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Sickening Thud Productions
Directed by Mark Mackner
Produced by Bobby Klub
Written by Mark Mackner, Shannon Hall, Wedge Wegman
Starring Mark Mackner, Wedge Wegman, Doug Layne, Melanie Slavinski, Mikus, Randy McCann, Michael Krause, Meagan Rumberger, Andre Bennett, Cory Castle, Roxy Cotton, Faith Hess, Rocky Ciarrucchi
Cinematography Mark Mackner, Shannon Hall, Wedge Wegman
Country  United States

Sickening Thud is a film production company and theatrical troupe that emerged from Philadelphia in 2008.

The troupe recycles the same actors, known as "Thudsters", in many of it's productions. The most frequently featured are Mark Mackner, Wedge Wegman, Doug Layne, Melanie Slavinski, Mikus, Randy McCann, Michael Krause, Meagan Rumberger, Andre Bennett, Cory Castle, Roxy Cotton, Faith Hess, and Rocky Ciarrucchi.


The Beginning

Co-creators Mark Mackner and Wedge Wegman met in 2006 when they worked on a dinner theatre production. Mackner is the creator of The Valerie Solonas Players, a theatrical troupe. After over 10 years of stage shows, he decided to move into the film industry.

Sickening Thud Superstars


Mark Mackner AKA "The Ringleader"

Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Actor, Editor

"All my life, I’ve been watching monster movies, dreaming of the day when I could offer my own entry into this, my most beloved genre. I worked for years in the theater, writing and directing one brilliant play after another, but still. There was a void. I’m not a theater person. Believe me. I tried cracking into that scene for almost a decade. It’s pretty clear that they don’t want me. Whatever. Fuck ‘em. I’m a movie guy! Always have been, always will be. It’s true; I was immediately embraced by the film community. Because, while my films are cheap and somewhat lacking in “production values”, they’re clever and creative, and boast AMAZING scripts and a team of crew and actors who are so dedicated, so passionate, and so clearly having a blast making films, that we’re just impossible to resist."

Wedge Wegman AKA "The Wildcard"

Actor, Makeup, Script Supervisor, Producer, Promotions



Film Date
"July, 2008" Daisy Derkins: Dogsitter of the Damned
An attractive young coed unwittingly accepts a job as dogsitter to Cerberus, the 3-headed hound of Hades.
"2009" Daisy Derkins: Redux
The extended story of Daisy Derkins.
"Winter, 2008" Evil Brew
What happens when a High School outcast is killed by a lightning strike while holding a keg of beer? Why, he becomes a vengeful, murderous beer daemon of course!
"Winter, 2009" The Half-Life Horror from Hell
A mysterious glowing monster is savagely attacking citizens of a small town on the eve of a huge televised metal concert. But what connection does this creature have to the old nuclear plant? And the band, Irradiated Satan? And the local crime boss? And... the Mayor? HOW HIGH DOES THIS THING GO????
"Summer, 2010" The Crimson Zero
A web series in 30 episodes.

The Crimson Zero is a crack paramilitary squad dedicated to quelling supernatural threats around the world. Two days after forming, the team was overcome, traumatized and destroyed by a prototype android named JH-66, leading to the collapse of the team.

In 1986, a group of white supremacists-slash-MIT students, led by rogue MIT professor Kaiser Von Holocaust, seek a super weapon called The Daisy Chain, a time machine that these twisted Fascists hope to use to bring about the dreaded “Merge-ening”, in which Hitler’s Third Reich is brought forward in time and becomes a part of our reality.

Only one disbanded gang of uncertain, extremely flawed and deeply troubled heroes can stop them. They are The Crimson Zero! Viva la justice!

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