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Second siege of Krujë
Part of the Ottoman Wars in Europe
Date Began in June, 1466
Location Krujë, Albania
Result Albanian victory; Ottoman army retreats from Albania
StemaeFamiljesKastrioti2.GIF League of Lezhë Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1844).svg Ottoman Empire
Gjergj Kastrioti.JPG
Tanush Thopia
Gentile Bellini 003.jpg
Mehmed II
Ballaban Badera  (K.I.A.)
4,400 garrisoned under Tanush Thopia, 8,000 outside the fortress under Skanderbeg 150,000 until August; 80,000 left under Ballaban
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Second Siege of Krujë by the Ottoman Empire took place in 1466 at Krujë in Albania.

After sending several expeditions into Albania without success, Mehmed II led an army of 150,000 to attempt squash the Albanian resistance by taking Krujë. Part of the army set itself to the siege of Krujë while the rest was sent on expeditions to defeat the Albanians who had taken their positions in the mountains and to destroy everything of economic value including the massacring of civilians. To defend Krujë, Skanderbeg left a garrison of 4,400 in Ktujë while he led a force of 8,000 men outside the city to lead guerrilla attacks against the Ottoman army. Mehmed attempted to negotiate with the garrison but the Albanians responded by firing on the Turks. The sultan was set to the task of melting the metal needed to make cannonballs to fire on the Albanian positions. Mehmed personally commanded the siege for two months until August where he left 80,000 men under Ballaban Badera while he set the rest of his forces to the task of rebuilding the castle of Elbasan. After the rebuilding was complete, Mehmed and his part of the army retreated from Albania, leaving Ballaban alone.

Ballaban raised his camp to the hills on the southwestern side of Krujë, whereas in the surrounding mountains, he placed a detachment to guard against any outside movements. The rest of the army was placed around the fortress, surrounding it. Skanderbeg assaulted the positions of the guard force Ballaban had left on the mountain of Krujë, quickly capturing it, giving him a good position over Krujë. Skanderbeg routed a force which had been sent against him. the Ottoman army had been left in a desperate position as its lines of supplies were cut and was attacked by Skanderbeg and counterattacked by the garrison of Krujë. In a battle that developed under the walls of Krujë, Barleti says that Ballaban was shot through the neck by an arquebus and soon died. The army, left without a commander, retreated towards the fields of Tirana and fought desperately to reach the road to Dibra with heavy losses.



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