resemblances to one another. Unlike other unsent, Shuyin can possess people, controlling those who are deep in malice as he is. He can also possess Fayth, using their Aeons to help him. He was eventually defeated and shortly reunited with Lenne as they faded. Like Tidus, he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor in English, and Masakazu Morita in Japanese. It is also believed that Shuyin's resemblance to Tidus is more than coincidental, and that the fayth summoning Dream Zanarkand "dreamed" Tidus in an attempt to recreate what they remembered of Shuyin, as they were charged with remembering and preserving every aspect of the city.

Groups introduced in Final Fantasy X

The characters of Final Fantasy X mostly belong to religious orders, military groups or civilian factions.

Blitzball players and teams

Many non-player characters are free Blitzball players who can be invited to join the player's team, the Besaid Aurochs of Wakka. Biggs and Wedge, two characters whose names appear regularly in the Final Fantasy series, are among these players available to be scouted. The Besaid Aurochs are initially an inept team, having had a twenty-three-year losing streak before meeting Tidus; their motto is "Do our Best!".[5] In Final Fantasy X, the player could choose characters in their lineup. In Final Fantasy X-2, the team are a successful Blitzball team as well as members of the Youth League.

Other Blitzball teams include the champion team of the Luca Goers. The Goers are arrogant and frequently mock the Aurochs and their motto. Bickson, the team captain, is voiced by Quinton Flynn, and Graav, the only other team member that speaks, is voiced by John DeMita.

Chocobo Knights

English Voice Actors: Candi Milo (Lucil), Julia Fletcher (Elma), Matt K. Miller (Clasko)

Japanese Voice Actors: Sayaka Oohara (Lucil), Sumomo Momomori (Elma), Takayuki Yamaguchi (Clasko)

The Chocobo Knights are a team of Chocobo-riding soldiers: Lucil the captain, Elma the second in command, and Clasko, are the only named members of the group. The three of them are first seen in the game guarding the Mi'hen Highroad from a Chocobo Eater monster. After Sin's counterattack during Operation Mi'hen, they are seen among the few survivors (the only Chocobo Knights), caring for the one remaining Chocobo used. In Final Fantasy X-2, Lucil and Elma have joined the Youth League while Clasko has left to become a Chocobo breeder.


English Voice Actors: John DeMita (Luzzu), Adam Paul (Gatta)

Japanese Voice Actors: Ryûzô Ishino (Luzzu), Hiroshi Kamiya (Gatta)

The Crusaders are a semi-military organization which role is to protect Spira's towns from Sin and other monsters. They were founded by Lord Mi'hen eight centuries before the events of Final Fantasy X, and have eventually been incorporated into the Yevon church. Members of the Crusaders include the high-ranked Luzzu and the younger, lower-ranked Gatta. When Luzzu confesses to Wakka and Lulu that he had convinced Chappu to enlist in the Crusaders, he is hit in the face and blamed for Chappu's death. Depending on the player's actions, either Luzzu or Gatta dies during Operation Mi'hen while the other one survives and returns to Besaid to rebuild the village's Crusader branch. Neither character reappears in Final Fantasy X-2.


In addition to Yuna's own party, two other groups of summoners are encountered in the game.

Dona (Candi Milo and Nanaho Katsuragi) is a female summoner and Yuna's rival, mocking her for having a large group of guardians while remarking that Lord Braska only needed two.[54] Her unique guardian is Barthello (John DeMita and Jun Ishimaru), an admirer of Auron.[55] When she is abducted by the Al Bhed, Dona shows a kinder side of her personality, sending the Al Bhed who died in the Guado attack. Dona eventually quit her pilgrimage, departing to Kilika with Barthello. In Final Fantasy X-2, Dona has joined the Youth League while Barthello has sided with New Yevon. Although they are on opposite sides of the conflict, they still have feelings for one another.

Isaaru (Quinton Flynn and Akio Suyama) is a summoner guarded by his younger brothers Pacce (Candi Milo and Motoko Kumai) and Maroda (Robbie Rist and Masataka Nakai). Since he was a child, Isaaru has always looked up to Lord Braska, and sets up a challenge with Yuna to see who will defeat Sin first.[56] At Besaid, Isaaru's party gets kidnapped by the Al Bhed and are present at Home's destruction. He is later sent by Mika to prevent Yuna from escaping the Via Purifico, and reluctantly fights her with three Aeons. Defeated, he remains in Bevelle to preserve order along with Pacce and Maroda. The three brothers part ways in Final Fantasy X-2. Isaaru helps out with the Ruin Tours in Zanarkand, Maroda joins the Youth League, and Pacce starts a spherehunting group known as "The Kinderguardians". Eventually, all three reunite in Bevelle and Maroda decides to assist Isaaru with his pursuits there.

Yevon Order

The Yevon Order is the unique religious organization in Spira. It has been ruled by Grand Maester Yo Mika (Dwight Schultz and Hiroshi Iwasaki) since fifty years before the events of the game.[57] When Yuna asks Yo Mika to send the unsent Seymour during her trial in Bevelle, Mika reveals that he too is an unsent, having remained in Spira to guide its people even after death.[58] Although Mika condemns Yuna as a traitor for killing Seymour and questioning Yevon, he eventually repeals the condemnation in an attempt to prevent order from breaking down. When he learns that the party has defeated Yunalesca, and thus placed the Final Summoning out of reach forever, he departs to the depths of Via Infinito, believing that the end of Spira is near.[59] Mika reappears in Final Fantasy X-2 as the fiend "Concherer" with Via Inifinto, and can be put to rest by the party.

Another Yevon maester is Wen Kinoc (Roger L. Jackson and Hidenari Ugaki), the leader of the Crusaders and Warrior Monks. He once served as a Warrior Monk with Auron, and was promoted in Auron's place when the latter refused it and left.[60] Kinoc was also the one who created the Crimson Squad, scrapping the notion after the events in the Den of Woe that went in conjunction with Operation Mi'hen. Kinoc is later killed by Seymour while accompanying him on a mission to stop Yuna from escaping Bevelle. When Seymour admits to killing Kinoc, calling it act of freedom from the stress his position held, Auron expressed that Kinoc was still a dear friend in spite of him being corrupted by his title.[61] Kinoc's unsent spirit appears in Final Fantasy X-2 as the fiend "Aranea" within Via Infinito.

Kelk Ronso (Corey Burton and Kōichi Sakaguchi) is a former Yevon maester and leader of the Ronso tribe. He is seen in Mt. Gagazet, having left Bevelle after learning that Seymour had committed a patricide. Kelk is eventually killed by Seymour while attempting to prevent him from pursuing Yuna past Gagazet.

Jyscal Guado is a deceased Maester of Yevon. He married a human woman, who would be the fayth for the aeon, Anima, and together had a child, Seymour. After his murder at the hands of his own son, Jyscal appears as an unsent before Yuna at the Farplane and delivers to her a sphere stating that his son must be stopped and that he is responsible for his death. He is sent by Yuna immediately and returns to the Farplane. However, in the events of Final Fantasy X-2, Jyscal also appears unexplainably as an unsent within the depths of Via Infinito and becomes a fiend, contradicting the sending by Yuna in Final Fantasy X.

Shelinda (Sherry Lynn and Miki Nagasawa) is a minor acolyte seen in the temples of Yevon. She eventually leaves the clergy after getting tired of being bossed around. She works as a journalist in Luca in Final Fantasy X-2 and is still bossed around, although she likes her new job.

Zanarkand unsent

During the course of both games, the player encounters memories or unsent from the Zanarkand of the past.

Lady Yunalesca (Julia Fletcher and Yōko Koyanagi) is a legendary summoner and daughter of Yu Yevon from one millennium before the events of the games. In the backstory of the games, she was the first person to defeat Sin, using the process known as the Final Summoning, sacrificing her husband, Lord Zaon. Although she died in the battle, Yunalesca remained as an unsent to instruct her successors in their pilgrimage to defeat Sin's ever-regenerating incarnations. When Yuna and her guardians refuse to sacrifice a person in the Final Summoning, Yunalesca fights the party but is defeated. She reappears in the Via Infinito in Final Fantasy X-2 as the fiend "Chac", while Zaon reappears as the fiend "Paragon".

Maechen (Dwight Schultz and Takuma Suzuki) is an elderly itinerant historian. Although he seems to be an ordinary inhabitant of Spira, he reveals himself in Final Fantasy X-2 to be an unsent from Zanarkand who used to live before the city was destroyed, and grew so engrossed in his studies that he forgot that he died of old age and is actually an unsent. His memories of his time in Zanarkand were rekindled when he shook Yuna's hand and realized her resemblance with Lenne.

Groups introduced in Final Fantasy X-2


The Gullwings are the group of sphere hunters to which Yuna, Rikku, and Paine belong. Brother is the founder of the Gullwings and the pilot of their airship, the Celsius.[62] Other members include Buddy (Ogie Banks), co-pilot of the Celsius and old friend of Brother; Shinra (Pamela Adlon and Akeno Watanabe), a young Al Bhed technological prodigy;[63] and the Hypello Barkeep (John DeMita and Junichi Suwabe). Interviews with scenario writer Kazushige Nojima and producer Yoshinori Kitase reveal that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X-2 share a plot-related connection, where the Shinra corporation of Final Fantasy VII is founded by descendants of the Al Bhed Shinra.[64][65]

Leblanc Syndicate

The Leblanc Syndicate is a group of sphere hunters based in Guadosalam and rival to the Gullwings. Leblanc (Masasa Moyo and Satomi Yasuhara), the arrogant leader of the Syndicate, became a sphere hunter because of her infatuation with Mevyn Nooj. The syndicate is composed of Ormi (Played by a voice actor known as "Sarge" in English and Kiyotaka Furushima in Japanese), Logos (S. Scott Bullock and Nobuo Tobita), and others who were all outcasts in some fashion until Leblanc helped them out. As a result, they follow Leblanc out of dependence and gratitude. After Vegnagun begins to stir and retreats from Bevelle, Leblanc becomes depressed and goes to search for Nooj; she eventually decides to team up with the Gullwings to get into the Farplane, find Nooj, and fight Vegnagun. The group mainly serves as comic relief in the game, with Leblanc and her followers bumbling most of their attempts (though they did succeed stealing the broken Zanarkland sphere once while the Gullwings were off the Celsius).

Machine Faction

The Machine Faction is an Al Bhed group that pioneers in machina research. While they possess heavy military power, they prefer to avoid interventions in politics. Their founder is Gippal,[62] (Rick Gomez and Kenichi Suzumura) a former candidate for the Crimson Squad, who once served with Nooj and Baralai.[20][21] Their friendship was broken on the day of their final candidate exercise, when they turned on each other while under Shuyin's control.[22] Gippal dedicates himself to studying machina to subdue or destroy Shuyin's Vegnagun. During the game, he and his former comrades reunite to help save Spira from Shuyin. Another member of the Machine Faction is Nhadala (Daisy Tormé), an official in charge of an excavation in Bikanel Desert.

New Yevon Party

The New Yevon Party is an organization inspired by the defunct Yevon religion. Its founding leader, the mysterious Trema (David Rasner), originally led a group of sphere hunters called the Sphere Hunters, hoping to learn of Spira's true history, which he felt had been warped by Yevon. However, Trema hoarded spheres away when he founded New Yevon, departing soon after into the Via Infinito with the spheres.

Though New Yevon's goal is to make up for the former Yevon Order's transgressions and help those who feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes sweeping Spira, their ideals that a slow evolution of Spira's customs is the only way to prevent complete anarchy made them antagonized by the Youth League for being as furtive as the Yevon clergy before them. Their leader, Praetor Baralai (Joshua Gomez and Kenji Sobu), is a former Crimson Squad candidate who replaced the previous chairman who succeeded Trema and abused his power. A sphere recording that can be obtained by the player reveals that during the events of Final Fantasy X, Baralai asked Seymour Guado for help after his parting from his former comrades Gippal and Nooj.[66] Other members of New Yevon include Isaaru and Barthello from Final Fantasy X.

Youth League

The Youth League is an organization which emerged in the wake of Sin's defeat and whose members advocate radical reform of Spira's society. Its progressive attitude has attracted former Crusaders and younger inhabitants of Spira to its ranks. However, its demographic makeup has earned its members a reputation as hot-headed and reckless. The League is led by the Meyvn Nooj (George Newbern and Nobutoshi Canna), a former Crusader who lost his left arm and leg during a battle against Sin and replaced them with machina prosthetics. Yaibal (Scott Menville and Masataka Nakai) is a recent recruit who continually tries to solicit Yuna's support for the organization; he first appeared in Final Fantasy X: Another Story, the epilogue featured in Final Fantasy X International. Beclem (Adam Paul and Shunsuke Sakuya) is a captain of the League assigned to oversee the Besaid Aurochs' training; it is revealed during the game that he once fought alongside Wakka's brother Chappu with the Crusaders.[67] Other members include Dona, Lucil, Elma, and Maroda from Final Fantasy X.

Other characters

  • Bayra, Donga, and Pukutak are musician spirits normally found in Macalania Woods, though their kin had appeared in other corners of Spira to provide their music for celebrations. They respectively play the harp, the drum, and the horn. Bayra and Donga are voiced by Phil Proctor and Pukutak is voiced by Grey DeLisle. Three other musicians named Borra, Daraya, and Pukara are introduced on the side, each representing Bayra, Donga, and Pukutak respectively.
  • Belgemine is an older and more experienced summoner who assists Yuna throughout the course of her pilgrimage by challenging her to battles of Aeons to hone the younger summoner's skills. It is eventually revealed that Belgemine is an unsent who perished when she failed to defeat Sin, taking refuge in the abandoned Remiem Temple.[68] Following this revelation, Yuna sends Belgemine to the Farplane after she taught Yuna everything she knew of the Summoning Arts. Belgemine does not appear in Final Fantasy X-2. She is voiced by Cree Summer in English and Kayoko Fujii in Japanese.
  • Benzo, appearing only in Final Fantasy X-2, is an interpreter of the Cactuar's language. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Biran Ronso is the Ronso who quarrelled against Kimahri and broke the latter's horn when they were younger. He later regretted the deed.[69][70][71] Biran is killed by Seymour along with his friend Yenke Ronso and most of their clansmen while trying to protect Yuna. The two are referenced in Final Fantasy X-2 (Thank you, High Summoner. Biran and Yenke now rejoice on the Farplane).
  • Calli is a young girl seen on the Mi'ihen Highroad. She appears in Final Fantasy X-2 grown up and looking for Chocobos to ride. The player can assist her in a Chocobo hunt along the Highroad. Depending on the results, Calli may come aboard the Celsius and reveal that she likes Brother, noting that his Mohawk makes him look like a Chocobo. Voiced by Cree Summer and Rio Natsuki.
  • Garik, appearing only in Final Fantasy X-2, is a Ronso who challenges Kimahri's authority and insists on making the Guado pay for their crimes under Seymour Guado. The player can choose to challenge Garik to a duel to decide whether he should attack the Guado. Even if he is defeated, however, he will still demand an answer from Kimahri on what is next for the Ronso. After some soul-searching, advice from Yuna, and an encounter with Ronso children Lian and Ayde, who had gone out in the world on their own and befriended a Guado, Kimahri forces Garik to realize that he must work to find his own answer for the future. Voiced by Jack Fletcher in English and Masatoyo Tetsuno in Japanese.
  • O'aka XXIII is a merchant who sells weapons and items. Yuna reminds him of his late sister, who was also a summoner. He tells the party that he and his younger brother Wantz, referred as "O'aka XXIV", were not strong enough to become her guardians. O'aka is put in prison during the game for refusing to betray Yuna to the authorities. Wantz takes over his business during the imprisonment. But apparently he was able to escape the guards when Yevon was in chaos at the near end of FFX, since he can be found in front of sphere theatre in Luca. In Final Fantasy X-2, O'aka has bought a shop at Macalania but is filled with debt to the Al Bhed while Wantz disappeared, believing his brother called it quits. Though O'aka finally fulfilled his debt, he was unable to pay the Al Bhed before the Fiends from Macalania temple slaughtered them. Bent on honoring them, O'aka makes the shop into his new home as Wantz finally returns with O'aka making him his assistant. In the English version, the two are voiced by Dwight Schultz and Tom Kenny respectively; in the Japanese version they are voiced by Hidenari Ugaki and Takayuki Yamaguchi.
  • Hana and Taro, appearing only in Final Fantasy X-2, are children who form with Paace the "Kinderguardians", a small group of sphere hunters. Voiced by Olivia Hack and Kath Soucie respectively.
  • Rin is an Al Bhed travel agent entrepreneur, using his business to aid in the rebuilding of Home after it was destroyed. However, Rin scrapped that intent during the Eternal Calm to provide new entertainment to Spira in the form of "Sphere Break", as well as provide a positive image for machina and covering up their attacks. He is voiced by Tom Kenny in English, and Shunsuke Sakuya in Japanese.
  • Tobli is a talkative event organiser, often in need of assistance in organizing entertainment productions along the Moonflow. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Tromell is a Guado who serves as a vizier to Seymour Guado. In Final Fantasy X-2, he is the de facto leader of the Guado tribe and is trying to restore their relations with the rest of Spira following Seymour's crimes. He is voiced by Corey Burton in English and Ryûzô Ishino in Japanese.


The English release of Final Fantasy X-2 won the Seventh Annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award in 2004 for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance in recognition of the character Rikku.[72]


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Shuyin from Final Fantasy X-2

Game Series Final Fantasy series
1st Appearance Final Fantasy X-2
Alter Ego:
Japanese Name:
Status: Unsent
Species Human
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Blood Type:
Fighting Style:
Special Skill(s):
Creator(s): Tetsuya Nomura
Voice Actor(s): James Arnold Taylor (English), Masakazu Morita (Japanese)

A native of Zanarkand who had lived during the age of the Machina War between Zanarkand and Bevelle. The lover of the songstress-summoner Lenne, he refused to accept her fate when she was ordered to the front lines – from which she would most certainly not return – and attempted to commandeer Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, in the hopes of using it to end the war and save Lenne. Both Shuyin and his love were gunned down in front of Vegnagun after she prevented him from using it to take many lives for her sake. Sealed in the Den of Woes, Shuyin's unsent spirit (filled with despair and self-loathing) cannot fade away and be free of his suffering. Shuyin desires to destroy all of Spira in the hopes that his agony may be able to end and that there can never again be a war like the one that cost him and Lenne their lives. On first seeing him in the sphere Kimahri found on Gagazet that began her new adventure, Yuna mistook him for her lost love, Tidus, due to their striking physical resemblances to one another. Unlike other Unsent, Shuyin can possess people, controlling those who are deep in malice as he is. He can also possess Fayth, using their Aeons to help him. He was eventually defeated and shortly reunited with Lenne as they faded. Like Tidus, he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor in English, and Masakazu Morita in Japanese.

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