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"Siege at Naxos"
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 204
Written by Darrell Fetty
Directed by Stephen Posey
Original airdate 25 September 1995
Guest stars

Brian Thompson (Goth)
Ray Woolf (Bledar)
Rebecca Hobbs (Elora)
Patrick Smyth (Charidon)

Episode chronology
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"What's in a Name?" "Outcast"

"Siege at Naxos" is the fourth episode of the second season of the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and the 17th overall episode of the series. Written by Darrell Fetty and directed by Stephen Posey, it first aired in the United States on September 25, 1995.



Hercules and Iolaus capture Goth, the leader of a band of barbarians. They plan to take him to Athens, where he will stand trial. Goth's men follow Hercules and Iolaus to free their leader.

Plot synopsis

While barbarians attack a village, Hercules and Iolaus enjoy a pleasant fishing trip. After catching some fish, Iolaus and Hercules got to see Iolaus' friend, Argeus, who owns a tavern and will give them a room for the night. As they arrive at the village, they see the destruction left behind by the barbarians. Iolaus sees Argeus lying on the ground with a spear in his back, Iolaus asks who is responsible, Argeus tells him that it was Goth, but that he should run away or Goth will kill them too. Iolaus and Hercules fight some of Goth's men, Hercules captures Goth and tells him to tell his men to stand down, but just then Goth's brother, Bledar and the rest of the men show up.

Hercules and Iolaus manage to get rid of the other men and they take Goth to Athens to stand trial for his crimes. While traveling through the woods, they are ambushed by Goth's men. They take refuge in a nearby ruined castle and discover it empty. While Hercules searches the castle, he meets Elora, and Iolaus finds an old man chained up and dying. They find that he is Charidon, Elora's father and was put in prison for stealing bread after his crops failed.

Outside the castle Goth's men plan how they can free Goth from Hercules and Iolaus. As the night draws on, Iolaus begins lighting torches and Goth's men surround the fortress. They begin firing flaming arrows into the fortress and Hercules and Iolaus fight back. As both sides fight, some barbarians attempt to scale the castle walls, but are turned away by Iolaus. Some manage to get inside the castle and Elora fends them off. After a short battle, Bledar sounds the retreat and the men draw back.

In the cells, Goth calls to Hercules to bring him water. Elora says she will take it and goes to the cells. She has a short conversation with Goth and them they kiss. Through their conversation it is revealed that they used to be a couple. Iolaus and Hercules see the men bringing a catapult, Iolaus suggests they should send someone to sabotage it. As Hercules goes to check on Elora and her father, Iolaus sneaks off to do the damage.

At the men's camp, Iolaus manages to get himself captured. In the castle, some men capture Elora and take her, Hercules and Charidon to the cells. With the help of Elora, Hercules beats the men and Goth remains in jail. Outside there is a huge crash and Hercules goes to the parapet of the castle. Bledar says he wants a trade, Iolaus for Goth. Iolaus tells him not to do it, but Hercules agrees.

While planning what to do, Charidon tells Hercules about tunnels which run from the dungeon to outside the castle walls. Later, the two side release their prisoners, but as they pass each other, Iolaus and Goth start fighting. Bledar throws an axe to Goth, but Iolaus manages to beat him anyway. Hercules tells Bledar to sound the retreat, he refuses saying they have the catapult, but Hercules throws the axe and destroys it. Using the skeletons of dead soldiers, Hercules manages to fool Goth's men into thinking that the fort is heavily guarded. Using the tunnels, they escape from Goth's men and proceed onto Athens with Goth.

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