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Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity


Nicknames: Sig Tau
SigmaTauGamma CoatofArms.png

The Coat of Arms

Founded: June 28, 1920 (1920-06-28) (age 89) at

Central Missouri State University, (Warrensburg, MO)

  • Allen R. Nieman
  • Leland T. Hoback
  • Emmett Ellis
  • Edward G. Grannert
  • Edward H. McCune
  • Buell W. McDaniel
  • W. Glenn Parsons
  • Frank H. Gorman
  • Carl N. Chapman
  • G. Eugene Hartrick
  • A. Barney Cott
  • C. Edward Hoffman
  • Rodney E. Herndon
  • William E. Billings
  • C. Willard Salter
  • Alpheus O. Fisher
  • Daniel F. Fisher
  • The Honorary Dr. Wilson C. Morris
Members: 65,000 Alumni
Official Philanthropy: BACCHUS/GAMMA and Books for Kids
Official Colors: Azure Blue and White         
Official Flower:

White Rose

Sigma Tau Gamma Website

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity or "Sig Tau" is a U.S. all-male college social fraternity founded on June 28, 1920 at University of Central Missouri (then known as Central Missouri State Teachers College). The fraternity was born out of the desires and aspirations of seventeen men in the belief that all men are social creatures and that friendships of college men are lasting ones. It rose as a result of friendships made while in the service of their country during World War I in France. By dedicating themselves to the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood and citizenship, they would inspire thousands of men from all parts of the country who would follow in their footsteps.

In accordance with the founding of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity at Central Missouri State Teachers College, the fraternity created new chapters on the campuses surrounding teachers colleges (at the time also called "normal schools"). Since the fraternity's beginnings in 1920, they have since spread to more than 140 university campuses across the United States.

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity is an active member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference.



Fraternity Colors
The Fraternity Colors are Azure Blue and White. The Fraternity also has secondary Colors of Yellow and Red.[1] (Pantone colors: 116 Yellow ; 185 Red ; 292 : Blue ; 429 : Silver)
The badge is the most prominent symbol of membership. Adopted in 1927, it consists of a shield with four points, which may have a gold or pearl border and may be further embellished with sapphires or rubies.
The associate pin, which is worn by associate members of the fraternity until initiation, is a silver and blue shield.
White Rose
The fraternity's flower is the white rose.
Each chapter traditionally holds an annual White Rose banquet and dance. The chapter's sweetheart, known as the White Rose Sweetheart, is crowned at the dance and serves as the chapter's official hostess throughout the year.
Society of the Seventeen
An order of distinguished service to Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, the Society of Seventeen was established in 1980 at the 60th Anniversary Grand Chapter in Kansas City. The Society of Seventeen commemorates the number of founders by limiting the membership to 17 living persons. It recognizes continuous and distinguished service and leadership to Sigma Tau Gamma.
The Saga
The official magazine of the fraternity, The Saga of Sigma Tau Gamma, is published quarterly by the fraternity. Members are entitled to a lifetime subscription which provides an important membership link for alumni of the fraternity.
Founders Day
Each chapter and alumni organization is expected to observe Founders Day on or near the June 28 anniversary of the fraternity's founding.
Fellowship Day
Each chapter and alumni are expected to hold a philanthropy or community service event on February 26, the birthday of Wilson C. Morris. A brotherhood dinner is traditionally held after the event.


I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a personal devotion to one's ideals. It has its roots in definite, tangible things. It springs out of a love of God and worth of one's fellow man. It grows into qualities of mind and soul. It is not the attitude toward a few selected ends, but rather the abiding spirit in which all things are done, all difficulties met, all successes received, all obstacles overcome.

I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a breath that breathes itself into the life and being of those who live it, becoming an unconscious part of them, ruling and molding their thoughts and acts. We may call it the right attitude towards life, towards the world, towards right and wrong, towards the beautiful and good, towards duty and faith in God.

I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a thing that grows. It is first associated almost exclusively with a narrow circle of fellow students, but it broadens with a widening understanding until it takes in all the important relationships of life. It enters the domain of private life as thoroughly as in public life. It teaches the fulfillment of obligations to school, state and church.

I believe that Sigma Tau Gamma endeavors to bind men together in a fraternal brotherhood based upon these eternal and immutable truths, which are set forth in the Principles and in the Code of Conduct of our Fraternity.

In this belief, I will endeavor to make my college and my own chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma more honored and respected by all men, and will endeavor to conduct myself so that I will ever bring credit and honor to our Fraternity.

Edward H. McCune, Founder and Past President


To enhance the worth of belonging
To afford the environment for learning
To develop good leaders for America
To strive for superior performance
To serve Fraternity, college, country
To perfect a structure of honor


In 1986, delegates to the Michael J. Steinbeck Grand Chapter in St. Louis, Missouri adopted BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) as Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity's official philanthropy.
BACCHUS is an international student-based movement for the prevention of alcohol abuse by college students. BACCHUS is not an abolitionist movement. Rather, its goal is to teach and promote the responsible use of beverage alcohol by those who choose to use it. GAMMA (Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol) is a program of BACCHUS which meets fraternity and sorority alcohol awareness needs, while promoting high standards of risk management and the general good health of brothers and sisters.
Dr. Gerardo M. Gonzalez, President and Founder of BACCHUS, was initiated as an honorary member of Alpha Chapter (Central Missouri State University) in 1982. He is an Honorary Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation Trustee.
Kenley R. Hoover, IMF, Pi '57 (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) past Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation President and North-American Interfraternity Conference Director, has served on the BACCHUS Board for fifteen years, ten of which were on the Executive Committee and Secretary for the last five years.
Books For Kids
In 1994, under the leadership of past Foundation President, Ken Hoover, Books For Kids is a charitable project created by the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation that was created as a project that would tie the fraternity back to its educational heritage.
After two successful years, the Board of Directors decided that due to the tremendous success of the Books For Kids project, they would make it the national philanthropy of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.
As of 2004, Books For Kids has donated over 28,000 books and $30,000 to the public libraries and school districts of the region selected to host the fraternity's annual National Convention.


Recognition and honors

Besides the Society of the Seventeen, the Sig Taus have a variety of other recognition awards and honors. The Edward H. McCune Distinguished Chapter Award for chapters which exemplify the Principles of the Fraternity. It is awarded to the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity chapter that achieve high marks in recruitment, campus leadership posts, community service, and brotherhood. Eligible chapters communicate their programs, activities, and achievements for the past academic year. In 2007, the Beta chapter at Truman State University won the award.

Other awards include:

  • Ellsworth C. Dent "Man of the Year" Award for outstanding undergraduate leaders.
  • Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award for the chapters with the greatest improvement.
  • Emmett Ellis Scholarship Award for chapters with high scholarship index.
  • Thomas M. Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award for the chapter efficiency.
  • Robert Negel Jones Charitable Projects Award for chapters outstanding service to others.
  • E. Kennedy Whiteslilt Newsletter Award for chapters with an outstanding alumni newsletter program.
  • W.T. Hembree Philanthropy Award for the chapter outstanding fundraising event.
  • Ronald Roskens Scholastic Achievement Award for high grade point average undergraduate members.
  • Winebrenner Medal for extraordinary service and leadership to the Fraternity.
  • Millsap Medal for extraordinary service and leadership to the Foundation.
  • "Prof." Grubbs Distinguished Advisor Award for chapter advisor with longstanding and effective service.
  • Michael J. Steinbeck Graduate Fellowship for alumni pursuing a graduate or professional degree.
  • Stan Musial Sportsmanship

Major donors are recognized with the Wilson C. Morris Fellow designation. Wilson C. Morris was the first sponsor of Sigma Tau Gamma. The Sigma Tau Gamma Distinguished Achievement Award and the Young Alumnus Distinguished Achievement Award are for those that have achieved distinction in their profession.

Notable alumni

Honorary Members


The Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation was organized December 10, 1966 and established as an educational foundation qualified as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.

Forward-looking leaders of Sigma Tau Gamma foresaw that the fraternity could not effectively meet the needs of its college members without the charitable support of its alumni members and friends. In this vision, Sigma Tau Gamma was not unique among the American College Fraternities. In fact, virtually all fraternities would eventually establish a foundation of their own to seek tax-exempt donations in support of the citizenship, leadership and scholastic objectives shared by American College Fraternities.

The Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation awards scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. However, it is particularly active in supporting citizenship and leadership development programs. The Academy of Principled Leaders, established in 1986, was among the first annual orientation and training programs for new college chapter presidents.

The Foundation also awards grants to help collegiate members participate in interfraternity leadership development programs such as UIFI (Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute) sponsored by the NIC ().

The Wilson C. Morris Fellowship recognizes major donors to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. The Fellowship is named in honor of Wilson C. Morris, Ph.D., a highly respected physics professor who was the faculty sponsor to the Founders of Sigma Tau Gamma. A Wilson C. Morris Fellow is honored with a medallion and scroll and may use the initials WCMF after his name, in Sigma Tau Gamma correspondence.


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