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Airbus 380 flight deck showing side sticks

A side-stick is an aircraft cockpit arrangement where the control column (or joystick) is located to the side of the pilot, usually at the right (or outboard on a two-seat flight deck).

The throttle controls are typically located to the left of the pilot (or centrally on a two-seat flightdeck). Only the right hand may thus be used for the stick and both-hands operation is not possible.

The side-stick is used in many modern military fast jets such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon, Dassault Rafale and F-22 Raptor and also on civil aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and later Airbus aircraft, including the largest passenger jet in service, the Airbus A380.

This arrangement contrasts with the more conventional design where the stick is located in the centre of the cockpit between the pilot's legs, called a "centre stick".

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